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Chapter 25: Chapter 25

Tong Jia saw Song Chi eating the small cakes happily, and she was convinced that he was pretending to be sick to win his brother's concern.

Then what was it now?

Generally, calm-looking people had rich inner feelings that were different from those of ordinary people. At least, Tong Jia was like this. She guessed the reason why Song Chi was doing this.

.....Wasn’t this so she could praise him more in front of Song Yancheng?

Well, it could be. Usually, a child who lacked parental care would unconsciously look for these feelings from other relatives. When Tong Jia was a child, she would go home to show off with her parents for a long time, just to get praise.

She could understand Song Chi.

Tong Jia poured a cup of hot water for Song Yancheng. She sat in the chair, smiled at Song Yancheng, and said, "Song Chi's classmates are really embarrassed. His teachers in other subjects always have excellent things to say about him. His spoken English is really fluent; I saw his exam results last semester, and his English was in the top three in the class."

She hadn’t been at this school last semester, but when she had taken office, she had carefully read the students' previous grades.

The second-year junior high student, Song Chi, had an indifferent appearance. However, he was very thin-skinned. He couldn't listen to others praising him in front of him, and couldn't wait to jump into a hole in the ground. At this time, he couldn't care about his eldest brother's happiness at all. He got up quickly and bowed solemnly to Tong Jia. "Teacher, I feel much better now. I can go home." He turned to Song Yancheng, who was listening with relish. "Brother, let's go."

Both Song Yancheng and Tong Jia were dumbfounded. However they didn’t dwell on it too much. Tong Jia sent the Song brothers to the stairs and stopped there. After they went downstairs, she turned back to the office to continue preparing lessons, but the smell of mango was thick. Her lips curled up.

Before leaving the school, Song Yancheng said to Song Chi who was next to him, "I’ve asked the housekeeper to call the family doctor. After returning, let him check you."

Song Chi hesitated for a while, then gritted his teeth. "I pretended to be sick."

"Huh?" Song Yancheng was stupefied for a moment. Then he smiled. "Are you still afraid of having medicine? Be obedient. If you are ill, you should let the doctor examine you."

Song Chi was anxious. "No, no, what I said is true!"

He continued vigorously. "Brother, don't you like our Teacher Tong? Today, my classmates saw Ms. Tong get off the bus with our physics teacher, talking and laughing, so I just randomly thought of this. Brother, I didn't lie to you. I'm in good health."

After hearing this, Song Yancheng's coaxing expression slowly hardened and began to turn serious. The two walked out of the campus side by side.

Because Song Yancheng was silent all the way, Song Chi still had some uneasy feelings.

Was his brother angry?

He clearly liked Teacher Tong. However, even after hearing this, he didn’t react.

But how could Song Yancheng really have no reaction? After just returning to the Song residence, he closed the door of the study and exploded. It wasn’t that he hadn’t thought that Tong Jia wouldn’t have other suitors, but subconsciously didn't want to put such an annoying problem on the agenda. Just now, he had restrained the impulse to ask Song Chi about the physics teacher.

When he was having a moment of depression in the study room, Song Yancheng fortunately remembered that he still had a meeting this afternoon. After having a tasteless lunch, he went out.

Song Chi stood on the balcony, puzzled, and turned his head to ask the housekeeper, "Is he in a bad mood? If so, why didn’t he have any response before?"

The old housekeeper pushed up the glasses on the bridge of the nose and said in a voice with deep implications, "You have to understand the characteristics of men who are almost thirty years old."

For example, men sao[1].

The product manager found that their President Song didn't seem to be in a good mood today. When he was reporting, he trembled, fearing that if what he said was wrong, Song Yancheng would be provoked.

All those who could attend the meeting with Song Yancheng held top positions in the Song Corporation. But now, they, who had already grown mature, were shrinking in fear. President Huang Fu, who generally loved to nitpick, was also afraid to speak a word.

After the meeting ended, several high-ranking managers breathed sighs of relief. Some of them were also domineering, but in the Song Corporation, who could be more domineering than Song Yancheng?

When Feng Hao got wind of this, he quickly put down his work and came to Song Yancheng’s office. The Song Yancheng he had known the day before yesterday was still looking like a lovesick boy. The unknown drop in temperature today must have something to do with the lady.

Feng Hao didn’t want to easily miss any gossip about Song Yancheng.

Feng Hao closed the door with the back of his hand. Song Yancheng didn't even lift his eyes. He didn't know what to write on the paper. The office was very quiet. Feng Hao walked to the desk, supported himself on the table with one hand, and asked with a smile, "What happened today? Share with me what’s making you troubled."

Song Yancheng's handwriting was very sharp. He put down his pen, took a folder to cover the paper at will, and said with a straight face, "She went to work by bus with a male colleague today."

"This problem is beyond my scope." Feng Hao groaned inwardly and quickly shook his hands. "I can't help you this problem."

"Then get out." Song Yancheng shooed him away.

Feng Hao dragged a chair over and sat down with his arm on the table. "Have you asked her?"

"Ask what?" Song Yancheng tilted his head slightly, showing that he didn't understand.

"Idiot, just ask her if she has a boyfriend." Feng Hao didn’t want Song Yancheng to meet a scheming bitch at all. Other people didn’t know Song Yancheng, but Feng Hao knew him very well. He looked like he had gone through many things, but in fact, he was a rookie towards things like love. If he really didn’t meet a good lady for his first time, Feng Hao was afraid that it would affect Song Yancheng’s view towards love in the future.

If it was serious, then Song Yancheng could be affected greatly.

"She was also there at Song Chi's birthday last Friday. At that time, we played a game and she said that she had no boyfriend." Song Yancheng also felt that Tong Jia didn’t have a boyfriend. If not, she wouldn't have had dinner with him.

He secretly thought Tong Jia wasn’t that kind of person.

"This isn’t enough; is this lady beautiful?" Feng Hao breathed a sigh of relief, his tone casual.

Song Yancheng nodded his head heavily.

Of course, she was the most beautiful in the world.

"If you think she’s beautiful, then others also can. If you like her, others can too." Feng Hao was extremely patient. "There are a lot of people chasing beautiful girls. I guess her male colleague is also interested in her. He’s so clever; he can go to work with her by bus every day, and can chat and get closer to her there. If there are too many people on the bus, they might also have physical contact. Really clever."

Would he still have to give some leeway to the single dogs?!

"What should I do?" Song Yancheng was both depressed and distressed.

When he had been with Tong Jia, he couldn't even find a single topic to chat about. Before he could overcome this problem, he encountered another. Song Yancheng could think of nothing.

"Right! It’s so easy!" Feng Hao snapped his fingers. "Why don't you take her to and from work every day?"

Song Yancheng looked at the documents piled up on the table and suddenly became a little embarrassed. "Then what about my work..."

"Is work important or a girlfriend?"

Song Yancheng resolutely replied: “She’s more important!”

After he blurted out, Song Yancheng was also surprised. Was this his answer? Did he have this kind of thinking? Has Tong Jia become more important than his work after just knowing her for a couple of days?

Feng Hao was also surprised, but still maintained his expression and continued to say, “Except weekends and holidays, you can meet colleagues everyday. But you have to work harder to make your presence known to her. Otherwise, if you see each other once in one or two weeks, she might have forgotten you.”

“Alright. I know where she lives. Tomorrow I will go there and wait for her.” Song Yancheng couldn’t help but nodded after hearing Feng Hao’s words.

“But I have to remind you one thing.” When Feng Hao was not busy with work, there was also nothing to do. Everyday he was scrolling through Weibo browsing the forum. When it came to guiding other people’s love life, he could be regarded as a half professional.

“What is it?”

“You cannot drive your current car, of course, also not the ones in your garage.”

“Why?” Song Yancheng humbly asked for advice.

“Gossip is scary. If her colleagues see it, they definitely will be jealous, unpleasant words like having a godfather nurturing her, will come up. When hearing this kind of words, even I, a big man will blow up, let alone a thin-skinned girl. Brother, I believe the girl you chased is definitely not a vain person. So, I suggest being more low-profile when you are pursuing her. Anyway, don’t use your current car, this is my advice.” Feng Hao seemed to be indifferent, but when he said these words, there was a hint of frustration on his face.

He also had a girl that he liked. Back then he knew nothing. He drove and picked her up everyday because he wanted to give all the best things to her, so he would bring her to fancy restaurants and buy her nice clothes and shoes. However, she broke up with him not long after that, saying that she couldn’t stand the gossip in the company. At first, she felt that she could accept it. Later, even when she saw him, she would unconsciously avoid him.

Until now, Feng Hao didn’t know what he did wrong, he just wanted to be good to her.

He never imagined the influence of people's mouths to be particularly powerful.

Song Yancheng didn’t notice Feng Hao’s expression. He nodded whilst keeping the words in mind.

“By the way,” Song Yancheng remembered the matters he asked Feng Hao to do. “Wang Kaizhi’s signed photo and Feng Mi and Hao Han’s matter, remember to handle it properly for me.”

Feng Hao quickly recovered from his thoughts, and complained: “I know. I have a friend who is a shareholder in Wang Kaizhi’s company, and I already asked him. I promise to bring you a set.”

“I almost forgot to ask you.” Feng hai grinned villainously, “Yesterday I met a group of people, there was a person who told me privately. Did you have a meal in some restaurant last Saturday? That's his restaurant.”

Song Yancheng remembered this and nodded, “Yes, and then?”

“That person said to me, you used Groupon. He also begged me to apologize to you.” Feng Hao laughed even more.

“Why apologize? He didn’t do anything wrong.”

“This is beyond our scope of discussion. Come on, why did you use Groupon? Don’t tell me because of saving 10-20 yuan.”

Song Yancheng shook his head then nodded, “I didn’t buy it. She insisted on buying to save money. I think she said nothing wrong.”

Feng Hao starred at Song Yancheng, and in a while Feng Hao said earnestly: “What a diligent and thrifty girl.”

Hearing this, it felt like complimenting Song Yancheng himself.

The next day, as Tong Jia went downstairs and walked out her residence, she was shocked because Song Yancheng was standing at the residence’s front door. Moreover, he actually pushed an electric scooter.

Song Yancheng was originally a scheming boy. After Feng Hao’s advice, he did not intend to buy an ordinary car. Whether it was a famous or ordinary car, Tong Jia would always sit on the back seat or the passenger seat. An absolutely safe distance was always maintained between them. Feng Hao reminded him that occasional appropriate physical contact would be beneficial to develop feelings.

Bicycles were absolutely not good. He would be tired from cycling.

Thinking about it, he chose an electric scooter.

She sat at the back seat and he sat at the front. The wind was blowing and the two people were laughing together all the way. In special circumstances, she might subconsciously hug his waist.

“This is..?” Tong Jia’s question brought Song Yancheng back to reality.

Song Yancheng reacted and patted the back seat, “I’ll send you to work. The bus will be crowded now and there will be traffic.”

Tong Jia wanted to laugh and cry. He, a president of a big company, would actually ride a bike picking her up. She didn’t know whether she should laugh or feel moved.

“Why?” Tong Jia smiled, but looked very serious.

Of course, Song Yancheng would not tell the truth. He just smiled at Tong Jia, and said: “Because I think you will like it.”

He thought he did the right thing because he saw a faint smile on Tong Jia’s brows.

She liked this kind of thing.

[1] - men sao refers to people who are cold, quiet, or dull on the outside, but passionate on the inside.


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