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Chapter 22: Chapter 22

Actually, Tong Jia wasn’t lacking. Father Tong had always adhered to the principle that a daughter should never face financial hardship. Therefore, she had never lacked money since childhood. In high school, she had seen a coat she liked a lot on a shopping trip. Even when the price had been more than her budget, she could buy it without changing her face. She had changed this consumption habit after she had gone abroad. She hadn’t realized how hard it was to make money until she had worked on her own.

People were probably like this because they had never worked hard and spent their parents’ money freely. Only when they made money would they know that they should save.

Although she had just returned to China, she had long known that there were Groupon websites. Now she could buy as much as possible when she ate, which made Tong Jia very happy.

She thought that it was convenient that way.

Song Yancheng wanted to pay back Tong Jia, but he knew that it wouldn’t be appropriate, so he had to restrain himself. He thought he could pay for the dinner next time.

It had to be said that Song Yancheng's opinions were very sensible. If he had talked to Tong Jia about returning the money, she would’ve thought Song Yancheng was being ridiculous. Maybe she wouldn't want to have dinner with such a person anymore.

Song Yancheng wanted to take Tong Jia for a drive, but when he saw her tired countenance, he forced back the suggestion and drove her to the entrance of her apartment building. When Tong Jia prepared to leave, he stopped her.

"I’m not sure if you enjoyed it or not, but I still hope that we can have dinner together again."

"Of course. Good night."

Tong Jia didn't dare answer any more questions. After that, she trotted into the apartment building.

Up until she reached the elevator, Tong Jia was absent-minded. Tong Jia had never dreamed of being like Cinderella. In the past, there had also been rich second generations who had pursued her. But… it was different. The level was completely different. She had always thought of finding an ordinary person like her to spend her future with. She usually wouldn’t have been very close to a real-life overbearing president, like Song Yancheng. It was good to imagine a Mary-Sue-like story with him secretly. However, how could she dare to think that such a thing could happen to her?

Tong Jia felt like she had entered another person's garden.

Song Yancheng also drove away after staying downstairs for a while. Today was an enjoyable day. Except for a small episode, he recalled the middle-aged woman they met at noon today and Tong Jia's expression after she had left. Song Yancheng's heart was still suffocated at the thought, but he cheered up immediately. Everyone had a past. He must’ve also had one, but he had just forgotten. He might’ve also been in love, so it was no big deal.

He couldn't participate in Tong Jia's past, but he could take hold of her future as much as possible.

Tong Jia had just washed up, and before she could sit down, she received a call from Ye Jiayi. She complained to Tong Jia.

"I can't believe it! Today, I met the man introduced by my uncle. I dressed up beautifully and made an appointment with him at the restaurant, just to find the restaurant was full! Don't you think there’s something wrong with him?! Why would you not reserve a table before a date in advance? Okay, let's forget it. He suggested that we go to another restaurant, and guess what? He dragged me all the way to take a bus. I wore new shoes today, and my feet got blistered!"

"I wanted to tell him that we could take a taxi that very moment, and that I would pay for it. But I endured it, just so he wouldn’t lose face."

After Ye Jiayi huffed, she said in a low voice, "Tong Jia, is it because I ask too much from men? Can't I find someone I'm satisfied with?"

Tong Jia thought of Song Yancheng. He seemed clumsy, wanting to make an effort to pander to her. He had made plans at a good restaurant and had also sent her home.

Thinking about how she was still on the phone, Tong Jia hurried back to comfort her. "You haven’t met him yet. Everyone has someone for them, one hole for each radish. You’ll meet someone who’s good and suitable for you."

"One hole for each radish?" Ye Jiayi murmured and repeated, then laughed. She then figured it out. "You’re so dirty." [TL: One hole for each radish means that every person has a purpose, and they will meet with their fate no matter what. As for why she laughed, you know >///<.]

"What?" Tong Jia was speechless.

She had always believed that she would meet someone who suited her in this world, and that person would grow old with her. Tong Jia lived very actively and diligently every day. She wanted to make herself a bit better, a bit more fortunate. And all the accumulated fortune would be used to meet the right person.

She hadn’t fallen in love, but she still believed in it. If not, when one did fall in love, wouldn’t it be embarrassing?

As soon as she hung up on Ye Jiayi, her phone rang again. This time, it was Father Tong. Tong Jia was surprised. Her parents should be in dreamland at this hour, no?

She unconsciously picked it up. Father Tong said blissfully, "Jiajia, Father just got a call from his old classmate. Do you still remember Xiao Ang?!"

"I don't remember." Tong jia answered, and suddenly had a bad premonition.

"Xiao Ang has a good future now. Now he’s a university teacher."

"Well." The sense of foreboding was getting stronger and stronger.

"Xiao Ang is a very good person. His parents are honest people. Their family conditions are good. He is a good match for you. His father and I agreed. How about meeting him next Saturday? Anyway, you two have known each other since childhood. You can be newfound friends."

Tong Jia was helpless. "Dad, I don't want to go on a blind date just yet…"

This must be the turning of the tide. Just after listening to Ye Jiayi talk about dating a man, her father had called to arrange for her to go on a blind date.

Father Tong and Mother Tong each took turns to persuade her. At last, Tong Jia had no choice but to agree. Just the thought of meeting gave her a headache.

Xiao Ang… She had no impression of him.

At the same time, Song Yancheng was in his study room, scrolling through Tong Jia's Weibo. He found it fascinating. He had been watching for a long time without knowing it. From Tong Jia's Weibo, he found out that she liked to bask in delicious food, and also preferred to share beauty tips. She also liked male gods and new idols. Of course, she also liked to watch gossip.

Song Yancheng held his chin with his left hand and scrolled with his right hand. Even he himself didn’t know how gentle his expression was at the moment.

【OMG! I like Wang Kaizhi very much! His acting skills are getting better and better. His value is getting higher and higher. I hope I win the prize! I’ll ask for the autographed photo of our Kai! [Kiss][Kiss]】

It seems like the Weibo Prize drew forward. The prize appeared to be a signed photograph of Wang Kaizhi.

He smiled. He hadn’t expected Tong Jia to have such a side. She was becoming more and more naive and childish in his eyes.

Scroll scroll!

【In a sense, I understand, but Can Peng Mi be with Hao Han! Seeking truth from facts, it's a pain in the neck. Is it publicity for the new film, or have they talked for eight years? 】

Song Yancheng squinted. He thought for a moment, then called Feng Hao.

As soon as Feng Hao picked up, he shouted, "OK, that's it. You’re calling me now. It seems that you don't have a sex life either. That's not awesome! Didn't you go out on a date with the lady?"

Song Yancheng frowned subconsciously and snarled, "To tell you the truth, it’s for you to help me do two things."

It was rare hearing Song Yancheng ask for help. Feng Hao suddenly became spirited. "What, what!"

"First, get a signed photograph of Wang Yuzhi."

Feng Hao was surprised, "Why? Is the Song Corporation going to open an entertainment company? "

Song Yancheng ignored him and continued. "Second, find out if Peng Mi and Hao Han are together."

Feng Hao was utterly perplexed. "Who is with who?!"

Song Yancheng wasn’t planning on hiding these matters from Feng Hao. His tone was full of affection, but it wasn’t directed toward Feng Hao, "She likes Wang Kaizhi, and wants his signed photograph. She also wants to know about Peng Mi and Hao Han. You do these two things well, and I will have a topic to chat about with her next time. "

Feng Hao was silent for a moment. "It seems that I have another boss."

The author has something to say:

Some readers have responded that the ML is a bit stupid.

Please forgive me for being a rookie who hasn't been in love yet. I have been secretly fond of others for many years. Even if I don't remember anything, I can't change the idiocy in my bones.

However, I promise that the ML will only do this in front of the FL, and his IQ will be alright in front of others.

He is still a very naive high school student in terms of feelings → _ →


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