Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers

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Chapter 51: Counterattack Of The Reborn-ed Female [3.3]

"Fate was certain. Either rough or smooth, but it could be changed for better or for worse. No matter how hard you try to change one’s fate while alive, Celestial Shining Pearl wouldn’t keep the account."

"You mean..."

"Qu Tiange, She was reborn."

Qu Tiange pushed the door and came out. The 18-year-old girl looked like a painting, and her skin was better than snow. Dressed in a red bright dress, that enhanced her beauty.

She raised the corner of her lips and greeted elder Qu, "Father, this child has begun to form the golden core."

"Good good good!" Elder Qu clapped his hands.

A wave of commendation sounded around again. Someone proposed, "My niece built a foundation at the age of 10, and at the age of 18 she built the golden core. This kind of cultivation talent was unheard of. My sect should hold a big ceremony for Tiange’s success."

"Of course, we should!"

As Qu Tiange listened to the compliments around her she lowered her eyes and raised her lips to sneer. In her previous life, these people did not give her such recognition. They complimented only one person ----- He Wenqing.

He Wenqing had two attributed spiritual roots. She completed her foundation building at the age of eleven and Golden core at the age of seventeen and became the first prodigy of Canglan's younger generation. Tiange had supreme fire root. She had a good aptitude, but her obsession with love stood in the way. She built her foundation by the age of 10 and she endured for 20 years before forming a golden core. But the person she loved, Leng Qing never looked at her but instead treated He Wenqing as a treasure.

When she was young and ignorant, she hated agony and did stupid things. She framed He Wenqing and only asked for his attention, but she ended up being expelled from her master's legacy. She ended up like that because she had none to blame but herself.

Qu Tiange's eyes were full of hatred. The Lord showed mercy; she was reborn. She would definitely take revenge for the agony of her past life!

The great Qing mountain had been busy for half a month, but the limelight had not been diminished. The leader promised Elder Qu a grand ceremony for his beloved daughter. There was a genius in the sect, it should be well publicized.

Huayin shrugged, "Junior sister was 10 years old when your foundation was built. You formed a golden core at age 12. Are you not as talented as that Qu Tiange? We didn't publicize you, you also deserve it!"

Wen Qing glanced at him, "If word of my cultivation speed gets publicized, people will treat me like a demon. Anyway which evil cultivator would want to attract attention, would it not do more harm than good? Our Xiao Putuo is peaceful and quiet. No need to follow where the wind blows!"

Speaking of which, she also felt like it was weird. She tried to slow down her cultivation. but her cultivation was still going up, and she could not hold back. She slept and woke up with a golden core!

Huayin taught about it. They did not need to show off. The person with a great reputation is liable to be attacked. Having a peaceful and quiet life was good. If Wen Qing didn’t hold him back, he would have wiped Qu Tiange out when he knew she was reborn. Disrupting the god's secret was not a good thing. It would affect the progress of Canglan's cultivators.

Wen Qing did not let him strike. She was afraid that it would make a false counter-change. Qu Tiange was the female lead, even if she was not blessed by heaven, she was blessed by the author, okay! Given the fact that she had the protagonist aura, according to the undying protagonist theory, if Huayin wanted to wipe her out, he would have to pay a great price. So it was better to do it by herself. Anyway, she was not from this world. If she died, she would simply die.

Wen Qing was thinking about how to kill Qu Tiange, at the same time Qu Tiange had the same plan. The humiliation that He Wenqing brought her in her previous life had become her demons, she could barely sleep nor eat. While forming the golden core, she was on the brink of failure because of He Wenqing. Fortunately, she had two lives, her mindset was strong and she suppressed her woes and demons. But while succeeding nascent soul, she might not be lucky, so before that, she had to get rid of He Wenqing.

She asked people about the state of He Wenqing at Hong Xuanji Peak, but the result surprised her. There was no person named He Wenqing at Xuanji Peak. Moreover, there was no one called He Wenqing among the disciples recruited by the sect three years ago!

How did this happen? He Wenqing should have entered the sect three years ago. And afterward, she should have been recruited as a disciple by Martial uncle Lian of the Xuanji Peak. This led to attracting his attention which consequently paved the path for her destruction...

But now, He Wenqing was not in Xuan Ji peak, not even the Taiyi sect! Was it her rebirth that caused such a change? Qu Tiange was upset. Anyway, she must find He Wenqing and kill her with her own hands!

There were still opportunities out there for He Wenqing. She must grab them before He Wenqing!

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