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Chapter 23: Chapter 23

Early Monday morning, Tong Jia almost overslept. She hurriedly put on her clothes and light makeup, and went out for work. She lived not far from the school. A bus had a direct route to the school. As soon as Tong Jia got off the bus, she met her colleague, Zhang Pinfeng, the physics teacher of class five. He was sitting by the window, waving at her and also gave his seat to Tong Jia.

Zhang Pinfeng was an elite teacher in the school. He had big eyes with bushy eyebrows, regular features with black-rimmed glasses. He looked like a total nerd. People often mistake him for teaching Chinese or English.

Tong Jia was a newcomer to this school, and other teachers were her seniors, who also took good care of her.

"Do you live in this block? I haven't met you before. " He asked as Tong Jia sat.

Zhang Pinfeng was holding a briefcase in one hand and a plastic bag in the other, which contained milk and sandwiches. That must be his breakfast,

"I moved here the day before yesterday. Before, I used to live in the old city. I had to change buses everyday. After so much trouble I moved here."

"I also rented here because it was very close."

Tong Jia considered herself very lucky. She met a friend who wanted to rent the house. She read it online. The rent she is paying now can only rent a large single room.

Zhang Pinfeng smiled and said, "I originally wanted to rent near the school, but the rent is too expensive. Now I have to start to save for my wife."

Tong Jia understood. Zhang Pinfeng was a few years older than her. They usually comfortably talk in the office. When she heard this, Tong Jia knew Zhang Pinfeng's situation,"Are you planning to get married?"

"Yes. But, don't tell anyone about this. I'll treat everyone to dinner when the date is confirmed."

Tong Jia had also heard other teacher's words before. Zhang Pinfeng and his girlfriend were childhood friends, but his girlfriend went to a technical secondary health school because of some problems and also because Zhang Pinfeng's mother never liked her, and felt that the girl was not worthy of her son.

Now, it seems, Zhang Pinfeng was still holding on, and was still very good.

After 20 minutes, the bus stopped at the entrance of the school. Tong Jia and Zhang Pinfeng entered the school side by side. When they reached the teaching building, Zhang Pinfeng slapped his forehead and then rummaged through his briefcase. He found two movie vouchers, handed them to Tong Jia, and smiled heartily,

"This voucher is about to expire. My girlfriend and I have never found time to watch it. Her hospital is busy at this time. You take it, okay? It is not fun to go alone."

"How could I?" Tong Jia hastily shook her hand.

Zhang Pinfeng shrugged helplessly, "I want to see it, too, but she doesn't have time. Anyway, it is a waste in my hands. it is better if I give it to you."

Tong Jia couldn't retort with him, so she could only take it. She really didn't want to say that she was also a single dog. Forget it. Let's go and see it with Shen Shujuan or Ye Jiayi. She looked at it, and it was still a couple movies.

Ye Jiayi also had complained to her before.She said that the relationship between the colleagues in her company was too complicated. There was a scheming bitch in the department. Tong Jia didn't know what a big company was like, but the environment and relationship of this school were very simple now, which made her feel very comfortable.

Junior high school students were also very absurd. They usually had nothing to do. Besides poking fun at someone who was secretly in love with someone, they also liked to dig up the gossip of teachers. They were neither as ignorant as primary school students at their age nor had heavy pressure as high school students. Their life was quite easy. Since Korean dramas were introduced to the mainland, even the first grade students had begun to know that holding hands and kissing would not lead to pregnancy.

The gossiper of Class 5, Wang Kang mysteriously entered the classroom. He stuffed his schoolbag behind his desk, opened a book to cover his face, and turned to chat with the girl in the back seat.

"Guess what I saw just now?"

The girl at the seat at the back, Qi Liuhai continued to write the notes without raising her head, indifferently said: "Ghost."

"You are boring! I saw Teacher Tong go to work with Teacher Zhang! "

Wang Kang's tip of his nose was covered with fine sweat. He looked excited." The two came by bus together! "

The girl, Qi Liuhai, paused her nib. She slowly looked at Wang Kang, "... What are you talking about?"

She was a student representative of English class. She usually had a good relationship with Tong Jia. Naturally, she couldn't listen to other people's gossip about Tong Jia.

"If I lied to you, I am a dog!" Wang Kang got excited. He was okay with others saying that his grades were not good. They could say that he was not handsome, but they couldn't question his aspiration to be a professional entertainment reporter.

Qi Liuhai was not going to reason with him. After giving him a disdainful look, she lowered her head and continued to write silently.

But a gentle boy with glasses beside Wang Kang couldn't wait but to ask, "What happened! Are you saying Teacher Tong is with Teacher Zhang?!"

"Quickly tell me, I am dying here!"

"As a professional journalist, I am only responsible for telling you what I saw. As for my inference, I will not tell you without evidence." Wang Kang pulled out a pack of paper towels from the drawer, wiped the sweat from his forehead, and said solemnly.

He wanted to be a successful journalist with quality. Even if he suspected that Teacher Tong was really having an affair with Teacher Zhang, could he say such a thing?

The boy with glasses frowned, "But I heard Teacher Zhang has a girlfriend. She came to the school to find him before. I have seen them."

Just then, a boy who used hair gel to set his hair came over. He also had sprayed some male perfume. Hearing the conversation, he hooked his lips, put his hand on the glass boy's shoulder and joked: "Topper, is it really good to learn gossip?" He got up and messed up the glasses boy's hair. Before the person got angry, he sighed and said, "It's too simple. Our Teacher Tong's beauty is on par with the goddess. An ordinary man's heart will move with her one look. Besides, people can get divorced after they get married, and they can break up when they have girlfriends."

"Don't say that." Qi Liuhai put down her pen and said with a cold face, "Don't talk about the teacher's affairs, please respect Teacher Tong."

Rumours like this, even if they were false, once they get out. The outsider without knowing would mostly blame women.

Wei Chuan felt so bored that he spread his hands and returned to his seat.

Song Chi was sitting by the window. He was lying on the desk, drably turning the pages of his books. Monday Syndrome was not only limited to the office workers but also effective upon the students. After having fun for two days, Song Chi could not get up his spirits to study now.

When Wei Chuan passed by, Song Chi got a whiff of his perfume. He immediately closed the book and turned his head angrily and said: "Your perfume is killing me."

Wei Chuan and Song Chi had very good relationships with each other. They sit back and forth at their desks. When Wei Chuan sat down, he took out a wet tissue and wiped his beloved shoe, "Just now paparazzi Wang said saw Teacher Tong with Teacher Zhang together entering the school, also came in the same bus. You say, why did not my parents hard work? If I was borned few years earlier then Teacher Tong would have been my girlfriend."

Song Chi who was originally 'not interested' written in his face, once heard his word suddenly stood up, which grabbed the attention of his classmates. He quickly sat down again. He was stupefied and startled right away and said: "Teacher Tong is with Teacher Zhang?! How is this possible!"

He prayed to the god. Song Chi seriously considered Tong Jia as sister in law, and he was happy.

Song Chi was aware that his brother really liked Teacher Tong, otherwise he wouldn't offer to send her home, and he wouldn't ask him about stuff going on at the school.

Wei Chuan threw the wet tissue aside and looked at his cleaned shoe with satisfaction. Then, looking at Song Chi, leisurely said, "These eyes of this elder brother who could differentiate between the aesthetical beauty recognize Tong Jia. Teacher Zhang, as a mingle ready to be single, certainly thinks like me. Although the two may be just ordinary colleagues right now, they can see each other everyday. They will fall in love eventually. We only have a life, aye!"

"No!" Song Chi almost cried out in agitation.

It seemed that no matter what, he had to find a way to get the eldest brother in contact with Teacher Tong.

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