Pampering You Even More Chapters List

Chapter 28: Chapter 28

As soon as school finished on Friday, Tong Jia went directly to her home by car.

There was only Tong Ming at home, and as usual he was playing games in his room. After Tong Jia put down her things, she leaned on the door and asked, “Where are dad and mom?”

The keyboard click-clacked under Tong Ming’s fast fingers, without even lifting his head, he said, “Mom and Aunt Zhang went out to eat and watch a movie. Dad still has a meeting at school, and will go to karaoke with the teachers afterward.”

Tong Jia felt dispirited. The two middle-aged people in the family were having wonderful free time, while she and her brother could only stay at home until the end of the world. How sad.

She quickly cheered up and said to Tong Ming excitedly, “How about we also go out to eat and watch a movie? I'll pay!”


Hearing her brother's disrespectful answer, Tong Jia was a little angry, and said, “Why! This is the first time I’ve asked you out!”

Tong Ming raised his head from the computer screen, took off the earphones, and said helplessly to Tong Jia, “Alright, alright. Give me 10 minutes.” He reluctantly glanced at the game interface. He felt that in this life, the only person who could make him quit in the middle of the competition would be his sister. His future girlfriend would probably not have this chance.

They went to a food stall near their house. It was summer, and spicy crayfish was in season. The business of this shop was very popular, even the fragrance could be smelled by the front door. After standing in line for half an hour, the two sat down.

“I really like to eat this. You don’t know, when I was overseas, I would crave for this every time I saw other people posting photos on Weibo.” Tong Jia was eating crayfish with disposable gloves without caring about her image.

In front of him was the mouth-watering crayfish, a cold beer in his hand, and sitting opposite him was the beautiful woman he had known for 20 years. Tong Ming suddenly felt that quitting the game was not a bad idea.

“You can eat this occasionally, but it’s not healthy to eat every day. By the way, Sister, do you have a boyfriend?” Tong Ming asked curiously.

He always felt helpless, obviously he was only 2 years younger than his sister, but she always treated him like a kid. She never told him anything.

When they were kids, there were many people pursuing Tong Jia. These boys were not good at all, and always bought him food, so they could ask him to pass love letters. At that time, Tong Ming was still complacent, believing he knew everything about his sister.

“Are you stupid? If I had a boyfriend, would I look for trouble and go on a blind date?” Tong Jia gave her brother an angry look.

He obviously was smart before, but now he had become a typical engineering man.

“You can also not go.” Tong Ming’s mouth was bright red because of the spiciness. He only had the courage to talk to her after downing a half-glass of cold beer.

“Dad has already promised Uncle Shao. If I say I will not go, how should dad explain to him?” Of course Tong Jia did not want to go. It was until she became an adult that she slowly understood the adults’ mind. Dad might just blurt out the words in joy, but after all, he already said it. How could he go back on his word? Tong Jia agreed to meet Uncle Xiao’s son because she knew that as long as she went to meet him, her father would respect her decision no matter if she liked the man or not.

Tong Ming nodded thoughtfully, and then asked, “Then, is there someone pursuing you?”

Tong Jia did not want to answer the question at first. She thought it would be strange to talk about feelings with her brother, but she looked up and saw his composed and firm face. She was stunned; she did not know whether other sisters with younger brothers thought the same way. Tong Jia thought Tong Ming jumped from 7 or 8 years old and became 20 years old. He seemed to have always been a child, but in the blink of an eye, he had become an adult.

It made her both happy and melancholic.

No wonder her brother did not stick to her any more, he had grown up.

Tong Jia nodded. “There is a strange person.”

Tong Ming was surprised that she responded. He immediately perked up and asked, his voice overflowing with enthusiasm, “Then… Then why is it strange?”

Tong Jia thought of Song Yancheng. Her voice was soft, and a smile appeared on her face. “It seems like there are two kinds of faces. One is very serious and desolate, and the other one makes people think he is a high school student? Yes, that kind of feeling.”

She felt this way about Song Yancheng. When she was in the Song house that day, he did not say much to other people, maintaining a solemn demeanour. So, she was a little afraid of him at first. Who would have thought that he would approach her differently after that. He would pester her continuously to have a meal with her, and made some childish actions. How could a president act like this?

However, she did not know why, she went from being afraid of him to doing whatever she wanted now.

Yes, she was doing whatever she pleased, as if this person was not scary at all. He was the same as her, an ordinary person.

Tong Ming listened carefully, observed her expression, and he immediately came to a conclusion. “You like him, right?”

“How is that possible!” Tong Jia replied decisively without thinking, “I just knew him for a couple of days, I just admire him.”

Liking someone should make people feel confused, uneasy, and make the heart beat faster, just like in the novels.

Unfortunately, when she was with Song Yancheng, she was always in a good mood and wanted to laugh.

She really appreciated Song Yancheng. He did not have a sense of superiority brought on by his identity; instead, he gave people a sincere feeling.

“Sister, I checked on Xiao Ang.” Tong Ming hesitated for a while and said, “I checked his blog and Weibo, um, I also checked his friends’ Weibo. I think he is not bad. The most important thing was, wasn’t there a very popular post on Weibo about male chauvinism? He reposted it, and wrote his own views. It can be summarized in three points: one, he is not a male chauvinist; two, he is not bad; three, he is currently lacking in romantic feelings.”

“Why are you checking on him?” Tong Jia was astonished.

Tong Ming took it for granted. “My sister is going on a blind date with him. If I don’t know anything, then forget it. I have to see the person. If you count on dad, the news he gives must be all about praising Xiao Ang to the sky.”

Tong Jia knew his brother was concerned about her. She was moved, but she chastised him as well. “Xiao Ming, I know you are doing this for my own good, but it is not very appropriate. Next time, don’t do it.”

“Alright.” Tong Ming wanted to argue with her, but swallowed his words when he saw Tong Jia’s serious face.

He was feeling down, but Tong Jia’s next words surprised him.

Tong Jia reached out her hand and knocked on his head, with a sly smile, she said, “You will come in handy when I have a boyfriend.”

“Eh, you mean I can check on your boyfriend?”

Tong Jia felt there was something wrong, but she did not think about it too much, and nodded. “Of course. What if I accidentally run into a scumbag, I can ask you to help me check on him.”

This conversation had greatly brought the relationship between sister and brother closer. Tong Ming thought her sister really treated him as an adult, and Tong Jia thought that her brother truly cared about her.

The next morning, at 10 o’clock, Tong Jia went out. Father Tong wanted to drive her, but Tong Jia refused politely. It was too strange having parents accompanying a blind date.

Unexpectedly, before she got into the subway station, she met Qin Yue who was supposed to be in Japan. She was surprised, not because he aroused her feelings, but he would not come back for her, right? This kind of thing… Qin Yue always could not do it. With doubt in her heart, Tong Jia asked, “Aren’t you supposed to be in Japan?”

Qin Yue looked very tired, his face was haggard, he had blue-green bags under his eyes. Obviously, he did not have a good rest. He shrugged and smiled. “You are going on a blind date; I have to come back, even if I am in Africa.”

“Well, and then?” Tong Jia did not feel moved, but was very helpless.

Qin Yue was at a loss for a moment. He really did not know what he was going to do. Tong Jia looked soft on the surface, but in fact she was very stubborn. She decided that it was impossible with him. No matter what he did, she would still insist on her own views.

“I don’t know.” He shook his head. He was actually very sleepy and wanted to sleep. However, when he closed his eyes, he could not fall asleep. His mind was full of self-torment, thinking over and over again if Tong Jia got married, the groom would not be him.

“Qin Yue, I’ve told you all I needed to tell you, multiple times. I don’t want to waste my words, and you probably don’t like listening to it.” Tong Jia glanced at the time, and said, “I have something to do, I’ll go first.”

After speaking, she smiled politely at him and turned away.

Tong Jia did not know how she could be so cruel, but she knew even more that it was crueller to give other people false hope.

Impossible is impossible. It was impossible to deceive others with short-term compassion. The feeling of disappointment was the most hurtful.

Qin Yue followed her without thinking. Two people entered the subway station, one after the other. Tong Jia directly swiped her card and entered the station. Qin Yue wanted to catch up, but he did not have his card, so he could only go to the ticket machine and buy a one-way ticket. He went into the subway station, looked around, but could not see Tong Jia. Thinking that she probably already left, Qin Yue leaned on the wall in despair, panting, and when he exhaled, his lungs seemed to hurt a little.

He did not know what he could do. It was like rushing to catch a plane, and he missed his flight, standing on the floor-to-ceiling window of the airport, staring blankly at the plane flying away, unable to do anything.

“Qin Yue?”

A female voice came from behind him.

Qin Yue turned and saw a person coming. Somehow familiar, but at the same time unfamiliar, it was his ex-girlfriend Wan Xiaoyu.

Wan Xiaoyu regarded him with a smile, “I thought I saw the wrong person. You passed by me just now. I almost didn’t recognize you, but you didn’t notice me at all. It hurts my self-esteem. It stands to reason that my appearance is obviously better than before. Why didn’t you notice me?”

Why did you not notice me?

These were Wan Xiaoyu’s words when they broke up. At that time she was resentful and aggrieved, but now she felt relieved.

“Ah, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I didn’t rest well and didn’t recognize you for a while.” Qin Yue quickly apologised.

“That’s fine. I understand.” Wan Xiaoyu waved her hand to show she did not care.

The two were speechless again. A diamond band adorned her ring finger, and Qin Yue was puzzled when he noticed it.

Wan Xiaoyu shook her hand. “You saw my big diamond ring! It costs a lot of money,” she put her hand behind her back, and smiled slightly. “I’m getting married.”

“Ah, congratulations!” Qin Yue froze for a while, then grinned. This was a sincere blessing.

“I won’t invite you. Otherwise, my fiancé will be jealous again.” Wan Xiaoyu looked at Qin Yue. She had some shadows in her heart at first, but now she was completely relieved. Looking at this man whom she had silently liked for several years, for the first time, she felt so clearly that he never belonged to her.

Yes, if he had no feelings for her, then forget it.

She also did not care.

Qin Yue remained silent. What words he said now would be inappropriate, just considered him as a mute person. If Wan Xiaoyu wanted to beat and scold him, he could only accept it.

Wan Xiaoyu pointed to the subway in the back direction. “I just saw Tong Jia taking that subway. She also didn’t see me. God, how low my existence must be!”

It happened that the same subway was arriving, the announcement for it resounded in the station. Qin Yue said goodbye politely to Wan Xiaoyu, then turned to leave. However, after only a few steps, he went back again. He came to a halt one metre away from Wan Xiaoyu, he focused on her, and said, “I’m sorry, and I wish you happiness.”

After he finished, he turned around and trotted away, leaving Wan Xiaoyu standing in a place.

She laughed, louder and louder. She waited for Qin Yue to sincerely apologise to her, before she was able to let go of the ghosts of the past.

Qin Yue entered the subway. At that time, he was young and energetic, and he thought that he could conquer everything. Now that he was in such a situation, he knew he hurt people when he was young. He thought Tong Jia’s blind date should be in the exhibition centre. However, he did not get off the subway until he passed through that stop, and he sat there for the rest of the ride.

Because he suddenly realised he was being an idiot.

He was no longer the person he had been in the past. He had already matured. He could not change the past, and he was only causing trouble for Tong Jia.

She was having a meal with other people. What was he going to do? What else could he do except mess up her appointment?

In the past, he could throw away Zhou Yanchen’s love letter for his own selfishness, and later he deliberately told Zhou Yanchen that he was marrying Tong Jia.

Now that he had graduated from college, had a job, and was a man. Was it necessary for him to act so petty and immature?

Tong Jia thought she came early enough, 10 minutes earlier than the appointed time, but when she arrived at the table, Xiao Ang was already there.

She had known Xiao Ang from when she was a child. He was a typical kid from someone else’s family: a top student, admitted into a key university, and then successfully became a teacher who lived in the school. He also had a side business. He was working on game development with his friends. Thus, he had already earned a pot of gold before he even graduated.

This was what Father Tong said.

“Old Xiao took the opportunity to show off his son. Hump, hump, now he is asking me to let you meet him. Hump!”

For the most part, Tong Jia’s only encounters with Xiao Ang had been as a child. From her point of view, Xiao Ang’s appearance was a little above average. But a person could not be more good-looking than a star, had good grades, had a good job, and be rich, right? That was too much!

Xiao Ang was not considered very tall, but he appeared to be about 1.75 metres. Overall, he was a good man.

No wonder that mothers who did not even like dating shows also supported this kind of thing.

“Today is so hot, right? I originally wanted to pick you up, but I was afraid that it was too presumptuous.” Xiao Ang gave the menu to Tong Jia, and smiled politely.

Tong Jia took the menu and replied hurriedly, “Uh, no, it’s very convenient for me to take the subway.”

After the basic questions, Xiao Ang looked at Tong Jia, examined her for a while, and asked, “Why do I think I’ve seen you somewhere?”

“...” Tong Jia was a little embarrassed, but she replied with a smile, “We met when we were young.”

“No, No …” Xiao Ang shook his head, and seriously said, “Not when we were young. Uh, I can’t remember.”

This kind of conversation was too strange. When she and Song Yancheng could not find anything to talk about, it was not as uncomfortable as now.

Fortunately, Xiao Ang overcame this mystery problem, but it could be said that this was the first blind date for the both of them, and they were under the coercion of their parents. The two were unable to come up with anything else to talk about but their parents.

Xiao Ang knew Tong Jia’s father.

Tong Jia also knew Xiao Ang’s father.

After chatting for almost 20 minutes, Xiao Ang suddenly patted his thigh, and said in surprise, “I finally remembered where I saw you. It was a photo. I saw your photo.”

“Yes.” Tong Jia was very calm, probably Xiao Ang saw it from her father.

“Do you know Zhou Yanchen?” Xiao Ang’s question almost made Tong Jia spit her juice in shock.

Tong Jia looked incredulous, but he continued to stare at her, he then smiled and nodded. “I say, my memory cannot be wrong. You know Zhou Yanchen, right? He had a photo of it, and I saw it. That’s why I remember.”

Xiao Ang said to himself, “When I was in my senior year, I went on an internship in a company. At that time, Zhou Yanchen was only a freshman, and also worked in that company. I was better than him, at least I still had work to do. He was only running errands, that kind of thing. It was a coincidence that we were from the same university. Anyway, as his senior, I got closer to him. Once, I accidentally saw a registration photo in his notebook. I took a few more glances, and he was more anxious than me.” Xiao Ang blinked, “He liked you, right. I knew it.”

Tong Jia did not speak, only stared at the juice in the glass.

“Coming back to the topic, in fact, the daughter of the owner of the company fell in love with him. I thought only very few people could resist the temptation, right? She was beautiful and quite gentle. The company was very big, and said that it had assets of billions of dollars. The owner had only one daughter. Anyone who wanted to be together with her, would not have to worry about prestige or money for their whole life. The owner also quite liked Zhou Yanchen, but he refused, then he resigned after a few days.”

“I asked him whether he has brain damage. He didn’t care if she was beautiful, he didn’t even want to give it a try. He had never liked her. Even if they didn’t like it, most men would try first, but he made it clear that he was not interested. Later, when I pressured him, he said that he already had a crush on someone.

Xiao Ang sighed and laughed, “I still think he was stupid.”

Initially, they planned to watch a movie, but Xiao Ang and Tong Jia had no intention to prolong their date. Before parting, Xiao Ang unexpectedly asked Tong Jia, “Zhou Yanchen passed away, and I just found out recently. Tong Jia, even though I think he was stupid, I admire him in my heart. How strong was this person’s willpower to face such temptation?”

Tong Jia did not go back. Instead, she sat down in a bookshop, and ordered an iced coffee. Life was probably full of mischief.

When she did not know Zhou Yanchen liked her, there was not one person who told her. He was only an ordinary classmate.

After she knew how he felt, the people around her all told her how much he liked her.

Tong Jia did not know whether such a thing would happen. Regardless, every time it was made known, her expression seemed calm, but she was actually shocked.

This kind of feeling was revealed to the other party after death, was it worth it? Tong Jia was not Zhou Yanchen, so she did not know, but she really wanted to say – You were too stupid.

Naturally, Tong Jia was interrogated the moment she stepped inside her house. She cheered up and said, “He is good, I am also good, but we are not on the same wavelength, can only be friends.”

Suddenly the three people sitting on the sofa were silent, and it was Father Tong who broke the atmosphere. He walked to Tong Jia and patted her shoulder comfortingly, “It’s okay. I also don’t think he is suitable. Dad and Uncle Xiao just only want to connect the two of you, becoming friends is also good.”

“That kid is not bad, but if you don’t like him, it’s not a big deal,” Mother Tong also said.

“My sister only looks on appearances, absolutely won’t like Xiao Ang.”

“What do you mean?” Father Tong humbly asked.

Mother Tong snorted disdainfully, “The ‘good-looking club’ only likes handsome men.”

“I don’t!” Tong Jia pretended to stomp her feet, to cooperate with Tong Ming.

“You don’t look at appearances? Could the poster in your room be me and not Wu Yanze?”

“Which part of Wu Yanze is handsome? Obviously, Jin Chengwu is more handsome!” Mother Tong joined the conversation.

Father Tong deliberately waved his hand sternly. “This is not decent!”

The whole family laughed. Tong Jia knew that her family was afraid she was disappointed, so they slowly got rid of the low mood and started fighting with Tong Ming.

In the afternoon, Father and Mother Tong were reluctant to cook. Eventually, Tong Jia decided to go out and eat hotpot. She did not notice that Song Yancheng was behind her.

Song Yancheng was eating hotpot because Feng Hao wanted to eat hotpot. To show his gratitude towards Feng Hao for getting Wang Kaizhi’s autographed photo, Song Yancheng generously accompanied him.

Song Yancheng originally wanted to call Tong Jia, but he saw that she was with other people, probably her family. If he came to Tong Jia and said hello, it would be awkward, so he just followed Feng Hao to where he wanted to sit.

After Feng Hao came back and told him the table number, he leaned and winked at Song Yancheng. “Hey, that’s Tong Jia, right? She is more beautiful than in the photo. Why don’t you go and say hello and meet your future father-in-law, mother-in-law, and brother-in-law?”

“No.” Song Yancheng ignored Feng Hao, and said to the lady on the cash register, “The bill on table 8 is on my account, thank you.”

After acting generous, Song Yancheng turned around and faced the lady again, “Uh, forget it. Don’t put it on my account, let them settle it themselves.”

After watching all of this scene, Feng Hao was stunned and hurriedly followed Song Yancheng. “Aren’t you going to be the overbearing president?”

Put it on my account! How manly!

Song Yancheng shook his head, “If it’s her dad who pays, and she hasn’t agreed to me, I will be doing things that offend her.”

Tong Jia went to the bathroom halfway through her meal. She heard someone talking outside, but she did not hear it carefully until she heard a certain word.

“That man was tall and handsome, and clearly he is rich. He told Ah Mei to put table 8’s bill on his account. Oh my, how manly!”

“And then?”

“And then he said he won’t settle the bill, as if he was afraid the guests on table 8 would be angry.”

After the two waiters left, Tong Jia came out, helplessly putting her hand on her forehead. Alright, don’t think too much, it was probably Song Yancheng.

He must still be here. After she came out from the bathroom, Tong Jia pretended to walk around the store, and finally saw Song Yancheng in the corner. She walked straight to him, stood by the table, and greeted them, “Hi.”

Feng Hao was shocked that the beef balls in his mouth fell into the bowl.

“Hi.” Feng Hao swore that he had never seen such a subservient side of Song Yancheng. Song Yancheng actually got up, and nervously pulled out a chair for Tong Jia to sit on.

“What a coincidence.” Song Yancheng got busy. “What do you want to eat? I’ll cook it for you.” He was as diligent as a daughter-in-law! Feng Hao was terrified.

“Thank you. I won’t eat. I just saw you and wanted to come over to say hello.” After Tong Jia finished speaking, she looked at Feng Hao and smiled generously at him, “Hello. I’m Tong Jia.”

“I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time… Ah no, hello, I’m Feng Hao.”

Feng Hao really wanted to meet Tong Jia, and wanted to see what kind of celestial appearance and national beauty could fascinate Song Yancheng like an idiot.

Song Yancheng still asked the waiter to bring a set bowl and chopsticks, and then he cooked mutton for her, and said warmly: “Do you want to eat mutton?”

Feng Hao wanted to poke his eyes, I also wanted to eat mutton soup QAQ.

“I won’t eat, I will leave soon. I’m with my family today.” Tong Jia was about to get up, but Feng Hao received Song Yancheng's distressed signal, and hurriedly said, “Sit for a while, this is too coincidental. There are so many hotpot restaurants in City A, wouldn’t it be a waste of luck not to talk a little.”

Tong Jia was amused, and Feng Hao’s tone was happy, so she sat down and said, “This hotpot restaurant is excellent. My family and I usually come here. It’s an old business, the taste is very good.”

She was a foodie?! Feng Hao had an idea in his mind. Although he was single now, he had a wealth of knowledge and experiences. Song Yancheng looked like a person who could not chit-chat. As a friend, he would help him.

“Really? We also came in by accident. I didn’t expect the taste to be so good. In fact, there is a great hotpot restaurant in City A. Let Yancheng go with you next time, it’s well worth the trip.”

Tong Jia looked at Feng Hao and Song Yancheng, and sighed inwardly.

This Song Yancheng and his best friend were all the same, they would not be awkward when eating.

She nodded, “Yes, I’ll try it next time I get a chance.”

Song Yancheng’s eyes lit up as he realised what was going on. With a single phrase, Feng Hao managed to persuade Tong Jia to accept an invitation. It was an unexpected gain.

Tong Jia sat for a while and then left. Feng Hao pushed Song Yancheng, who was in a daze. Since he met the girl who Song Yancheng liked, as a friend, he naturally wanted to make a comment, “I think she is quite nice, beautiful and her character is not bad. You chose well.”

“But to be honest, it was fortunate that you did not settle their bill. I see that you are not familiar with each other yet, and Tong Jia also noticed that you want to pay their bill. Or else you would do something she doesn't like.”

On the contrary, Tong Jia was not angry. If she knew someone else paid her bill, she would feel baffled. Fortunately, Song Yancheng was quick-witted, otherwise it would need a lot of work to deal with her parents and brother.

Back at her seat, Tong Ming complained to Tong Jia as usual, “I thought you went home after going to the bathroom.”

“Eat your pig brain.” Tong Jia glared at Tong Ming, and explained to her parents, “I saw an acquaintance and talked for a while.”

When Father Tong heard this, he immediately said, “Oh, friend? Why don’t you invite them to eat together?”

Knowing that her father was warm in nature, she could only helplessly say, “They are leaving soon.”


Tong Ming went to the bathroom. He was washing his hand when Song Yancheng came in. Song Yancheng had glanced at table 8 and recognised this was Tong Jia’s younger brother. He wanted to say hello, but in time he thought the other party did not know him, so he could only go inside.

Just at this moment, Tong Ming was going to take out a tissue to wipe his hand, but Song Yancheng was a step quicker. He took out a tissue and handed it to Tong Ming.

What was this for? Although Tong Ming took the tissue, he still looked at Song Yancheng with a puzzled expression.

He was sure he did not know this person. Then what was this person going to do?

Song Yancheng looked very “lovingly” at Tong Ming, he thought Tong Jia’s younger brother was very cute.

Tong Ming walked out the bathroom confused and looked at the mirror inlaid on the wall. He stopped abruptly and touched the profile of his face. Was that man trying to hook up with him?

How scary! How scary!

He was a straight guy!

When he returned to his seat, Tong Ming was still stunned, and Tong Jia noticed his expression, and asked jokingly, “Did you see a ghost?”

“It was scarier than a ghost!” Tong Ming approached her and whispered, “There was a man who seemed to be trying to hit on me in the bathroom.”

“Pfft…” Tong Jia almost sputtered.

“Really. I don’t know him, but he actually handed me a tissue. What was this for?”

Tong Jia had a vague guess in her heart, and asked in a low voice, “Is he tall? Handsome?”

“Hey, I’m straight!”

“Don’t talk nonsense.”

“He is half a head taller. How do I know he is handsome or not”

Tong Jia thought it was probably Song Yancheng. She patted Tong Ming’s shoulder, and said, “Don’t worry, it’s not you he is looking for.”

What was this smug and proud tone?


Only then Tong Ming reacted, and he was a bit sceptical. He took out his mobile phone, typed out a few words on the messaging interface, and handed it to Tong Jia.


Tong Jia took her mobile phone and typed a few words.

“Shut up.”

Tong Ming could not help but laugh, but he did not say anything. He carefully recalled the appearance of the man just now, but unfortunately he could not remember.


He definitely must be more handsome than Xiao Ang! His sister was the only one who could look down on others, but who was Xiao Ang not to like her?! How could Xiao Ang not like his sister?!

At this moment, Tong Jia’s mobile phone vibrated. She saw it was a text message from Song Yancheng.

‘Your younger brother is very cute.’

Tong Jia thought about Song Yancheng’s actions today.She had a misconception of him; Song Yancheng actually knew her very well, otherwise, he would not do something like that, right?

However, she still thought it was funny. When seeing such a plot in a novel, she could only hold the novel and sigh that the domineering president was so handsome. However, when Song Yancheng did this kind of thing, she found it funny.

By the way, what did it feel like to be a domineering president?

Tong Jia thought of this point. She suddenly stood up, took her bag and walked towards the cashier. Passing through a long corridor, the curvature of her mouth was getting bigger and bigger.

She did not know why, but she and Song Yancheng were obviously not in the same social class. However, she did not feel inferior to him at all. On the contrary, she felt that sometimes he was looking up to her.

Were her feelings too strange? She also felt that the distance between her and Song Yancheng was getting closer.

When she arrived at the cashier, she took out a card from her wallet, and asked with a smile, “Have table 21 paid?”

The lady at the cashier clicked on the computer, shook her head, and replied, “Not yet.”

Tong Jia knew Song Yancheng had almost finished eating, and was probably about to pay the bill. She handed her card to the lady at the cashier, and the corner of her mouth raised slightly. “Put it on my card. Thank you.”

Well, it was not bad to be a domineering president.


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