Pampering You Even More Chapters List

Chapter 27: Chapter 27

Qin Yue began working busily after arriving in Japan, and finally, he had a half-day of leisure. His colleague who came with him invited him to have fun, but Qin Yue came up with a random excuse to refuse him.

Lying on the big bed in the hotel, Qin Yue rolled around in bed, got up a few times, and finally picked up the phone beside the bed to call Tong Jia. He could not hold it anymore.

He and Tong Jia were childhood friends, and the two families used to be very close. It was because he had known Tong Jia for so many years that he knew how Tong Jia would react. He knew very well that Tong Jia was not happy to have any contact with him now.

In fact, Qin Yue could understand. If it were him, if Tong Jia was not the person he liked since childhood but only an ex-girlfriend, he would not be involved with her life after breaking up. That would be very annoying. How could a couple become friends after breaking up? This would affect the feelings, and could jeopardise future relationships.

No matter how deep the feelings were, when choosing to break up, everything ended.

If you were in contact again, no matter in what identity, you would always start over differently. This was very revolting.

He should cut off contact with Tong Jia, work hard, and actively meet new friends to start a new relationship. That was the best option. However, Qin Yue tried and he failed. Sometimes Qin Yue thought he was too despicable. Because he liked Tong Jia, he understood better than anyone else, including herself, that she did not like herself that much. The reason he promised to be together with her… was only because he was young and blinded by appearance.

Once she had grown up, she could tell what she really liked.

Thinking carefully, the reason he had thrown away Zhou Yanchen’s love letter and chocolate that year was because he was afraid such a good man would make Tong Jia understand sooner.

Qin Yue scrolled through his WeChat contacts, and finally stopped at Tong Ming’s chat.

Tong Ming had not contacted him lately, probably because Tong Jia had said something to him. Qin Yue sighed irritably, but still gritted his teeth and texted to Tong Ming.

Qin Yue: “Xiao Ming, I’m in Japan. Do you need anything?”

After the message was sent, Qin Yue buried his face in the pillow. He hated himself for maintaining contact with her in such a way.

Not long after, his phone rang.

Tong Ming: “Really? I really don’t need anything.”

Qin Yue chatted shamelessly with Tong Ming for a while, until the latest message from Tong Ming stunned him.

Tong Ming: “I am shopping with my mother. My father and mother were very concerned about a blind date. I am choosing suitable clothes.”

The Tong family had two children, Tong Ming and Tong Jia, then who would go on a blind date? Tong Ming obviously was not the one as he was still studying. It must be Tong Jia. Qin Yue’s heartbeat slowed for half a beat. He blinked and Tong Ming’s message was retracted. Obviously, he was uneasy.

Tong Ming: “I sent the wrong one.”

Qin Yue: “Xiao Ming, tell me, is your sister going on a blind date? Can you tell me when? I beg you.”

Tong Ming was sitting on the sofa in the store, he cursed in annoyance because he was unguarded for a while. Actually, he still wished his sister and Qin Yue could reconcile. However, no matter what happened, he would stay at his sister’s side. It was just that he already said these words, and Qin Yue said those things, how could Tong Ming ignore him?

Ruthlessly, he chose to reply, Tong Ming: “Brother Yue, my sister is going on a blind date on Saturday. I can only say this much.”

Qin Yue: “Thank you.”

After Tong Ming arrived home, he still felt like uneasy. After hesitating for a long time, he finally called Tong Jia.

At the same time, Tong Jia was sitting in the living room watching TV. When she received Tong Ming’s call, she joked, “Did you run out of money and want to borrow some?”

Tong Ming stood on the balcony and glanced carefully into the living room. After seeing neither his parents had noticed him, he whispered, “I seem to have done something wrong. Is it too late to apologise?”

“Don’t talk nonsense. Just say it.”

“I told Brother Yue that you are going on a blind date on Saturday. I’m sorry, Sister! I won’t fight back, no matter how hard you hit me!”

Tong Jia was stunned for a while. Then she pretended to be vicious and said, “Little bastard, you won’t have a roof over your head for three days, I will beat you to death when I go home tomorrow.”

Hearing his sister’s words, Tong Ming sighed in relief. He knew his sister did not mind.

Before hanging up the phone, Tong Ming hesitated. “Sister, I actually think Brother Yue is pretty good.”

“Go away!” Tong Jia laughed and scolded him, and then hung up the phone.

She, of course, knew Qin Yue was good. However, to be together with a person did not depend on whether he was good or not. She already made a mistake once, and could not make another. By now, Tong Jia already knew that she did not have romantic feelings towards Qin Yue, instead, she recognised the wrong love at that young age.

She used to be ignorant and failed to respond to Qin Yue’s feelings. And now, she could not do that any longer.

Tong Jia got up and went into the bedroom. She took out a big iron box, put it on the bed and opened the lid. This was her memory box, all the memories from the past. There was a note passed down in class with her best friend, and also a diary she wrote. She pulled out a small cardboard box and opened it. She could not help but smile. These were the earrings from Qin Yue. At that time, she had really wanted to pierce her ears, so he spent all his pocket money to buy her earrings.

At that time, she was ignorant and simple. Because it was simple, it was beautiful to remember again.

She opened the drawer beside her bed, her fingers trembling slightly as she took the picture album, which was Zhou Yanchen’s. She put the picture album and Wang Kaizhi’s autographed photo into the treasure chest.

No matter if it was Qin Yue or Zhou Yanchen, all was in the past.

This is how life works. There are three parts: past, present and future. The past has passed, and the future is about to come.

Qin Yue lingered in the room for a long time, and finally booked a flight to City A on Friday night. He called the leader. “I’m going back to China on Friday, and will be back before Monday, so I won’t delay any work.”

Although the superior was helpless, he agreed. Qin Yue knew even if he went back, it would be useless, but he could not be so indifferent. He already made a mistake once, so he could not make it twice.

Probably it was the feeling of liking someone. Even if you knew what you did was useless and wrong, you still wanted to do it, just to have a bit of possibility.

On Thursday morning, Sun Yuchen brought small cakes. She had already gone through the withdrawal procedures. It was said her parents were getting a divorce, and mother and daughter would be settling abroad. This kind of parting emotion reached its climax after a girl in the class cried, Sun Yunchen also cried until she was breathless. In a short period of time, her life had undergone earth-shaking changes. Her family was gone, she had to travel far away from her hometown, even Tong Jia felt distressed for her.

Sun Yunchen’s mother, Bai Qin, also came. She did not look like someone in her thirties. Tong Jia did not understand how much beauty the mistress had for Sun Yuchen’s father to abandon his wife.

Bai Qin said she wanted to talk to Tong Jia, and the two women were walking slowly on the school path.

“Thank you Teacher for this period of time. Yunchen is stronger than I thought.” Bai Qin was wearing a long pink dress, which made her complexion even whiter. She also wore pearl earrings,which made her looked very warm and graceful.

It was as if the years had left no trace on her.

Tong Jia pursed her lips. “It’s nothing. She was very good.”

“I don’t know what Yunchen told you, but actually I am relieved.” Tong Jia had been in contact with Bai Qin because of Yunchen’s studies. Although there was a 10-year-difference, unexpectedly they had something to chat about.

However, they talked about something else, and now Bai Qin took the initiative to bring up this topic for the first time. Tong Jia thought Bai Qin just wanted to find a person to talk to, so Tong Jia did not say more.

“Isn’t there a saying, if a man cheats, it is the woman who knows more than the man? I don’t know what others think, but I think, after the divorce, my life has just started. I am more relaxed. I don’t have to pretend to be in harmony. I don’t have to listen to his lies. It’s really relaxing.” Bai Qin looked at Tong Jia with a smile.

Tong Jia nodded in agreement. Marriage had never been a measure of happiness, and even after a divorce, life could be more exciting.

“Do you hate him?”

Bai Qin was silent for a long time when she heard this. When they were going to walk to the teacher’s building, she suddenly stopped and shook her head. “I don’t hate him. He was nice to me before, or else I would not marry him after graduation. There is no point of hate. I just don’t love him anymore. Being strangers is also good. My mother was against it. She said that rich men would eventually cheat, and now it makes sense.”

Tong Jia did not really understand, but she did not ask more. She just smiled at Bai Qin. “The days coming will only get better.”

“Yes.” Bai Qin laughed. That look was like returning to her youth, a look full of hope.

When Bai Qin took Sun Yuchen away, Tong Jia came back to her office. She was the only one in the office at the moment. She took her mobile phone, logged on to Weibo, and on a whim, she wrote a post.

At that moment, Song Yancheng was on his phone scrolling Weibo. Saying that he was scrolling Weibo, in fact, he only followed Tong Jia. He happened to see her post a minute ago.

‘Is it man's nature to be unfaithful? Or does it depend on capital and money? Will the words said this year not count after a few years? If that’s the case, why get married?’

Song Yancheng's eyes widened the more he looked. What had happened? Why did he have an ominous premonition?

Was he the rich man?

Cheating? What was this? Song Yancheng was really full of doubts. He thought, if Tong Jia had such a conclusion in her heart, would she not promise to be together with him? Now her words could basically infer her thoughts. Rich men will cheat, what the hell was going on!

Of course, he had to explain to prove his innocence!

Song Yancheng’s fair and slender fingers quickly pressed on the screen and typed a long list of words.

‘Comment: This comment is too arbitrary. The nature of men is obviously not unfaithful. I think even though a man cheating is indeed related to money, it does not mean that men who have money will cheat. In fact, cheating is already morally corrupt. Similarly, people want to be rich. Some people work hard to earn money, some people buy lottery tickets, and some people will steal or even rob a bank. Different people have different bottom lines. At least, I think a man’s bottom line is responsibility. Even if he is tempted, he will think of his wife at home. Responsibility is more important than ability.’

He did not press the comment button because Song Yancheng suddenly felt he did not make any sense.

So what if he persuaded Tong Jia with his view? Action was better than words. Song Yancheng really wanted to say to Tong Jia one day that when she was already together with him, he absolutely would not do anything morally corrupt. Yes, he thought cheating was moral corruption.

It was better doing real action than saying nice words. Song Yancheng deleted the piece of comment.

He stood up, walked to the floor-to-ceiling window and sighed softly. Why did morally corrupt people throw the blame on honest people? It was unreasonable.

After Tong Jia calmed down, she thought of one person, Zhou Yanchen. For unknown reasons, maybe it was because the things he did moved her, she stubbornly thought if the other person was him, he seemed to be trustworthy. This kind of unfounded trust, even though it was strange, was sincere.

She believed people like him were also popular in college. Didn't Xu Tingting, his subordinate who came to Zhou's house, like him? In those few years, how he could lack the favour of beautiful and excellent girls around him. However, he did not start a relationship with anyone.

Yes, Zhou Yanchen should be someone who had a strong mind whether he had money or not, right?

Tong Jia logged into Weibo again, and deleted the post.

Correct, there were still people who would be single-minded, no matter rich or poor.

Song Yancheng refreshed his Weibo again and found that Tong Jia deleted her earlier post. Now, he was even more confused. What happened? Was she stimulated by something?

If Tong Jia did not delete the post, Song Yancheng could only sigh emotionally. However, her actions made Song Yancheng’s heart go up and down.

After hesitating for a long time, Song Yancheng called Tong Jia.

Tong Jia was still confused when she received Song Yancheng’s call, and even more at loss when she heard his first sentence.

“Tong Jia, how are you feeling?”

How should one answer this question? Tong Jia was silent for a few seconds, and then said, “It’s okay. Why?”

Song Yancheng felt he did not understand women. If her mood was good, she would not post that kind of Weibo. After posting it, she deleted it. Now she said her mood was okay. He felt that guessing Tong Jia’s mood was more difficult than the recent engineering case. He could not read her mind at all.

“If your mood is not good, you can call me.”

Tong Jia frowned. “What are you trying to say?” She did not understand Song Yancheng.

Song Yancheng hesitated for a while, but he could not explain clearly. Tong Jia thought about it, and remembered that he followed her on Weibo a few days ago. Did he see the Weibo post just now?

She probed, “Did you see the Weibo I posted?”

Very clever. Song Yancheng replied, “Yes. I saw it. Did anything happen?”

Tong Jia finally understood what he meant. Did he come to express his determination? She wanted to laugh, but said indifferently: “It’s nothing to do with you. Don’t automatically assume things.”

Where did she mean to insinuate him?

How funny. Obviously, it was just something Bai Qin said.

“Does it really have nothing to do with me?” Song Yancheng asked worriedly, “You won’t be prejudiced against me just because I have money, right?”

These kinds of words really were unpleasant. Tong Jia was helpless, but she still remembered she was still on the phone and the other party could not see her expression, so she could only reply, “I’m jealous of rich people.”

I could give you!

These words could only be shouted in his heart, and still could not be said directly. Otherwise, it would appear disrespectful. Song Yancheng understood.

“Please don’t be prejudiced against me. It’s not my fault that I have money, nor is it a universal excuse to cheat,” he said in a serious tone.

Tong Jia was in a trance for a moment, but quickly came back to her senses with a thoughtful look on her face. Indeed, Song Yancheng was right. People always like to say that men would have bad thoughts when they were rich. Actually, it was not. There were bad intentions, but when they had money, they had more confidence to do them.

Thinking about it carefully, money was pitiful, always the culprit.

“I see,” Tong Jia said, “I won’t be prejudiced against you. It’s good that you don’t discriminate against me being poor. Thank you.”

Song Yancheng was amused, and even swept the exhaustion from working overtime until 10 o’clock yesterday. Being together with Tong Jia, even if he was just listening to her talking, he would feel relaxed and satisfied.

Working hard to earn money was to make people around you more comfortable and happy, not to hurt them.

After Tong Jia hung up, she was feeling much better. However, the thought of the blind date on Saturday made her face frown again. She did not know why she actually had an indescribable feeling of discomfort, probably it was because of her phone call with Song Yancheng

Obviously, she and Song Yancheng were not even friends! How strange.

On Friday morning, Song Yancheng just arrived at the parking lot, and before he got off his car, a red sports car parked beside him.

Song Yancheng closed the car door and locked his car, and the next car’s door also opened. A girl in a red, tight-fitting dress got off. She took off her sunglasses, saw Song Yancheng, and in an instant her smile became brighter. She hurriedly bent down to take breakfast out from the car, and walked towards Song Yancheng wearing 10-cm high heels. Shen Rong knew what kind of smile would make a man like Song Yancheng soft. She usually put an innocent and lovely smile on her brother, Shen Yang. No matter what her request was, even if it was unreasonable, her brother would agree.

Shen Rong put an innocent smile, and greeted Song Yancheng, “Brother Yancheng, good morning.”

Song Yancheng really did not know this person. He looked puzzled. Because no matter who the other party was, he just simply did not speak. No one knew about his amnesia now, so he could not expose this problem without knowing the situation, right?

Once Shen Rong saw Song Yancheng’s expression, she understood. There were too many people at the banquet that day, and she just followed her brother to say hello. If the man in front of her was not Song Yancheng, Shen Rong would definitely be angry and disdainful. However, precisely because he was Song Yancheng, she still could forgive him. She pursed her lips and smiled. “I am Shen Rong, Shen Yang’s younger sister. I am doing an internship in the Song Company.”

“Oh.” Song Yancheng nodded, remembering that the day before yesterday, Shen Yang seemed to have said his sister would come to the company for an internship.

“Can I call you Brother Yancheng?” Shen Rong’s voice was already sweet, and a pair of shallow dimples appeared on her cheek when she smiled, very charming.

Song Yancheng still admired Shen Yang very much, he had a strong working ability. However, Song Yancheng and Sheng Rong had an ordinary superior and subordinate relationships, and were not familiar with each other. Moreover, when she called him Brother Yancheng, he thought it was very embarrassing.

He glanced at her and shook his head, and mildly said, “Call me President Song in the company.”

Shen Rong choked for a moment, and the smile on her face froze. This was not right. Similar to her brother’s friends or her college seniors, as long as she called them like this, they would be happy. What was wrong?

She absolutely did not accept that Song Yancheng was not interested in her.

Shen Rong’s expression only lasted for a few seconds, and soon returned to normal. “Alright, President~ Song~”

She deliberately lengthened the tone, and to others, it sounded like lovers acting coquettishly.

“...” Song Yancheng lifted his legs and walked towards the elevator, “I’ll go up first.”

Sheng Rong’s personality was too different from her brother’s, or were all young girls like this? Song Yancheng shook his head.

Totally out of line! Shen Rong was stunned for a few seconds, and then quickly ran after him, walking side by side with Song Yancheng until they reached the elevator. Shen Rong was still looking for a conversation topic, and even followed Song Yancheng to the elevator. Song Yancheng stopped her and smiled. “This is an exclusive elevator that goes straight to level 23. You can take the next elevator, Shen Yang’s office is on level 15.”

Surely she was just a little girl. She did not look like she was coming to work, but to play around instead.

Several employees had already looked in unison. Immediately after, Shen Rong saw Song Yancheng pressed the close button, and the elevator door closed slowly. She was still staring in disbelief.

She obviously knew it was an exclusive elevator. Actually, she wanted to go up with Song Yancheng, and have breakfast together. Right, breakfast! She looked at the breakfast she was carrying and then at the stares of the surrounding employees. She was so angry that she threw the breakfast straight into the trash can.

Shen Rong did not go to Shen Yang, but went to level 23. She wanted to see what Song Yancheng’s secretary looked like. Everyone said that the boss and the secretary would most likely have feelings for each other. If possible, she still hoped to be Song Yancheng’s secretary.

Knowing one’s own strength and enemy, in every battle one will be victorious!

She walked all the way to the secretary room. There was only one person sitting there. Shen Rong entered and asked, “Are you Brother Yancheng’s secretary?”

Sun Qian had just arrived at the company, and before she had time to bite into her bread, she heard someone asking her. Although she did not know who the other party was, working for Song Yancheng had developed her eyes, so she knew that this girl was wearing a famous brand. Since she could come to the Song Company, she might be the daughter of a high-level executive. Thinking of this, Sun Qian did not dare to be careless, and put on a standard smile. “Yes. Do you need any help?”

“The face doesn’t look very good.” Shen Rong looked at her with disdain.

She thought how beautiful Song Yancheng’s secretary could be. How could she still stay by Song Yancheng’s side with this beauty? Later, she would tell her brother to ask the personnel department that she would be Song Yancheng’s secretary.

Sun Qian was stunned when those words left Shen Rong’s mouth. She did not know how to answer.

Shen Rong rolled her eyes and left, leaving a befuddled Sun Qian.

After a while, Sun Qian took the documents and went to Song Yancheng’s office. He was working hard, and had his sleeves rolled up to his elbows. After some thought, she decided to tell him what happened. If that person was related to Song Yancheng, she would be able to handle it better next time. Her female intuition told her that there would be a next time.

“President Song, a girl came up just now. It seemed like she was looking for you,” said Sun Qian cautiously.

“Who?” As soon as Song Yancheng blurted that out, he thought of Shen Yang’s sister, and put down his pen. Before Sun Qian could say anything, he looked at Sun Qian and asked, “Did she say anything?”

He indeed knew the person.

Sun Qian felt she could still understand Song Yancheng’s facial expression. She cast a careful glance, leaving no trace. Song Yancheng was expressionless, but he was definitely not in a good mood.

Then she could complain with confidence.

“Nothing. She only asked if I was your secretary, didn’t say much, and went away.”

Song Yancheng’s expression turned cold as he asked, “Was she alone?”

Sun Qian nodded. She knew Song Yancheng was not happy.

Successfully complained √

You said “does not look good”, huh? Were you as beautiful as flowers? There was no woman who did not care about her appearances, and being judged casually with a contemptuous attitude was … not good!

After Sun Qian left, Song Yancheng directly dialled Shen Yang’s line. “Shen Yang, your sister came to level 23 just now. Please remind her that level 23 is not a visiting area. If there are any problems, you can directly call me.”

Hearing the beeping tone from the other end, Shen Yang’s face turned gloomy. Immediately, he dragged Shen Rong from the next department into his office. As soon as the door closed, Shen Yang scolded her. “Level 23 is the president’s office, even I cannot go in and out casually, but you go to level 23? Who taught you that? Haven’t you learnt anything?”

This was the first time Shen Yang had been so fierce with Shen Rong that she almost cried. “I just went up to have a look…”

“Who do you think you are? Is this company our family’s company? Do you think you are the Miss of the Song family?” Sheng Yang was impatient, but he was worried once he saw his sister’s eyes were red.

Shen Rong felt wronged. She just went up to have a look. How could her brother be so cruel to her?

Shen Yang suppressed his temper and said to Shen Rong earnestly, “Don’t fight for Song Yancheng’s attention. He should have a girlfriend. You think he is handsome and rich, but have you ever thought about how someone who can support the Song family could be so simple. If this kind of thing happens again, Song Yancheng won’t give me face anymore.”

Shen Rong did not pay attention to the other words, just widened her eyes, grabbed Shen Yang’s arm and asked, “He has a girlfriend? Who!”

“It doesn’t matter who. What matters is that you don’t fight for his attention.”

Shen Rong did not care. After marriage, a divorce was still possible, as was a breakup after having a girlfriend. But she still wanted to know who the other party was. In that case, she could find a way to snatch Song Yancheng. How could she let go of such a good man?

Her brother was too careful and too cowardly. When she and Song Yancheng were together in the future, would her not brother’s position in the Song Company be higher?

Feng Hao walked into Song Yancheng’s office, sat down on the sofa and said with great interest, “By the way, I saw Shen Yang’s sister today. Her mouth is far too sweet. I don’t understand. Such a cute little sister is still studying and Shen Yang let her come here for an internship. Tsk tsk.”

“I’m afraid that she wants to come on her own,” Song Yancheng replied casually.

Such a rude girl, no matter how cute she was, Song Yancheng did not like her. She walked around the president’s office without permission and even went to the secretary's office asking that kind of question. Wasn’t it too arbitrary?

“What do you mean?”

“She ran to level 23, even went to the secretary’s office and asked if Sun Qian was my secretary.”

Feng Hao looked surprised. “No way?”

“You understood, right?

“I understood.” Feng Hao got up, still in disbelief. “So, this girl is coming for you?”

No one is stupid, especially people like Song Yancheng and Feng Hao. In a glance, they knew Shen Rong’s intention. Feng Hao said sarcastically, “That girl has just turned 20 years old, young, and immature. She likes you? Incredible. You are already so old.”

Song Yancheng was too lazy to deal with Feng Hao, and continued to lower his head to deal with his work.

“What are you going to do?” This matter was a tricky situation, after all, it was still related to Shen Yang.

“Do I need to deal with this kind of matter?” Song Yancheng finally lifted his head. “Do you think I’m free?”

This was Song Yancheng’s attitude. He was already busy. How could he still care about this kind of matter?

“That girl actually is beautiful.”

“Go away.”

“Alright. I still don’t know what the girl you like looks like. Is she more beautiful?”

“Tong Jia cannot be compared to her.”

“Her name is Tong Jia? Come on, you have her photo, right. Let this brother score.”

When Song Yancheng mentioned Tong Jia, his expression had softened a lot. He took out his mobile phone and opened Tong Jia’s Weibo. He clicked a photo and let Feng Hao took a closer look.

“Oh yo, very beautiful.”

Hearing this, Song Yancheng was proud, and he put on a smug face.

Beautiful, right? Shen Yang’s sister absolutely could not be compared to her. Song Yancheng also did not agree with Tong Jia being compared. He just felt Tong Jia was beautiful, no matter how he looked at her, she was beautiful.

“She looks gentle,” Feng Hao continued to comment.

“At least she would not wander around someone’s office without permission.”

“In your dreams.”

Shen Rong felt very bored after staying all morning. She carried her bag and left before the end of the workday. She had an appointment with a few friends to have dinner together. Shen Rong's listless appearance caught her friends’ attention.

“Rong Rong, what happened? Didn’t you go to the Song Company for an internship? Who gave you a hard time?”

Shen Rong waved her hand. “No. With my brother's presence, who would dare?” She still wanted to talk. She paused and put both of her hands on her face, in annoyance she said, “I like Song Yancheng, the president of Song Company. So, I asked my brother to let me in, but he doesn’t seem to care about me at all.”

“Impossible! Rong Rong is beautiful, who won’t be moved?!”

“My brother said he seems to have a girlfriend. I really don’t know what to do.”

“It would be impressive to be Mrs. Song. Mrs. Song! That’s too rich. If you grasp him, who will not envy you in the future? How impressive!”

“That’s right! In the future, if I say I am Mrs. Song’s best friend, I will have a face!”

Shen Rong originally did not have such thoughts. When she heard this, she felt overwhelmed, as if she had already became Mrs. Song. Right, how could she not think of this, not only Song Yancheng was handsome, but also very rich!

“Then what should I do? My brother said he already has a girlfriend.”

“It doesn’t matter. Isn’t it enough for you to snatch him? First, you have to know who his girlfriend is, and know what your love rival looks like.”

Shen Rong was determined. If she knew Song Yancheng’s girlfriend, she would not be at loss, at least she knew what she had to do next.

However, how could she find out?

She absolutely could not ask her brother. He would be against it.

Who could she ask? She did not know anyone from the Song Company.

“I have a way,” The boy with orange hair said mysteriously. “This is too simple. As long as I follow Song Yancheng, I would know his girlfriend. Then, I would also investigate his preferences. Wouldn’t it be more than half of the effort?”

“Hey, this is good. This is good!” Shen Rong was excited.

She envisioned herself becoming Mrs. Song; how impressive it must be.

Moreover… Moreover, she really liked him.


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