Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers

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Chapter 49: Counterattack Of The Reborn-ed Female [3.1]

As Huayin confirmed they were leaving, he let out a sigh of relief and smiled, "I am the fastest in the group! It's not that easy to catch up with me!"

Eh? Fastest…

Ignoring his statement, Wen Qing turned to look around the Taiyi sect. The Taiyi sect had altogether eighteen mountain ranges, with several peaks. The whole sect was enshrouded with clouds and mist, making it faintly discernible, it was like the fairy world. Huayin was Sect Master of the Taiyi Sect, the highest position of all. He alone owned the highest peak, named Xiao Putuo.

Xiao Putuo was the most secluded among the eighteen mountain peaks. Compared to the hustle and bustle in the other Mountains, Xiao Putuo was desolate. But fortunately, the spiritual energy was rich, clean, and pleasant. This place was suitable for cultivation...

While Wen Qing was looking around, Leader Ning Xiulin rushed over with a strained expression, "Sect Leader, What happened? Who dares to break into our Taiyi sect?" Huayin was being chased, so he was forced to open the protection shield. Ning Xiulin was scared and nervous, he thought they were in danger. Even Sect Master could not rival the opponent, it's appalling.

‘Cough,’ Huayin covered his embarrassment with a cough, then returned to his usual cold expression, "Nothing, Leader Ning does not have to worry. I was just having fun with old friends."

Ning Xiulin gradually relaxed, looked up, and saw Wen Qing on the side. He was surprised, "Sect Master, this is ..."

The whole Taiyi Sect knew that the patriarch was quiet, and Xiao Putuo had no other people, except for the occasional cleaners. Ning Xiulin was naturally surprised to see a small child.

Was she the disciple that Sect Master took in?

That may not be the case. Master never accepts disciples. If he was making an exception, then the qualifications must be remarkable. Not to mention to succeed Taiyi Sect from him...

"This is the disciple that I am taking in. She is my junior sister and her name is Wen Qing." Huayin always thought that Wen Qing was not an ordinary person. Instead of putting on airs between them by being her master, he accepted her as a disciple, as well as his junior sister. The two were getting along with each other as friends, it would be much easier to live that way. Wen Qing of course would not object.

"Ju, Junior sister " Ning Xiulin widened his eyes. The calm and steady temperament as a leader of the Taiyi Sect was lost in a moment.

"En." Huayin nodded, "You should help her go through the procedures for entry. Send the Jade identity card directly. Also, set up the daily requirements. Go now."

"Oh, Okay." Ning Xiulin muddled-headedly agreed to the orders and walked away. Upon arrival at the mountainside, he suddenly reacted, eh? That's not right! How can she be his Junior? Then wouldn't he have a little Master? A... Little Master Douding?


Ning Xiulin was very efficient. He sent Wen Qing's jade identity card in half a day, and also a bamboo residence was made in Xiao Putuo for her, which was beautifully and elegantly arranged. Including all the daily necessities. As Wen Qing requested, a kitchen was built next to the bamboo building.

After everything was properly placed, Wen Qing strolled through Taiyi Sect for a few days. After getting acquainted with it, she and Huayin went to a square outside the Sect. She guessed by now her technique would have appeared.

The Taiyi sect's square was not the largest of the Canglan Realm, but it was the most lively one! Who made the Taiyi sect so beautiful? Whether it was the Canglan world’s top ten most beautiful female’s list or the top ten most beautiful male’s list, the Taiyi sect was the leading one. There was a saying, the desire for food and sex is part of human nature. where there were beauties, there were people.

The nine-year-old child looked cold and steady like an adult, which made people laugh. But no one dared to laugh, as they saw the person following her.

The person's cultivation level could not be seen. His looks were hidden in the white mist, he exuded a powerful aura, which made people afraid to approach.

Huayin's cultivation towered over many people present here. Although his aura was concealed, it would still make others feel pressured.

"Just buy anything you like! I have plenty of Lingshi[spiritual stone]!"

Wen Qing could not help but hold her forehead. He was immortal through and thorough. If she said she was there for her opportunities, would this arrogant fellow’s temperament still be trenched?!

Wen Qing did not know where the 《Decisive Yin and Yang》was located. She only knew He Wenqing bought it from a young man who was pale, dressed in black, and looked aloof. 《Decisive Yin and Yang》was carried in an inconspicuous wood.

This range was too big. Young people in black clothes were all over the street, and there were inconspicuous wooden cards everywhere! Aloof? In her mortal eyes, every cultivator was aloof.

There was no way, she could only search for a pale face.

After searching around the square in vain, she could only return. She did not know the specific date He Wenqing bought《Decisive Yin and Yang》, she could only visit for a few more trips.

Fortunately, she was lucky enough to find the young pale-faced stall owner clothed in black on the third day. She also noticed the inconspicuous wood board in his stall.

She finally found it! Wen Qing breathed a sigh of relief. She casually squatted down and rummaged through the stuff in the stall.

The more she checked, the more it brought out a muddy smell. Wen Qing suddenly felt chills, she turned over, this was...

Wen Qing hurriedly picked up a black wooden bead bracelet and carefully surveyed it. She had seen this bracelet when she looked at He Wenqing's life on the dead stone. It was the bracelet that Qu Tiange wore from her childhood. The bracelet that launched the legendary space. But Wen Qing was sure that it did not belong to Qu Tiange!

Was this also a space bracelet? Whether it was or not, she would take it back and study it later.

"Boss, I want this wooden scripture bracelet." Whenever the protagonist in the novel discovers treasures, she would buy a bunch of useless things to deceive the public. But Wen Qing did not have to do so. She casually pointed out the two items. Because, in front of the absolute power, every scheme would be futile.

Besides, those items had no spiritual energy fluctuation, and they looked quite ordinary. Besides, she suspected that anyone will buy them. They were people looking at her like she was a fool.

After people around her found that there was no spiritual aura fluctuation on her body, it suddenly dawned on them that it was no wonder she was buying such useless things! So, they left shaking their heads one by one.

Wen Qing did not mind. She returned after paying for the items with the Lingshi given by Huayin.

As soon as she returned to Xiao Putuo, Wen Qing couldn't wait to get into her bamboo cottage. She told Huayin that she had found her cultivation method, then she prepared her body for internal qi. She told him not to bother her then she began her cultivation.

Hua Yin was surprised that she found the cultivation method. In his heart, he was more assured that Wen Qing was not an ordinary person. He shook his head and smiled, did she also believe in him too much? Practicing without any entrance guard?

Cultivators are always afraid of being disturbed amidst their cultivation. In case of being interrupted during their practice, the lightest qi would reverse flow and the dominant one would blow up the body and end up dying. The consequences were very serious. Huayin felt that Wen Qing trusted him, also she was being reckless. Fate had given her restraints alongside protection.

《Decisive Yin and Yang》was the most suitable cultivation technique to Wen Qing's spiritual roots. Her comprehension was not bad, just in half an hour, she could sense the spiritual aura, once the internal qi was successfully incorporated into her body. The following cultivation would be as... simple as it should be.

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