Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers Chapters List

Chapter 71: Bringing Taobao to the Ancient Times [1]

According to the novel classification of Jinjiang (jjwxc), this time the world should be a sweet farming romance novel.

The female protagonist, Jiang Shu, was originally a female university student from modern times. She accidentally got an electric shock while frantically shopping online on Singles' Day*. When she woke up again, she transmigrated into a village girl in ancient times who was starved to death.

The former owner's family was impoverished, with only four bare walls for a home. Her father broke his leg while hunting and was bedridden, while the mother was too weak to support the family. The family was unable to regularly eat even one meal per day. The two younger brothers were so thin and frail that the little girl was starving to death just to save one more bite for them.

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