Pampering You Even More

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Chapter 5: Chapter 5

Song Yancheng didn't say anything after opening his eyes. He just calmly looked at the people in the ward. Finally, his eyes fixed upon Song Chi, and a trace of confusion flashed in his eyes. He was probably too tired because he soon passed out again. The doctor gladly informed them that Song Yancheng was out of danger. For now, as long as he had a good rest, there would be no problem.

Upon hearing the news, Song Chi was the happiest. Even though he and his elder brother weren’t very close, he knew that before he could grow up, the only person he could rely on in this world was his brother.

Meanwhile, the other relatives of the Song family were scared to death. A few people who were still fighting about the property were now grouping together to find a way out. Although they were greedy, they were not daring.

“I have to go back to B city. Although the company is small, I can't ignore it. Fortunately, Yancheng is fine so I can go home with peace of mind.”

A distant cousin of Song Yancheng took the initiative to get up. He couldn't wait to go to the airport right away.

“Yeah, we have to go early. If Yancheng wakes up and hears all the gossip, then what would we do?”

Right now, all they wanted was to show themselves out. They were afraid of provoking Song Yancheng for nothing. These relatives weren’t afraid of either Song Chi or their dead parents, but they were afraid of Song Yancheng. After all, he didn't respect family ties. With his way of handling matters, if they hadn't heard the doctor saying to prepare for the funeral, they wouldn't have even dared to dream about Song Yancheng’s property. Now that he was back from a coma, these people just wanted to disappear as soon as possible.

Although they all loved money so much, they still cherished their lives more. In reality, what they’d receive was also at Song Yancheng's mercy. However, it was enough for them to live a good life. At the moment, they were actually more afraid that Song Yancheng would get angry and take back everything they had now, which would obviously do them more harm than good. Therefore, it only took an afternoon for the VIP ward of the hospital, including the Song family, to finally quiet down.


Tong Jia went to Zhou Yanchen's room. Father Zhou and Mother Zhou had really loved their son so much. They had used the largest and best room in the entire house as Zhou Yanchen's bedroom, and it also had a separate balcony. One side of the wall was covered with certificates and several trophies were placed on the bookcase. In Tong Jia's memory, Zhou Yanchen had been a really hard-working straight-A student.

Some people were very talented. Even if they didn’t study hard, they were diligent and grasped concepts quickly. On the other hand, others squeezed out all the time they could on their studies. They were extra serious and extra hard-working.

Zhou Yanchen belonged to the kind of diligent and hard-working people. Moreover, at the age where most boys were still very rebellious and childish, Zhou Yanchen had shown a calmer and more composed side than boys of his age. However, because he’d usually been too taciturn, even though he’d been handsome and had excellent grades, he seemed to have never heard of any girls who had liked him. Tong Jia was now standing in the middle of the room, thinking, if Zhou Yanchen had confessed to her in high school, would she have accepted?

She thought she wouldn't have.

Tong Jia admitted that she had used to like sunny, extroverted, and enthusiastic boys. Since she was very mild-mannered, she would feel very happy with extroverted people. At that time, her ways of thinking were simple. But now, if Zhou Yanchen hadn't died, Tong Jia felt that she should’ve tried to get along with him. It was because seeing too many warm but short-lived loves, no one would be indifferent to a silent and persistent feeling.

It was just that Zhou Yanchen was gone. She looked at the photos on his desk and thought that no one would like her the way Zhou Yanchen had, in the future.

She realized that her thoughts were very strange. Obviously, she hadn’t had much contact with Zhou Yanchen, but in just over a month, she felt that the feelings that he had left, made her feel more and more precious.

“Are you Miss Tong?” An unfamiliar female voice outside the door pulled Tong Jia back to reality.

She turned around and looked at the woman standing at the door, looking at her with perplexed eyes.

Tong Jia really couldn’t remember if she had met this person. She could only hesitantly ask, “Excuse me, you are?”

There was a portion of her former classmates that she was not very familiar with that she had almost forgotten about, so she really couldn’t remember if this person was someone she knew.

The woman smiled and said, “Hello, I am Zhou Yanchen's subordinate, Xu Tingting.”

If she introduced herself this way, it means that it wasn’t her past classmate. Tong Jia replied after a moment of silence.

“Well, hello.”

Xu Tingting went to Tong Jia's side and picked up Zhou Yanchen's photo. Her eyes were gentle and forbearing, and she suddenly spoke.

“Miss Tong, I’ve never believed that a man, calling for a person's name while drunk, is necessarily in love. It may only be because he’s never gotten her.”

Tong Jia felt that these words were related to her, but she couldn't say anything. She didn't even know what to say, so she could only stand aside in silence.

Xu Tingting diverted the topic of the conversation.

“But a single piece of news about this woman made the man immediately go off to see her, leaving his work on hand despite how important the project was. Now that must be true love. Miss Tong, you probably don't know how many people are jealous of you.”

Tong Jia had always been quiet when facing strangers. For example, now, she didn’t quite understand why this Xu Tingting had said such things to her. And because she really didn’t understand, she was even more at a loss.

“If there is nothing else, I will head down first.”

Tong Jia didn’t want to know these things from the mouth of others because it didn’t make any sense—at least not from the mouth of some jealous woman.

Tong Jia walked to the door, but Xu Tingting stopped her again.

“Miss Tong, I'm sorry, I behaved rashly.” She just couldn’t control the sadness and jealousy in her heart, which sometimes made her really depressed. Why? In what aspect was she not as good as the legendary Miss Tong? Why wouldn’t he look at her?

"Miss Xu, you introduced yourself as Zhou Yanchen's subordinate, right? I'm sorry, I don't know you, so I don't want to hear about your feelings at the moment.” Tong Jia said indifferently while standing at the door without looking back.

She then walked downstairs, leaving Xu Tingting standing alone in the room.

Xu Tingting froze for a moment then smiled bitterly. She looked down at the photo and murmured, "If you could see me right now, you would have definitely hated the way I acted.”

Tong Jia was indeed not in the best mood. First, when she had arrived at Zhou Yanchen's home, she had felt uncomfortable when she had seen his parents' haggard look. Second, she didn’t understand what Xu Tingting had meant. Why had these people said such things after Zhou Yanchen's death? What was the point? It had only made her feel infinite melancholy and sadness.

Zhou Heng noticed the change in her mood. He followed Tong Jia out of the yard and said gently, "If Tingting said something, don't take it to heart.”

Tong Jia's face was red, and her patience had really been driven beyond its limit. She suddenly turned around and screamed, “That's enough! What the hell do you want? It bothers me, okay? I already know how Zhou Yanchen felt, but is it my fault that I didn’t know about it sooner? Zhou Heng, please, stop spending his feelings!”

What had she done wrong? Why did these people have to do this? Was it to make her feel guilty? But what was she guilty for?

Zhou Yanchen's feelings were very precious to her, so she didn’t want to be repeatedly reminded about it by others.

It was the first time that Zhou Heng had seen Tong Jia lose her temper. As far as he could remember, she had always been very gentle, so he had been intimidated. But he soon recovered and was full of remorse because he suddenly thought that if Yanchen had still been here, he wouldn't have liked this.

Tong Jia had done nothing wrong, what she had said was right.

“I'm sorry.”

 Zhou Heng wiped his face, and again, he apologized helplessly.


He’d been mentally distressed these days. There had always been this kind of desire to tell Tong Jia about Zhou Yanchen’s forbearing thoughts so that he would’ve had no regrets. However, he had forgotten how much Zhou Yanchen had liked Tong Jia, and the more he had liked her, the quieter and more persistent he had became. Also, because of this love, he must not have pursued Tong Jia.

Tong Jia bit her lower lip and said solemnly, “Zhou Heng, have you ever thought how much I regret missing such a relationship? So please, don't make me feel worse. I understand your intentions. Let's just cooperate with each other, okay?”

After listening to Tong Jia's words, Zhou Heng felt, for the first time in so many years, that Zhou Yanchen hadn’t seemed to love the wrong person.


A few days later, someone came to Song Yancheng's ward. At this time, he was sitting in the hospital bed. It'd been a few days and he hadn't said a word, which had made Song Chi and the others tremble with fear.

After all, their fear of Song Yancheng had been deeply rooted in their core.

His eyes were calm and a little dazed.

The one who came was Qi Chen, an actress who was now famous for her purity. Her makeup was very simple and elegant. If you didn’t look carefully, you would think she wasn’t even wearing makeup. Qi Chen came in with a bunch of flowers. When she saw Song Yancheng, tears swirled in her eyes.

She stumbled to sit on the bed with tears in her eyes and said, “Yancheng, I’ve been filming in other places these days. I just heard that you had an accident, I'm sorry I wasn’t by your side.”

Last winter, she had asked someone to help her get to know Song Yancheng at the banquet. She tried her best but hadn’t been able to seduce Song Yancheng. At first, she really couldn't wait to come and take care of him, thinking about how this might make him feel a little emotional. After all, people were always vulnerable when they were sick, but she had heard that Song Yancheng’s condition had been very dangerous, so she hadn’t dared.

If Song Yancheng had died, wouldn't all her efforts have gone to waste?

After hearing that Song Yancheng woke up, she immediately brushed past the crew and rushed over.

“Who are you?" Song Yancheng just looked at her very calmly. He didn’t know who this lady was.

Qi Chen's crying came to an abrupt end as if she had pressed the pause button. She looked at Song Yancheng in utter amazement and said, “How could you not remember me?”

Song Yancheng's nose was filled with her elegant perfume. He just couldn’t stand the fact that this woman was so close to him, holding his arm. All this made it intolerable for him. He could only break away from her grasp and say calmly in an indifferent tone, “Why should I remember you?”

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