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Chapter 70: This Hostess is Toxic [10]

Su Ruan had a very bad time. Initially, she was ecstatic when Wen Qing moved out on her own. Without familiar people around, she didn't have to bother to disguise. Moreover, she also wanted to make money through live broadcasting. It was not convenient for another person to be there, so she was a hundred percent in favor of the departure of Wen Qing.

She had a beautiful voice and a good memory. She remembered so many songs from the past, so she couldn't be any worse than Wen Qing, right? However, the plans of a person are not as good as heaven. The first day of her live broadcast coincided with Wen Qing's live broadcast of potion. The other party was full of gimmicks and attracted most of the attention. So, only two to three poor kittens could be seen in her live broadcast.

She was somewhat skeptical about Wen Qing's sudden burst of pharmaceutical talent. However, because of the incomplete inherited memory of the original owner, she didn't know whether Wen Qing, who grew up together, really had pharmaceutical talent or not, so she didn't delve deeper into it. Although she envied the good luck of her former roommate, she still firmly believed that she was the main protagonist. After all, crossing over after death is not something that everyone can encounter.

Because of being robbed of the audience by Wen Qing, her Friday premiere was very sluggish. But presuming that Wen Qing would not be on the air on Saturday, she thought that if she planned well, she could still turn the tide. However, the next day, the audience was busy buying the marrow cleansing potion, and there were not many people watching the live broadcast!

Live broadcasting was also a leisure entertainment program. In contrast, it was different from improving physical fitness. No, the two things were completely different and couldn't be compared at all!

On the third and fourth days... the fervor of the marrow cleansing potion was still high, and the flow of the whole live broadcasting platform was less than one percent of what it'd used to be. Su Ruan was just a rookie anchor, so her traffic could be imagined.

Before the fervor of the marrow cleansing potion was dropped, Wen Qing threw out the heaven-defying body refining techniques, which further shocked the Alliance. Everyone was busy refining their bodies, so who would still watch the live broadcast? Therefore, the traffic dropped again and again.

At this time, Su Ruan finally realized that something was wrong. The marrow cleansing potion was still okay as the Alliance itself had a foundation in medicinal potions. Although those potions were not as unbelievable as the one that Wen Qing came up with, she could be said to be talented in pharmaceutics. But what's the matter with body refining? A 19-year-old girl, without any martial arts foundation, suddenly came up with a set of heaven-defying body refining skills out of nowhere. How unreasonable?

Although she came from the modern level, she had also read several cultivation novels. Body refining technique was clearly something unique to the cultivation world! There was also that marrow cleansing potion together with body refining technique. Could this Wen Qing be from the cultivation world?

Su Ruan was startled by this idea, but the more she thought about it, the more reasonable she felt. She had personally experienced the transmigration to another world. So she concluded that the other party was the same as her. It was just that the other person was from a different world.

What was the probability of transmigration after death? What was the probability of having two transmigrators in the same world? Even both people happened to transmigrate in the same dormitory!

Hehe! And what were the chances of her coming across such a rare possibility?

By this time, Su Ruan had 90% confirmed that Wen Qing was also a transmigrator, and the remaining 10% was just a fluke until Wen Qing's third live broadcast. When Su Ruan watched Wen Qing teaching fans to cook, her last hope was also gone.

Wen Qing was also a transmigrator like her.

However, Wen Qing was much luckier than her. Along with cultivating and making potions, she could also cook, thus making her popular in the whole Alliance. On the other hand, she still had no achievements in professional music, and it was difficult to even get a full stomach.

Originally, she wanted to cook live, but her cooking skills were so poor that her food could only be eaten by dead people, and she didn't have the money to buy kitchenware and ingredients.

Why was there such a disparity between people?

In her previous life, she was aloof and was accustomed to being highly complimented. But in this life, Su Ruan couldn't stand this obscurity, especially in contrast to another transmigrator. Strong unwillingness, jealousy, anger, and some unspeakable complex emotions filled Su Ruan's chest, making her feel a heavy burden on her back. It felt as if a fishbone had stuck in her throat. As a result, she did something that she regretted to death.

She anonymously reported Wen Qing's identity as a transmigrator.

However, she forgot that this was the interstellar age, and any action on the internet couldn't escape the Skynet. From Skynet's point of view, her efforts to conceal the browsing traces were utterly useless. So within an hour of sending her message, she was taken away by the Alliance.

Her message was sent directly to the government and was not exposed online. She was afraid that the netizens would think more and suspect her.

The special department of the Alliance was more interested in her words. Although the Alliance said to not pursue the origin of Wen Qing's things, they were curious after all. The statement in Su Ruan's anonymous letter about Wen Qing being a transmigrator was a novel remark for them.

Su Ruan lifted a stone to smash her own feet. Rather than sending Wen Qing there, she sent herself in. Then she couldn't bear the means of those people and confessed her origins.

Then… What else? Su Ruan was left to help study the mysteries of space and soul.

It was a long time before Wen Qing found out that Su Ruan had been sliced and locked up for research in a small black room. Of course, these things were carried out secretly. Wen Qing could detect it only because of her strong spiritual consciousness.

Wen Qing didn't intend to have anything to do with Su Ruan. It didn't matter whether the other party was doing well or not. But she tried to hurt Wen Qing by setting her in, so she really wanted to gloat!

This incident also gave Wen Qing a wake-up call. Since the Alliance knew that she had transmigrated here, it was not guaranteed that they wouldn't do the same to her. Although her strength was great, she couldn't be left unguarded. She should be careful now.

However, as long as the people in the Alliance were not fools, they should be able to see that she was worth more alive than dead!

Wen Qing didn't care about them. If they came to the door, she would leave the world immediately. If they respected her like a guest, she wouldn't mind teaching more. Therefore, Wen Qing quietly did her job as a food anchor. She occasionally worked on medicines and didn't have excessive contact with others. She lived a simple and quiet life in such a manner.

Those people were smarter than she thought, and they didn't come to bother her, but instead gave her great convenience. So Wen Qing stayed in this world for more than 60 years and only left after getting tired. Before leaving, she smoothly solved a ninth-tier king of the Zerg.


September, 6248 A.D. It was the time of the year when the new students entered the school. The instructor of the Alliance military academy took the freshmen to visit the famous spots in the school.

"... Our Alliance military academy has a history of 3000 years. Since its establishment, the school has produced numerous talents. Almost all of the marshals and generals in the history of the Alliance came from our military academy! The people commemorated by the statues in the hall of fame have made significant contributions to the Alliance. Do you know who is the most famous among them?"

"Lord Queen!" The energetic students replied in unison. There was an unconcealed admiration and yearning in their eyes.

"Yes! It's the Queen!" The instructor's eyes were also radiant, and he solemnly introduced the Queen's life to the students. "She produced the marrow cleansing potion that can improve physical capacity, a spirit nourishing potion that can stabilize mental strength, and a rejuvenating potion that can regenerate severed limbs... Almost all the drugs we use today were studied and improved by the Queen!

"However, the Queen's greatest achievement still has to be the body refining technique she created. This technique not only made human beings master great power and laid the foundation of body training, but it also solved the immediate crisis of the human race at that time and completely controlled the Zergs, our greatest natural enemy..."

Having said this, the teacher paused and said with a look of longing, "How happy were people at that time! There were endless Zergs that couldn't be eaten and the cultivation speed was fast. Unlike now, the wild Zergs are protected and people can only eat some artificially bred ones. Star power of these Zergs is pathetic, so people can only cultivate by themselves..."

Saying those words, the teacher realized that he was now in front of the students. It was not good to spread this kind of thought among the students. He coughed and drew back to the subject, "The Zergs are our most sincere friends. They not only let us enjoy the blessing of food, but also provide us with the strength to cultivate, so we should protect them well. Now heading here, this is the dormitory where the Queen once lived. Now, it has been set as the renowned residence of celebrities. It is only open three times a year so you should seize the opportunity..."

Needless to say, the students had already run over excitedly. Many students had enrolled in the military academy because of the Queen, so they naturally didn't want to miss the opportunity.

Many buildings in Block-B of Zone-2 had been demolished and turned into a square. A small building where the Queen once lived stood alone on the square. In the center of the square stood a statue of the Queen, and many students had already gathered around to take pictures.

"Finally met my goddess! The Queen is so beautiful! It's even more stunning than looking in the picture!"

"This is the Queen's former residence. The Queen has never left since she entered the military academy and has been living in the school, so the statue also has a trace of her divine charm."

"I regret not being born hundreds of years earlier, in the same era as the Queen!"

"Yes! Maybe I could receive the dishes cooked by the Queen herself!"

"Unfortunately, the Queen was unmarried all her life and left no offspring. So, let's not even think about it!"

"It is said that the three handsome officers in the Alliance at that time had a crush on her. I don't know whether it is true or not."

"It must be true. Both men and women were enamoured by the Queen. At that time, more than half of the people secretly loved her!"


Wen Qing returned to the endless space. The space was still the same. Oh, and there was also a little Phoenix wrapped in a cocoon. Wen Qing noticed that it was going to upgrade, so she left it alone. After waking up the female ghost, Wen Qing asked her if she was satisfied.

Wen Qing was not dissatisfied. "She turned out to be a soul of another world who occupied Su Ruan's body. No wonder she treated me like that later. Now I don't even have the last trace of regret. Thank you."

"You're welcome."

After seeing off the female ghost Wen Qing, Wen Qing refined the power of merit and virtue this time. She felt a great power in her body, and then flipped out a golden key of unforgetfulness into the endless void. Then lying in the rocking chair, she waited for the next person.


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