Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers

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Chapter 57: Counterattack Of The Reborn-ed Female [8]

In the Xiao Putuo Mountain, the greats of the land were giving burning stares to the small Phoenix on the table.

"It's a phoenix!"

"Divine Beast!"


One was more excited than the other. Their clear eyes were stuck on the little Phoenix part by part!

Meanwhile, Wenqing enjoyed some melon seeds with Huayin. They did not even lift their eyes.

Wen Qing: "Is that not the phoenix?"

Huayin: "It is just like a chicken."

Wen Qing: "There is no meat in its body. It won’t be enough to pluck your teeth."

Huayin: "You are right. And look at them getting excited as though they have not seen the whole world."

These two people were so smug, attacking the group. Damn it! They were showing off so innocently, they deserved a spanking!

After the noise, Qingyuan primly asked, "Sister, The Pheonix belongs to you. Where is the Territorial bead? It is not as good as The Phoenix. A contract with a Phoenix is a contract, but the territorial pearl of the Xiaohuang mountain belonged to the cultivation realm. No one should take possession of it otherwise, it would come with consequences.", Qingyuan kindly reminded her.

Wen Qing nodded and said, "It is with me. If I have not taken it, Qu Tiange would have. If she had taken it, it would have never come back. I will keep it for a while, and when the limelight passes, I will return it."

"That's good," Qingyuan saw that she knew the consequences, so he did not say anything else, "But you still have to be more careful with that Qu Tiange. I always feel a little strange, looking at her, but I can't put my finger on why."

"I understand, I will be more careful." It seemed that there was someone other than Huayin who felt like Qu Tiange was strange.

The great Qing Mountain was noisy for a long time and had not cooled down. Eventually, Qu Tiange became impatient and went for closed-door training. The host had gone, followed by the departure of the noisy people. Although there was no one on the surface, who knew the number of people who didn’t give up?

Qu Tiange repeatedly thought about what went wrong. According to her grasp of the situation, because the territorial pearl disappeared, the people at the secret land were thrown out. At that time, The phoenix was next to the territorial pearl. If it belonged to the Secret Land, then it should disappear with the Secret Land. It might be also that the territorial pearl and the Pheonix were eaten by the mysterious thing. Then, What swallowed the Territorial Pearl?

And He Wenqing. Did this matter have anything to do with her? When she met with He Wenqing, she did not think deeply, but in retrospect, the more she thought about it, the more she felt that something about He Wenqing was not right. She was acting too calm! The first reaction of normal people to seeing the Phoenix was wanting it. But He Wenqing was completely unmoved, neither chasing nor preventing others from chasing.

Didn't she recognize it as a phoenix?

No, it would be possible if it was someone else, but He Wenqing would never!

Qu Tiange's intuition was pointing that the matter was related to He Wenqing. Such mighty fate in her previous life, it would not make sense if it disappeared in this life. Maybe the Phoenix had recognized her as the master, and to confuse her, she led the Pheonix toward the west. The disappearance of the territorial pearl might be related to her as well.

After thinking about it, Qu Tiange's eyes were covered with coldness, but what He Wenqing did was to let her take the blame, it was despicable!

What was the use of knowing it? People would not believe it at all, thinking that she was just dragging out a person to distract them. And even if you play the scapegoat, and also search for the reliable point, who was He Wenqing? Which sect did she belong to? Which cultivation level? They never have heard of this person!

Qu Tiange was so angry that she could vomit blood. She gritted her teeth in hatred. However, she was helpless, because even she did not know where He Wenqing was. After the Secret Land closed there had been no sign of her.

While she was secretly hating, a faint uneasiness raised in Qu Tiange's heart. After the rebirth, things were completely beyond her control, and her present situation was even worse than her last life. In the previous life, He Wenqing also got the divine beast Phoenix, but it had nothing to do with her. She was envious, and even those who secretly pursued her were only aimed at He Wenqing. But what about this life? He Wenqing still got the divine beast and even the territorial pearl, and she got the trouble!

She didn't get any benefits, but had to take the blame!

He Wenqing's luck seemed to be stronger, and her good luck seemed to be consumed for rebirth. Could she still kill He Wenqing for revenge? Qu Tiange's heart suddenly dropped to the bottom.

Because of such worries, Qu Tiange went for closed-door training for four years. However, her cultivation base could be raised by a state and also at the middle stage of the golden core. At this point, she was flustered.

Qu Tiange understood that He Wenqing had become her obsession, and it was difficult to get rid of her. But the point was, she could not find He Wenqing!

Wen Qing, who was being thought of by Qu Tiange, was in Xiao Putuo, which was separated by a hill and the great Qing mountain. In addition to cultivating, she would cook and flirt with the Phoenix. Her life was very good.

It was Hua Yin that was a little worried, "Wen Qing, your cultivation is rising too fast, I feel something is wrong."

After the formation of the golden core at the age of twelve, it took only four years to reach the last stage of the golden stage. She was only one step away from becoming Ying[1]! If they say it out loud, no one would believe it! People could still believe the twelve-year-olds could cultivate with a golden core. However, a sixteen-year-old cultivator with Yuanying was unbelievable.

Huayin did not know what it would lead to if they let people know what a cultivation talent she was. Although he ordered no one to set foot in Xiao Putuo and told the sect leader not to disclose Wen Qing's news to anyone, he was still worried.

Wenqing had no worries. She knew the reason she was cultivating fast, One was because of her cultivation method, the other was because of perception. Cultivation depends not only on the qualification and talent of the spiritual root but also on the perception and perseverance, which were all necessary. Therefore cultivation was as easy as eating and drinking water for her.

But Huayin was concerned for her, so she advised him with a smile, "Don't worry, there is nothing wrong with me. There is a reborn woman who wants to kill me at any time. The higher my strength is, the more self-preservation I have."

"That's also true," Huayin nodded, "However we need to get rid of Qu Tiange as soon as possible, we can not let such a dangerous factor grow."

"En~, I know."

[TL Note]: 婴Ying;[Nascent Soul] The Nascent Soul resembles an infant or miniature person and resides in the Dantian, typically sitting in a meditative position. MORE ON: Wuxia Terms

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