Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers

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Chapter 71: Bringing Taobao to the Ancient Times [1]

According to the novel classification of Jinjiang (jjwxc), this time the world should be a sweet farming romance novel.

The female protagonist, Jiang Shu, was originally a female university student from modern times. She accidentally got an electric shock while frantically shopping online on Singles' Day*. When she woke up again, she transmigrated into a village girl in ancient times who was starved to death.

The former owner's family was impoverished, with only four bare walls for a home. Her father broke his leg while hunting and was bedridden, while the mother was too weak to support the family. The family was unable to regularly eat even one meal per day. The two younger brothers were so thin and frail that the little girl was starving to death just to save one more bite for them.

[T/N: 家徒四壁 (jiā tú sì bì) lit. with only four bare walls for a home (idiom) / fig. very poor, with nothing.]

Jiang Shu was originally a kind and compassionate student. Seeing the situation of the original owner's family, she couldn't help but feel sad. And because she had occupied the body of their daughter, she decided to repay this family well.

Then she found that Taobao, on which she was frantically shopping before transmigrating, also came along with her! Jiang Shu was overjoyed by getting this amazing golden finger!

Have no food for the family?

Buy buy buy!

Have no clothes for the family?

Buy buy buy!

No seasoning left?

Buy buy buy!

Fortunately, she still remembered that she was in ancient times. Afraid of being found and burned as a monster, she only secretly bought them. Anyway, as her father was bedridden and her mother had to make buns, as the eldest sister, she was responsible for purchasing stuff from the town. Therefore, her family believed her when she said she met a kind-hearted person who took pity on her and gave those things.

After life was good, Jiang Shu drew her family to sell stuffed steamed buns and started a small business. Starting from a small business and all the way to prosperity, Jiang family restaurants expanded across the country.

She also introduced cabbage, pepper, potato, corn, sweet potato and other crops from Taobao. This way, not only she helped enrich the diet structure but also solved the food problem of the people, thus shocking the whole country. The Emperor appreciated her great virtue and sealed her as the peasant girl of a county, with a fiefdom and a manor. So, the Jiang family became a family of power and prestige, and Jiang Shu's experience was a legend that people talked about.

Up to now, the novel well conveyed the truth, virtue and beauty. The heroine was inspirational, hardworking and kind. Her three-views were pretty positive. Although she behaved like a little Blessed Virgin Mary, it was not a drawback. However, once the male lead appeared; the author changed the whole direction of the novel. The good farming struggle novel instantly turned into a sweet romance one.

The male lead, Prince Huainan, was cruel and ruthless. His secret forces should not be underestimated. After being saved by the heroine by chance, he fell in love with this girl who ‘broke the defense line in his heart like the sun.' Because he still had his own enemies, he didn't dare to drag his beloved girl into the muddy water until he solved his enemy, so he only protected her secretly.

Whoever bullied the heroine, made things difficult for her, or disagreed with her were quietly taken care of by him. While on one side he was sprinkling sweetness with the female lead, on the other he was reeking of blood. There were also a lot of unwanted cute people at the end of the novel, not to mention the words ‘so sweet,' ‘boyfriend power max,' and ‘male owner v587'! Anyway, the people who were killed had nothing to do with them, they were just supporting characters......

[T/N: v587 - (Internet slang) The pronunciation of v587 is equal to 威武霸气 in Chinese. 威武霸气 lit. means that a person is really mighty and cool. It's of great convenience to type so that it's popular on the Internet.]

This time, Wen Qing's client was Wei Wen Qing, who was born in the Duke of Zhen's manor. Her grandfather was titled as the Duke of Zhen county, while her father was a first-class Great General of Xuanwei, and her mother was the Grand Princess of the current dynasty. Wei Wen Qing was their only child and the only girl in the Duke of Zhen's manor. Growing up with a lot of pampering, she was the pearl of the entire Duke manor. Just because she accidentally discovered the secret of the female lead, she was killed by the male lead. None of the whole government survived except the Grand Princess.

[T/N: Xuanwei is a county-level city in the northeast of Yunnan Province, China, bordering Guizhou province to the east.]

The client's wish is to protect the Duke manor and let the male lead pay with his life.

This time, there was nothing wrong with the female lead. Wen Qing planned it in her heart and chose the golden finger of the immortal cultivation space.


The Duke of Zhen's manor was in chaos.

"Quick, hot water!"

"Midwife! Where is the midwife?"

"Young Master, the delivery room is filthy. You can't go in!"

"Get out of the way! It's my wife and child! What's dirty there?"

The tall general hurriedly rushed in. There were bursts of cries coming from inside and the yard was still in a state of flurry. As the dawn broke, a cry came from the delivery room.

"Congratulations, second master! Congratulations, Princess! It's a pretty daughter!"

There were bursts of exclamations in the yard, "Ah, it's not spring yet. Why are the flowers blooming so soon?"

"Look, look! The tree that was struck dead by lightning last year has sprouted anew!"

At the same time, in the Imperial Palace, Emperor Yuan Chang suddenly became drowsy because of a wind chill a few days ago. He had a dream that the Goddess of the Ninth Heaven (Xuannü) came down to earth and descended in the Great Zhao to send blessings to the people of Zhao country and protect the Zhao Dynasty for a hundred years.

[T/N: 九天玄女 (jiǔtiān xuán nǚ) A fairy/goddess in Chinese mythology. The goddess Jiutian Xuannü was known to ride a cinnabar phoenix, holding phosphors and clouds as reins. She wore variegated kingfisher-feather garments of nine colors. Link]

The dream was enigmatic and mysterious, but Emperor Yuan Chang still remembered it clearly after waking up, and even the voice and smile of Xuannü were engraved in his mind. This convinced Emperor Yuan Chang and he laughed loudly, "Good! Good! God has blessed my Great Zhao!" After this laugh, even the body of the perennial sickness was also relieved to a certain extent. Therefore, Emperor Yuan Chang became more and more convinced that the matter of Xuannü, the Goddess of the Ninth Heaven, was true. A mere dream of the other side gave him a new vitality!

Then, a eunuch came to report, "Your majesty, the Grand Princess has just given birth to a little county princess, and both mother and daughter are safe."

"Good! Reward!" Emperor Yuan Chang, who was in a good mood, waved his hand and prepared to give something more to his little niece!

After hesitating for a while, the eunuch said, "When the little county lord (xiǎo jùn jūn) was born, a heavenly vision descended from the sky, hundreds of flowers bloomed simultaneously, and withered trees came to life!"

Emperor Yuan Chang was so shocked that he tumbled down from the dragon bed, "Are you serious?"

The imperial eunuch nodded, and Emperor Yuan Chang burst out in laughter again, "Good! Good! Pass on my decree. The heavenly vision is a blessing from heaven! Thereby, We* appoint Xiaojun jun as the County Princess of Anguo, with a thousand tenant farming households and the fiefdom of Jiangnan county!"

[T/N: 朕 (zhèn) - I/ we (imperial use)]

As soon as the imperial edict came out, the whole country was shocked. It wasn't enough to be promoted as a county princess at birth, that even the title county was Anguo! How could a newborn baby, whose birth hairs have not shaved yet, be named as Anguo county lord?! What was even more outrageous was that there was also a fiefdom and that too was the rich county of Jiangnan! The Emperor seemed to be confused, right?

A group of Ministers asked the Emperor to retract the decree, but they were denied using the reason of heaven's vision, though Emperor Yuan Chang didn't mention the dream of the Goddess of the Ninth Heaven Xuannü coming to earth. He was afraid to draw hatred to his niece by mentioning it and becoming a target of other countries. There were several barbarian countries around the Great Zhao, who were constantly eyeing it. If they were to know that the Goddess Xuannü was born as his niece to protect the Great Zhao, wouldn't they send people to assassinate her?

Wen Qing, who was in swaddling clothes, heard the awesome decree just now. It was worthwhile for her to give a dream with a vision of heaven. The Emperor uncle had really given a lot of power. With this extraordinary identity, it would be much more convenient for her to do things in the future.

Meanwhile, the princess mother and the general father were quite scared. Zhao Wan's brows were furrowed with distress. She had just finished giving birth, so her face was slightly pale. Hugging her sleeping little daughter, she said, "What does the Emperor brother mean by this? The heavenly vision is not enough for him to give such great glory. I am afraid that there is some kind of conspiracy......"

Wei Dongyang was not less worried, but he did not dare to show it when his wife was physically weak because of childbirth, so he laughed and said, "What are you afraid of? If the sky collapses, there is a higher one to bear it. Our baby is the Emperor's own niece, you are the Emperor's real sister, how can he harm you? It's probably because the royal family's heirs are declining...... and he happened to come across a lucky child with a heavenly vision, so he can't help but be happy."

Saying that, he went to hug the child in Zhao Wan's arms, and kissed it carefully, "Tsk, look at our daughter. She is so beautiful since birth and has such a fair rosy complexion unlike the red monkey in the big brother's house!"

When Wei Dongyang switched the conversation, Zhao Wan was also distracted and looked at her daughter affectionately, "What are you talking about? Newborn children are all wrinkled but they will be fine when they grow up. Aren't Wencheng and the other handsome boys now?"

"They aren't as good-looking as our daughter!"


After pacifying his wife, Wei Dongyang solemnly went to his father, Duke of Zhen's study. His eldest brother Wei Dongping was also there. It was unknown what the three had discussed but after this incident, the Duke of Zhen's manor became more and more low-key. The third day's baptismal banquet of the An Guo County princess was not held. They just said that the child was weak and it wasn't suitable to hold a big event.

Many people were secretly gloating over this misfortune. So what if she was favored by the Emperor? What was the point of having the Emperor's favor if the child couldn't even afford this blessing? All the forces that had been surging because of Emperor Yuan Chang's action also calmed down and prepared to wait and see for a while.

Wen Qing just ate, slept, and ate every day. The cultivation with the baby's pure and dirt-free body was more effective. She got the result with half the effort, and quietly built a foundation. At the same time, her divine consciousness could now encompass the entire manor, and nothing could be hidden from her. However, the Duke's manor was a rare clean and peaceful house, and there were very few sordid things.

Soon it was the day of Wen Qing's full moon. The third day of washing could be omitted, but the full moon couldn't be avoided in any case. Many people were eager to see the legendary An Guo county princess, and the Wei family couldn't shirk it anymore.

[T/N: 满月- (mǎn yuè) full moon / whole month / baby's one-month old birthday]

Wen Qing didn't care and still ought to eat and drink. Want to harm her? There is no chance in this life!

[T/N: 双十一 The English name Singles' Day takes its name from the Chinese Guanggun Jie (光棍节), but the date is now more commonly called Shuang Shiyi  (双十一), or ‘Double 11,' after the date, November 11, which when written 11/11 conjures the image of four singletons and/or four leafless trees. The Chinese term guanggun literally means ‘bare branches' and refers specifically to single men. (Single ladies, at least those who've reached the age of *gasp* 28 without finding a husband, are known as shengnu or ‘leftover women.') Last year, Taobao launched a separate ‘Guanggun Jie' shopping event on their special value app that will run until after Singles' Day. For more, visit here.]

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