Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers

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Chapter 1: Black-Hearted Lotus' Red Packet Group [1.1]


CHAPTER: This World might be Fun

"... she used to be ugly and fat. Her personality was eccentric and unsociable. Her classmates didn't like to play with her, secretly calling her fatty and hideous. I felt sorry for her so I would help her once in a while. But after the summer vacation of the second year of high school, she suddenly changed into a different person. She lost 45 kg in a month and became fair and beautiful. Her academic achievements also advanced by leaps and bounds. In the final exam, she even secured first place in the whole school. She also became versatile, the teachers and students of the whole school were amazed by her dance on New year's Eve."

Wen Qing quietly listened to the lament of the girl in front of her. She was wearing a white cotton skirt stained with blood, with only one shoe. Her hair was disheveled and she appeared to be really pitiful.

"People who used to like me also fell in love with her. Of course, I was envious, even jealous, but I didn't do anything to her. Why did she hurt me like that? I couldn't accept this. I refuse to be killed by her like this, I want you to avenge me! Make her pay the price!" Her expression was ferocious and her eyes were bloodshot, brimming with anger.

"Is this your wish?"


Wen Qing hooked up her lips and stared straight at the girl, "As you wish." When she finished, the girl closed her eyes and fainted. Wen Qing picked up her light body, put it on the soft couch next to her, and then entered into another space.

Space was pitch black, covered with endless darkness. Three golden keys were floating in the middle, exuding a golden halo in the dark night space.

The three keys were all engraved with words; "Apocalyptic Dimension", "Terrifying Black Packet" and "Transmigration". These were the golden fingers that she had looted from her previous mission. Wen Qing stood in front of the three keys and reached out to remove one of them.

Wen Qing opened her eyes, sat up on the bed, and observed the surrounding environment. She could see that the decoration was low key but luxurious. It was not difficult to see that the client's family circumstances were very good this time.

The client was the girl who just asked her to avenge her, oh no, the ghost named Ji Wenqing; a senior high school girl with excellent grades and very beautiful looks, the kind of girl that adolescent boys would like.

And the protagonist of this world was a girl named Mo Yao. Mo Yao was originally a very ordinary girl, ugly and fat, isolated by her peers. Until one day, she accidentally joined a magical red packet group, and since then turning on the cheat mode---------transforming into Ms. Perfect, marrying Mr. Perfect, becoming the CEO, and embarking on the pinnacle of life! And Ji Wenqing was just a small cannon fodder on her road to success.

Ji Wenqing's father was the President of a multinational company, and her mother was in charge of the company’s financial affairs, so their family was very rich. What's more exceptional was that although she was their only daughter, Ji Wenqing, was not spoiled. Ji Wenqing's every gesture showed her fine upbringing.

But also because of this, Mo Yao was jealous. When she reached out to help Mo Yao, whom everyone shunned, Mo Yao felt that her kind of 'help' was more like the arrogant charity of the rich.

Which was why Ji Wenqing was a cannon fodder. She saved a white-eyed wolf who didn't appreciate it and eventually killed her in turn.

The death of Ji Wenqing had a lot to do with Mo Yao. After Mo Yao joined the red envelope group, she got a series of magical red envelopes from which she became more beautiful and powerful. She naturally attracted the attention of many boys, including the one named Xu Qiang. He used to have a crush on Ji Wenqing, but since he was attracted by Mo Yao's amazing dance at the New Year's Eve party, he changed his target.

He was originally a small gangster, who tried to date Mo Yao over and over again. As Mo Yao refused, then he planned to use force. Later, he called a few people to block Mo Yao on the way home.

Mo Yao couldn't escape, so she could only use the trick. She thought that Xu Qiang had been secretly in love with Ji Wenqing, so she negotiated with him to help him ask Ji Wenqing out as a condition for him to let her go. Xu Qiang agreed.

Then Ji Wenqing who was deceived by Mo Yao was gang-raped to death.

One couldn't blame the ghost Ji Wenqing for being so resentful. No one can bear it.

Wen Qing evoked a sneer. She was most disgusted with two crimes. One was rape and the next was deception; and coincidently Mo Yao happened to have done both.

Wen Qing appeared at a good time, just the day before Mo Yao joined the red packet group. The corners of Wen Qing's lips curled up; she smiled with some wickedness. This world might be fun.