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Chapter 24: Chapter 24

He could finally do something for his big brother and he wanted to do it smoothly. His elder brother usually worked very diligently for the Song Family, and he had nearly lost him. Now, he always sought to make his eldest brother happy. Song Chi suddenly felt the weight of his responsibility.

As long as something happened, wouldn't Teacher Tong take the initiative to call Big Brother?

Then what should happen to make Teacher willingly contact parents?

Bad exam results?

No, they didn’t have any exams for now.

Song Chi looked at Wei Chuan, and his eyes were full of inquiry.

Wei Chuan was shocked by those eyes and rubbed his arms. "Why are you looking at me like this?"

"Let's have a fight." Song Chi looked at him eagerly.

He was a genius!

If they fought with each other, Teacher would be obligated to call their parents. Then his brother could have a long talk with Teacher Tong!

"You’re psycho." Wei Chuan looked at Song Chi as if he had a mental disorder.

Song Chi didn’t want to hide it from Wei Chuan, so he quietly told him about it. After Song Chi finished, Wei Chuan gave Song Chi an inconceivable look as if he was seeing an alien.

"En~, I understand what you’re saying. You mean to say that if we fight, the school will have to call our parents, and then your brother will have a chance to get in touch with Teacher Tong." Wei Chuan looked incredulously at Song Chi who was nodding repetitively. "And I, who is innocent and pitiful, will see my parents’ special skill after reaching home -- Male and Female Double Tennis."


"Then what should we do?" Song Chi looked like a deflated ball.

Song Chi had been left unattended at an early age. He could get anything he wanted without having to tell any lies. If he didn’t want to attend school, no one would force him to. So, Song Chi couldn't do things as such. Besides that, he couldn't think of any other way.

"Wait for a second." Wei Chuan got up and snuck out of the classroom. After a while, he crept back in. At that time, the bell rang. The Chinese teacher standing on the podium only nodded and said nothing, signaling Wei Chuan to return to his seat.

After Wei Chuan sat down, he poked Song Chi's back with his pen and handed him the things he had borrowed, along with a note.

Song Chi opened the note, his eyes widened.

'I borrowed BB cream. You should apply it later, as much as possible, to look pale. Tell Teacher Tong that you are ill and ask her to call your brother. That should be enough.'

When Song Chi appeared in front of Tong Jia, his face was very feeble, and his lip color was also very pale. Tong Jia was shocked when she looked at him. She quickly put down her pen, got up, and subconsciously touched Song Chi's forehead. "Are you ill? Eh, your temperature is fine. What's the matter? Where are you feeling uncomfortable?"

Song Chi was already guilty and he couldn't look at Tong Jia straight at the moment. He forced down the little bit of guilt in his heart. Telling some lies was nothing compared to creating an opportunity for his eldest brother. Besides, when Tong Jia became his sister-in-law, it would just be a white lie.

Thinking of this, Song Chi acted diligently. He hunched his back slightly, and his whole person seemed to become more and more feeble. "I don't know what happened, I just felt weak and tired."

Tong Jia smelled a faint fragrance from him because she was closer to Song Chi. She frowned subconsciously and looked at his face intently again.

A thrilling thought flashed through her mind, but she quickly stopped. She looked at Song Chi with concern and said, "Let's go to the infirmary now. It's getting cold now, so it's easy to get sick."

Song Chi shook his head hurriedly. If he went to the infirmary, he would be given some medicine. There was nothing wrong with him and he was most afraid of taking medicine. He didn’t like the medicine going through his throat every time. It would be even worse if he was prescribed pills. "Teacher, I didn't bring my mobile phone today. Can you call my brother and let him pick me up?"

Tong Jia suspected that Song Chi was faking his illness because he had the faint fragrance of powder. Song Chi, as a straight man who couldn't be straighter at present, shouldn't have such tastes. There was only one possibility... She looked at his nose again and saw the oil coating the powder.

.....Well, this liquid foundation or BB cream probably wasn’t suitable for oily skin.


Hold on, hold on!

Tong Jia put this nonsensical idea behind. Whether Song Chi was faking his illness or not, at least one thing was true. He had asked her to help call his eldest brother to come over. Thinking again about the previous rumors that Song Yancheng wasn’t close to Song Chi, Tong Jia vaguely thought that Song Chi probably wanted to get attention from his own brother.

What an adorable yet pitiful child!

Tong Jia didn’t expose him. After all, he was still a child.

"Okay, I have your brother's contact information. Please sit down with me." Tong Jia let Song Chi sit on the sofa.

Tong Jia shared an office with three other teachers. Two of them were on vacation and one had gone to class. At the moment, Tong Jia was the only one in the office, and Song Chi was quite comfortable. Sitting on the sofa without saying a word, he really was employing all his acting skills.

Song Yancheng was preparing to go to a meeting when he received a call from Tong Jia. After Tong Jia hung up the phone, Sun Xi, the secretary on the side, quietly reminded him, with the prepared meeting materials. "President Song, the conference room is ready."

"Notify the other departments that the meeting will be pushed back to 3 pm." Song Yancheng gave the orders directly without even thinking about them.

Although Sun Xi was full of doubts, she nodded respectfully.

Before leaving, Song Yancheng went to the office bathroom that was exclusively for him. He washed his face and sorted out the collar of his shirt several times before coming out.

When passing through the small reception room next to the president's office, Song Yancheng accidentally caught a glimpse of the fruit plate on the table. He thought about it, stopped, and said to Sun Xi on the side, "...Pack the fruit in that plate into a bag. I will take it away."

Sun Xi almost couldn't believe her ears; her brain stopped working for a few seconds.

Wh... What?

Song Yancheng repeated it again. Although he was going there to pick up Song Chi, he also could meet Tong Jia. At any rate, he couldn't go empty-handed, right?

He thought to himself, Tong Jia should like to eat fruit.

But listening to Tong Jia's tone on the phone, Song Chi was ill. Naturally, he was very concerned about him and just wanted to hurry to the school. He couldn’t go to a fruit shop to buy fruit for Tong Jia.

Fortunately, the company was well-prepared.

Although Sun Xi was still in great shock, she still had good qualities as a secretary. Her body reacted more quickly than her consciousness. She quickly returned to her position, took a paper bag, and went to the reception room. After loading the fruit into the bag, she gave it to Song Yancheng. "President Song, sorry, I couldn’t find a better bag."

"That's all right, it’s fine." Song Yancheng carried the fruit all the way into the exclusive elevator.

This was the first time that Song Yancheng had come to Song Chi's scholl after waking up, and could only let the driver drive him there. Under the guidance of the school's security guard, Song Yancheng came to Tong Jia's office.

Song Chi was sitting on the sofa while drinking hot milk given by Tong Jia, while eating the macaroni that Tong Jia had bought online.

He now understood why his elder brother liked Teacher Tong.

Just as Wei Chuan had said, if he was a bit older, he would also like Tong Jia!

The macaroni was really delicious. Song Chi thought that after pretending to be sick, he would ask where Tong Jia had bought it.

When Song Chi saw Song Yancheng, he immediately put down the milk and stuffed all the small cakes that hadn’t been eaten into his mouth. His cheeks were bulging. He got up and his back was very straight, and his voice was much stronger than before. "Brother..."

After seeing Song Chi like this, Song Yancheng breathed a sigh of relief. The boy was alright.

Tong Jia was preparing lessons. When she saw him coming, she closed the textbook, got up, and smiled slightly. "Mr. Song, Song Chi is not feeling well. I have approved his leave. Don't worry about homework; I will ask the class representative to help Song Chi sort out his notes."

Song Yancheng removed his eyes from Song Chi and smiled at Tong Jia. He just wanted to correct her to not call him Mr. Song, but on second thought, they were at school, and she was also working. After understanding that, he put the fruit on her desk and thanked her politely. "This has really troubled Teacher Tong."

Tong Jia saw Song Yancheng cooperating with her, and her mind was set easy.

She still hoped to separate work from private life. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have a good influence in front of her students.

"What is all this..." Tong Jia looked at the mango exposed in the bag and declined quickly.

Song Yancheng wanted to say something, but Tong Jia waved her hand very firmly. "No, Mr. Song."

This was different from being outside school. When she wasn’t at school or at work, Song Yancheng was just a man who she had a good impression of. It was acceptable for him to be nice to her properly.

But now, at school or in her office, Tong Jia would never accept it.

Song Yancheng also realized that there was something wrong with this move now. He didn't force Tong Jia to accept it. Song Chi silently watched this, thought about it, walked forward, took out a mango from the bag, and put it on Tong Jia's desk. His expression was extremely serious. "This is not from my brother. I’m giving it to the teacher, just like the teacher divided the cake and I ate it."

Tong Jia couldn’t help but smile. However, she did not refuse this time.

Song Chi certainly didn’t want to go home now. The reason why he had risked a long nose by lying was to let his eldest brother get along with his teacher. "Teacher, I want to sit a little longer. I feel a little dizzy, I want to sit, I don't want to walk."


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