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Chapter 26: Chapter 26

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Song Yancheng was not wrong. Tong Jia was actually in a good mood because she felt it was fresh. When she came out early in the morning, she saw a serious and domineering president pushing an electric scooter and wanted to send her to work. Who could resist such a cute contrast? In that instant, Tong Jia felt that Song Yancheng’s move increased her good feelings towards him, better than bringing sports cars and diamonds!

This was like a gentle and considerate male supporting character, but in the end of the novel he was the big boss. How touching!

Tong Jia was silent on the surface, but she was remembering the novel she read in her head. She came back to her senses and smiled at Song Yancheng. Although her tone was light, it carried firmness, “Just this one time, there’s no next time.”

“Why?” Song Yancheng was a little at loss. Tong Jia’s expression was obviously happy, why did she say such a thing?

Tong Jia sighed and patiently said: “Your house is quite far away from mine, it is more than half an hour by car. Now it’s 7 o’clock, this means that you have to wake up before 6 o’clock. Song Yancheng, it’s not like you are unemployed, it’s impossible to have so much time. Everyone is busy with work now. If you have more time to sleep, just sleep more. Don’t do this next time.”

It felt like the scenes appeared from novels or Shoujo Manga. If it did not happen to oneself, a bystander would feel it was a heartwarming scene.

She being a primary school teacher sometimes would feel tired, not to mention Song Yancheng as a president. He must have more work compared to her. In that case, why bother delaying his important work for false romance?

Song Yancheng was happy to hear these words, he thought Tong Jia was concerned about him.

Obviously there were some things better to ask clearly, otherwise, he would be in panic, “Song Chi told me, you and a male teacher rode the bus together yesterday.”

“This…” Tong Jia suddenly realised, then she looked at him with a smile, “Am I not allowed?”

She was most afraid of this kind of situation. Previously, there was a classmate who pursued her. It was obvious that the two people were still in a friend stage, that man automatically assumed the role of her boyfriend, annoyingly pointing fingers at her life and friends.

Song Yancheng quickly shook his head like a rattle, “No, no, you can obviously. You are single and have a right to choose a boyfriend.” He paused, and then said, “However, I also have a right to pursue you harder because of jealousy.”

He said it seriously, and obviously this was the truth. After he knew this matter, he was indeed depressed, but he did not feel angry towards Tong Jia because of this.

Feng Hao was right, Song Yancheng liked Tong Jia, other men would also like her. When Tong Jia was still single, she had a full and absolute choice to choose.

Tong Jia was satisfied with Song Yancheng’s answer. Satisfied, she took a few steps and said to Song Yancheng who was at loss, “Let’s go. I’ll buy you breakfast.”

Song Yancheng pushed the scooter forward quickly to catch up with Tong Jia. Tong Jia was satisfied with her current residence, not only was transportation convenient, but also the area was a food paradise. Soon, they arrived at another street full of breakfast stalls. The hot air and tangy aroma made people even more hungry.

The two people found a table and sat down. Tong Jia bought Xiao Longbao, steamed dumplings and soy milk. She gave Song Yancheng a pair of chopsticks, and asked with a smile: “Did you eat breakfast at home?”


Song Yancheng took a steamed dumpling and dipped it in vinegar and chilli sauce, imitating Tong Jia. As soon as it entered his mouth, it was so hot that he could not breathe.

His face was red. He comically drank a mouthful of soy milk, and got burned again.

Tong Jia was amused by his appearance and laughed loudly, “This place’s chilli sauce is notoriously spicy and very strong. Dip it a little less.”

At this moment, a man’s voice from behind called, “Teacher Tong?”

Tong Jia subconsciously turned her head, and saw Zhang Pinfeng walking while holding Xiao Longbao. He pointed to a chair beside her, and said: “Can I sit here?”

“Of course.” Tong Jia nodded

Zhang Pinfeng saw Song Yancheng and felt he was familiar, but he could not remember where he had met Song Yancheng. Zhang Pinfeng could only look at Tong Jia, hoping she would introduce him; otherwise, it would be awkward to just keep silent.

“This is my friend.” Tong Jia knew the Song Family was a shareholder of the school. She was not sure Song Yancheng wanted to be recognised by others, so she kept a vague introduction.

“Hello.” Song Yancheng nodded at Zhang Pinfeng as a greeting.

“This is my colleague, Teacher Zhang.” Tong Jia spoke again.

“Hello.” Of course, Zhang Pinfeng had his own guess in his heart. He suspected this was maybe Teacher Tong’s boyfriend. If he was familiar, had he seen him before? Song Yancheng was tall and handsome, and had a good temperament, which matched Teacher Tong. He did not ask more, picked up his chopsticks, and started to eat Xiao Longbao.

“By the way, how did you come here to eat breakfast today?” Tong Jia had some doubts.

Zhang Pinfeng still had a steamed bun in his mouth. He swallowed it before replying, “Don’t remind me, there was a traffic accident at the intersection, and the road was blocked for a long time. So, I got off, and coincidently I saw stalls selling breakfast.”

The more Song Yancheng listened, the more confused he became, but he always felt as if something became clearer.

Tong Jia actually wanted to explain yesterday’s matter with Song Yancheng, but she felt awkward. Coincidentally, they met Zhang Pinfeng. She pretended to ask casually: “Is it far for your girlfriend to go to work?”

Zhang Pinfeng shook his head, “She can transfer to the subway, it’s not too far.”

“I was surprised to see you on the bus yesterday.” Tong Jia casually said.

Zhang Pinfeng also laughed and continued to eat.

Song Yancheng could not calm down anymore. He understood now, he was actually muddled. This was the male teacher Song Chi talked about. He and Tong Jia happened to meet, and the teacher in front of him clearly already had a girlfriend.

Not only women had sixth sense, but so did men. Song Yancheng had no idea what this Teacher Zhang’s purpose was.

The two were talking and laughing, absolutely an ordinary colleague relationship.

Tong Jia saw Song Yancheng holding chopsticks, but did not speak. She lowered her head to hide her smile in her eyes, no matter what, she hoped there would be any misunderstanding.

After having breakfast, the three people walked out the breakfast stall. Song Yancheng walked to the side, and pushed the electric scooter to Tong Jia’s side. Zhang Pinfeng patted his forehead when he saw the electric scooter, “Yes, it would be great to have an electric scooter. I don’t have to worry about traffic, like this morning. I want to ask, what is the price of this electric scooter?”

For a person who was saving money for marriage wished one cent could become the use of two cents.

Song Yancheng laughed dryly. He really did not know how much the scooter cost. He even asked the old housekeeper to buy it for him.

As quick-witted as Song Yancheng was, he suddenly realised. The version that Song Chi heard must have been from his other classmates. In any case, this Teacher Zhang already had a girlfriend. Although the rumours were not true, they inevitably made people misunderstood. In the end, it was Tong Jia who suffered. In the future, if this Teacher Zhang rode an electric scooter, wouldn’t he not meet Tong Jia on the bus anymore?

He was quick-witted!

Song Yancheng immediately said: “I’ll give you this scooter.”


Tong Jia and Zhang Pinfeng were all silent for a while.

Tong Jia was getting more and more confused with Song Yancheng’s brain circuit.

Zhang Pinfeng smiled heartly after a while: “This is the same as selling it to me, how can I take advantage of you?”

Tong Jia thought that she should be silent in the background for a moment.

Song Yancheng also felt that his words he said just now were inappropriate. Song Jia already said to do this kind of thing once, and no more next time, which meant she was serious. This scooter was also probably only used today, so it was better to give it to someone who needed it.

He believed that this Teacher Zhang had no ulterior motive towards Tong Jia, purely only normal colleagues. However, other people might not have the same thinking. News would pass quickly, and at the end, there would always be trouble.

“If you really want it, I’ll sell it to you. Well…..” Song Yancheng thought about it, “How about 200 yuan?”

200 yuan!

Tong Jia looked at Song Yancheng in disbelief, thinking his brain had been flooded.

It was obvious it was new, but it was sold to Zhang Pinfeng at a much lower price. It might be better to sell it to her.

Zhang Pinfeng obviously could not believe it either. He looked surprised.

Song Yancheng thought this price was good, “If you want it, wait until I send Tong Jia to the school’s gate, and let’s meet there.”

Zhang Pinfeng saw in a glance that this electric scooter was new. How can he dare to buy it for 200 yuan? He quickly shook his head, “No, this is inappropriate.”

“What is inappropriate? If you don’t want it, it might be tossed in the garage. It’s just right that you need it.”

Song Yancheng’s attitude was very sincere. Zhang Pinfeng was also moved. Besides downpayment of the apartment and the money needed for marriage, he really had no savings. After thinking for a while, he gritted his teeth and nodded, “Okay!”

After Zhang Pinfeng went to the bus stop, Tong was getting more and more powerless, not to mention Song Yancheng, after all he had his own thing. She could only sit on the back of the electric scooter seat silently.

This person… had too much money to burn in his hands! The money wanted to bite him, didn’t it!

Song Yancheng was very happy. Why, because his rival actually did not exist.

Soon, they arrived at the school’s gate. After Tong Jia got off, she thought for a while and said to Song Yancheng: “Please tell Song Chi about this matter. If I tell him rashly, it will scare the kid. The other matter is not important, mainly because Teacher Zhang has a girlfriend, so Teacher Zhang and I will be awkward when the students talk about it.”

“Of course.” Song Yancheng solemnly nodded, “Tong Jia, aren’t you asking me why I picked you up with an electric scooter? Because a friend of mine said, people's mouths are very powerful.”

Tong Jia suddenly realised and laughed loudly.

She was not afraid of getting an evil impression from others. Moreover, Tong Jia always believed that those who guessed others with malice intentions were the ones who were evil themselves. Therefore, there was no need to be concerned about such people and rumours.

Song Yancheng waited for a while at the school gate before seeing Zhang Pinfeng getting off the bus, one hand paying and the other giving the goods.

Zhang Pinfeng came to Tong Jia’s office. Gritting his teeth, he took 200 yuan from his wallet and handed it to Tong Jia. Tong Jia was confused, “Why are you giving this to me?”

“I thought about it, I cannot take advantage of it too much. I’ll add 200 yuan more. Teacher Tong, please help me give it to your friend.”

Even though he lacked money, this situation made people uncomfortable.

Tong Jia looked at him with a smile and took the two red notes. Actually, most people liked to take advantage, but some people were just annoying, and some people found it cute.

In one of the Song Company’s offices, a petite girl with a delicate face was sitting down on the sofa, frowning and shouting: “I don’t care, I don’t care! I must work at the Song Company!”

As a senior position at the Song Company, Shen Yang was dealing with documents, and his brows already showed impatience. However, when he raised his head and saw his sister’s cute face, he stretched his brows, put down his work, and stood up. He sat beside her and coaxed patiently: “Rong Rong, you are only a sophomore now. Isn’t it good to enjoy your university life? What’s the point of working?”

Shen Rong gave him a sideway glance, “Working is boring. Everyday you have to work overtime. It’s not like you have no money.”

Others said Shen Yang was calm and modest, but he doted on his biological younger sister the most.

Shen Yang pinched his brows, with a gentle tone said, “You said you wanted to go to Paris. It’s the right time…”

Before he could finish his words, Shen Rong interrupted him, “No, no, no! I don’t want to go. I just want to work here. Anyway, this is an easy thing. I am different from other employees, I don’t want a salary, you can straightaway give me money.”

“Alright. I’ll ask someone to arrange a department for you, just to sharpen your temper.” Shen Yang did not want to argue with her anymore. Anyway, with his sister’s temperament, it was estimated that she would not be willing to come to the Song Company after one or two visits.

A child’s enthusiasm only lasted for one or two days.

“I want to be Song Yancheng’s secretary!” Shen Rong saw her brother let the matter go and seized the opportunity to make a request.

“He already has a secretary.” Shen Yang helplessly said.

“Just fire her.” Shen Rong acted coquettishly. Some time ago, she went to a banquet with Shen Yang. Never had Shen Rong seen a person so good-looking. After looking at one glance, she kept it firmly in her heart.

She liked Song Yancheng. It was not because he was a president, it was because he was Song Yancheng.

Shen Rong was the apple of the Shen family’s eyes, especially bright and beautiful and had too many suitors, but she had never been tempted by anyone. She respected and yearned for a vigorous love at first sight, and Song Yancheng was the person who made her fall in love at first sight.

Falling in love, even if it was like a moth flying into the flame, but gave everything at all costs. Shen Rong liked this saying very much.

Shen Yang felt that within the Shen family’s circle of influence, Shen Rong was not afraid of falling out. She had someone to clean up for her no matter how self-willed she was. However, the Song family was not the Shen family, so she could not mess around. Moreover, who was Song Yancheng? Even his useless parents did not dare to think about it.

As an older brother, he did not wish Shen Rong had any relationship with Song Yancheng. Song Yancheng’s mind was too deep, his sister was too naive, the two people were absolutely not suitable.

Thinking of this, Shen Yang looked at Sheng Rong seriously: “Rong Rong, remember my words, don’t provoke Song Yancheng. Don’t put your hands on him,” Otherwise, Song Yancheng would chop your hands.


“You are not allowed to say anything about firing his secretary. If these words spread to others, the Shen family could not afford to offend Song Yancheng. So, remember.”

Shen Rong did not listen at all. She thought her brother did not care about her, obviously he knew she liked Song Yancheng. It was fine if he did not want to help her, but he said such words. She was very annoyed, and could only do nothing. She pouted and said: “I know. Brother, please arrange a department for me first.”

Came in first and then found an opportunity. Shen Rong felt that she would always have many opportunities to meet Song Yancheng.

Once Shen Yang saw her face, he knew that she did not care about his words. Song Yancheng was good… but he thought Song Yanceng would not like his sister. After a while, he believed his sister would realise.

Tong Jia had only 11 classes a week, which was relatively relaxing, but now she was acting as head teacher. There were a lot of things to worry about. After she finished preparing for her class, she stretched her body and remembered the 200 yuan from Zhang Pinfeng. After thinking for a while, she called Song Yancheng. Both of them were busy, Song Yancheng would not come to her everyday. Although he would not need the 200 yuan, Tong Jia still felt that it was necessary to tell him.

Song Yancheng was overjoyed to receive Tong Jia’s call, completely ignoring Shen Yang who was standing beside him reporting the work progress of a project. His tone was softened more than a degree, “Hello?”

“Teacher Zhang felt sorry, so he gave me another 200 yuan and asked me to give it to you.”

Is that the case? Song Yancheng could not stop laughing, “I see. You take it, then.”

Tong Jia helplessly said: “This is your money. I am in no position or reason to take it. Otherwise, give me your Alipay account and I’ll transfer it to you.”

When Song Yancheng was about to refuse again, his eyes lit up. He almost forgot, this was a perfect excuse to meet Tong Jia!

He planned to ask her for a meal on Saturday.

Originally, he wanted Feng Hao to ask for Wang Kaizhi’s autographed photo. In this case, he had a reason to meet her on Saturday. Now it seemed that Wang Kaizhi’s autographed photo could be used for next Saturday.

Very good! Perfect!

Song Yancheng’s tone was heavy. He deliberately flipped some documents, making a rustling sound, “I don’t have an Alipay account. How about this, I have time on Saturday or Sunday, let’s meet up for a meal?”

He thought about it. Tong Jia would not be busy on weekdays, even if he went to see her, the time he spent with her would be very short. However, weekends were different. As long as he was thick-skinned, he could stay the whole day.

Tong Jia quickly answered: “I don’t think I have time on Saturday.”

She almost forgot! She had a blind date on Saturday.

Although she did not like this activity, her father had said it. So she had to go.

Song Yancheng did not ask about Tong Jia’s plans. He thought Tong Jia must be with her family or friends on Saturday, so he just cautiously asked: “How about Sunday?”

“Sunday should be fine.” At this point, Tong Jia knew what Song Yancheng was thinking, but she did not reveal it. Because Song Yancheng’s actions this morning boosted her favorability, so she was very willing to have a meal with him.”

“Alright, should I pick you up?” Song Yancheng wanted to talk to her more, but he did not notice Shen Yang’s awkwardness.

“No need. Let’s meet at that place last Saturday. No need to pick me up.”

Hearing what Tong Jia said, Song Yancheng did not ask any more questions.

After hanging up the phone, he still felt like he had not fully expressed himself. He quickly recovered and put away his smile: “Well, you can continue.”

After Shen Yang finished talking about work, he mentioned that Shen Rong wanted to have an internship at the Song Company.

Song Yancheng did not care about this at all: “Alright, you can arrange it.”

He knew that some of the departments at the Song Company had students who had not graduated yet, and they all came to study. These people might become the fresh blood of the Song Company in the future. An intern could not touch any work, at most he/she was just doing errands for the seniors.

Shen Yang did not know whether to be happy or worried. He returned to his office, sat on his chair and pinched his eyebrows irritably.

Needless to say, Song Yancheng probably already had a girlfriend. He had worked with Song Yancheng for a couple of years, but he had never seen Song Yancheng look like that. It was not an exaggeration to say he lowered his eyebrows, but using such a pleasing tone really shocked people.

What made him annoyed was not that Song Yancheng had a girlfriend, but the fact that he knew Shen Rong. If he told Shen Rong, Shen Rong would not care and would even say –

Married people could get divorce. I want to rob Song Yancheng.

It was really a headache. On one hand, Shen Yang was afraid his sister would get hurt. On the other hand, he knew his sister’s temperament and something might happen. If Song Yancheng was annoyed, it would not be wonderful.

He should think of a way.

Song Yancheng did not feel that a rotten peach blossom was quietly blooming. He was full of vitality, even a little kind to his subordinates, causing several of them shiver in a sieve, for fear that they might offend him.

At the same time, something happened to the Zhou family. Since the adopted son Chen Chen came, Father Zhou and Mother Zhou were in much better mood, and it was considered a hope. The family of three just came back from shopping, and a courier came to the door.

Surprisingly, the recipient was written Zhou Yanchen’s name. The courier said that the recipient could not be reached at the previous address. After asking the front desk, he delivered it here. Father Zhou put on his presbyopic glasses and looked intently. It was Yanchen’s company address, so this seemed to be Yanchen’s.

Father Zhou and Mother Zhou hesitated for a moment, and then opened the box. Inside was a craft paper envelope with a photo and an unrecognisable signature on it.

“Eh, isn’t this… the person who plays on the costume drama?” Father Zhou carefully identified the person for a moment, and finally recognised the person.

“It’s him! Who sent his photo?” Mother Zhou was even more confused.

It happened that the sender left a contact information on the receipt. After discussing, Father Zhou and Mother Zhou dialled this number.

“Hello. I am Zhou Yanchen’s mother.” Mother Zhou was obviously nervous when the phone was connected. “I received a package, did you send it?”

When Chen Chen heard this, he raised his head and looked around. He did not know what it was about, and continued to read his book.

“Yes. I did. Did you receive it? That’s good then.” It was a girl’s voice, and sounded very young.

“Our Yanchen… went to another place. He couldn’t be contacted for the moment. What is this photo about?” Although she had already slowly accepted that his son had passed away, Mother Zhou still could not say it calmly. When Father Zhou heard this, he lowered his head and could only see his originally thick black hair had grown into white strands.

“Oh, that is Wang Kaizhi’s autographed photo. There was a repost event on Weibo some time ago, and I won the lottery. Mr. Zhou contacted me and said he wanted to buy the photo. At first, I didn’t think about selling it, but Mr. Zhou privately sent me letters, saying that he wanted to give someone. So, I sold it to him, but I wanted to keep it for a few days. I told Mr. Zhou I would send it this month, and Mr. Zhou agreed.” This girl would probably be the first time meeting such a person.

She asked Zhou Yanchen privately, why did he send the money first, was he not afraid she would not send the photo?

In fact, for a moment, she did have such ideas.

However, Zhou Yanchen’s one sentence moved her. He said, at least some people would receive the photo because there was someone who liked Wang Kaizhi very much, so he wanted to buy it for her.

After hearing the girl’s words, Mother Zhou fell into silence. After she hung up, she bursted into tears. She did not even have to guess who liked Wang Kaizhi.

Zhou Hang helped manage Zhou Yanchen’s company. Every month Father Zhou and Mother Zhou received a sum of money, which could completely provide their lifetimes. Some people said Zhou Hang had brotherly love towards Zhou Yanchen, but only Zhou Hang knew that this was his atonement.

Up until now, Zhou Hang had been blaming himself. If he did not make that phone call, Zhou Yanchen would still be alive.

When receiving Mother Zhou’s phone call, Zhou Hang was already at the airport. He quickly cancelled his flight and went to the Zhou family. As usual, as soon as he entered the door, he lifted Chen Chen a few times before looking at Father Zhou and Mother Zhou, “Hello, uncle, aunt.”

The two elders told Zhou Hang, and gave the photo to him.

Zhou Heng did not say much and just grinned his teeth tightly. Before leaving, Father Zhou stopped him. The middle-aged man who was always silent since his son left, asked sadly for the first time: “He liked her so much, why didn’t he tell her?”

As long as he knew his son had many regrets, Father Zhou’s heart throbbed.

The corner of Zhou Heng’s mouth twitched, “Probably he didn’t want to burden her.”

It was not that he did not want to tell her. It was also not that he did not tell her. It was because he did not receive any response. After that, she was with Qin Yue, and then she went abroad. How could he get in touch? What was the reason to get in touch?

He also heard Qin Yue said he was getting married, how dare Zhou Yanchen told her?

Before, Zhou Hang never could understand Zhou Yanchen, even he wanted to tell Tong Jia. However, now he could understand a little.

Zhou Hang believed, if Zhou Yanchen was still alive, and he knew Tong Jia was still single, he absolutely would tell Tong Jia himself. Why did he not have such thoughts in his mind after he left work that day? It’s just that there was no such thing as “if” in this world.

Tong Jia did not expect to receive Zhou Hang’s phone call. After she finished work, she went to the appointment place where she was meeting Zhou Hang. In fact, she was a little afraid of seeing Zhou Hang. To be precise, she was afraid of seeing the person who was related to Zhou Yanchen. No matter how regrettably, this was a past memory, and a regretful memory should not be mentioned again.

“Did you wait a long time?” Tong Jia sat on the side of the sofa deck, put down her bag, and said with a smile, “I’m sorry, there was a bit of traffic today.”

Zhou Hang saw her, shaking his head while smiling, “It’s fine, I didn’t wait long.”

After the chat, Zhou Hang suddenly asked: “Do you have a boyfriend now?”

He thought, if Tong Jia had a boyfriend, he would not talk about the photo.

Tong Jia was stunned for a moment, then shook her head, “Not yet, why?”

Zhou Heng was not someone who contacted her for no reason. He must have something that he contacted her. Obviously, this matter had something to do with Zhou Yanchen.

“Tong Jia, do you like Wang Kaizhi?” Zhou Hang asked.

Although she never had thought Zhou Hang would ask this question, Tong Jia still nodded honestly, “Yes. I am his fan. Why?”

“That makes sense.”

Zhou Hang took an envelope from his bag, and gave it to Tong Jia, smiling, “This is a gift from Yanchen.”

Tong Jia’s heart skipped a beat, and quickly opened the envelope. When she saw an autographed photo inside, she was stunned and could not come back for a long time.

“It seemed that someone was doing a repost event in Weibo before. The prize was Wang Kaizhi’s autographed photo, and a girl won the prize. I don’t know how Yanchen knew you liked Wang Kaizhi, so he contacted the girl and bought the photo.” Zhou Hang was also very emotional.

Could someone love to this extent?

If he really loved her this much, why did not he grab her?

Tong Jia really did not know what to express. She silently put away the photo and put the envelope in her bag.

It was full of emotion, and full of questions, but no one could answer her right now.

Some people were destined to be together, and some people were destined to miss out. She and Zhou Yanchen were the latter. Although it was regretful, they already missed out after all.

When Zhou Hang left, Tong Jia was still sitting on her seat. A group of customers came and another group left. She did not seem to notice the frequent glances from the waiter as if she was immersed in her own world.

Tong Jia was thinking that she was not actually a resolute person. A person who liked her for several years, even knew her preferences and even tried his best to get the autographed photo of her idol. If he was still alive, she probably would be moved, right?

Ah, she was really not resolute.

Tong Jia looked out the window, the lights were just turned on at that moment. She could see her own reflection on the window, and smiled at herself.

Hello, Zhou Yanchen.

Good bye, Zhou Yanchen.

Feng Hao walked into Song Yancheng’s office with car keys on one hand and an envelope on the other. Seeing that Song Yancheng was still working, he leaned against the door and joked: “Seeing you are working so hard, I am embarrassed to be paid overtime.”

“That’s good.” Song Yancheng said lightly without raising his head.

Feng Hao rolled his eyes, walked in and casually sat on the sofa. He looked around and asked with interest: “How are you not meeting her? The person who you like.”

“She is busy, I am also busy.” Song Yancheng raised his head, looked at Feng Hao and said, “By the way, I picked her up today. She said this was the only time, no next time. She also said I had to get up before 6 o’clock everyday. Everybody is busy, if possible, sleep more.”

“That’s amazing.” Feng Hao clicked his tongue. “You have to work harder for such an understanding girl.”

“Also, that male teacher who took the bus with her is only a colleague. He will be married soon. He just lives in the same area and happens to meet her on the bus.”

“Well… Everything is fine.” Feng Hao was a little envious and jealous.

His friends either already had girlfriends or had targets like Song Yancheng.

It seemed that this Christmas, he would be the single dog from the north again.

“I almost forgot to tell you about official business.” Feng Hao put the envelope on the table, and said angrily: “Now everyone thinks I am Wang Kaizhi’s crazy fan, but I still get you Wang Kaizhi’s autographed photo.”

Song Yancheng hurriedly took it and looked at it. After thinking about it, he put the photo beside his face, seriously asked: “Am I handsome or is he handsome?”

“He is.” Feng Hao quickly answered.”

“Alright. You can go away.”

Feng Hao took a few steps, and turned back, and asked very seriously: “Are you serious this time?”

“Of course.” Song Yancheng had also delved into his heart, but he really liked Tong Jia, and he could give the most affirmative answer without even thinking.

“I’m so envious!” Feng Hao wailed.

He also wanted to have a girlfriend, also wanted to have someone to like, and also wanted to make other people envious.

“Envious of what?”

What was Feng Hao jealous about? He put away his rude expression, and smiled slowly: “You don’t know, it’s really lucky to have someone you like this much.”

“I also think so.” Song Yancheng nodded. Even though Feng Hao was envious, Song Yancheng had to say that Feng Hao was right.

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