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Chapter 56: Counterattack Of The Reborn-ed Female [7]

The Phoenix was frightened by Wen Qing's words. It did not dare to move. It was eating a plant. With half of the plant inside its mouth, it could neither stop eating nor continue. After thinking for a long time, it took out half of the eggshell it had eaten from its space and handed it to Wen Qing very reluctantly. Its black eyes were wet making a pitiable appearance.

What it meant was, ‘I'll give you good food, but don't eat me.’

Wen Qing was in distress. Who would want to eat its eggshell? The eggshell of the divine beast was a great supplement to them, but it was of no use to human beings.

"It is okay, keep it for yourself. With your small body that lacks meat, It would not even be enough fit between my teeth!"

When it heard this, the little Phoenix whizzed back the eggshell and put it in his own space, for fear that Wen Qing would go back on her word. The divine beast was gifted. It was born with a space in its body. The eggshell of a Phoenix and the spiritual plant that Wen Qing just gave it were there.

Wen Qing smiled, and then said, "You go first, they will catch up soon and I can't fly here. I would only drag you down." She pointed to the direction where she came from, "When you fly to this direction, stop when you find the territorial pearl, and wait there." The Divine beast was born with a strong perception. The Phoenix was born in the secret land. Wen Qing believed that it would not miss the bead.

The Phoenix was still hesitant and looked back at her. Wen Qing laughed, "Go, you have signed a contract with me, I wouldn’t ignore you."

The Phoenix left, flapping its wings happily.

Qu Tiange chased after it. When she saw Wen Qing, she instantly frowned "It's you!" Murderous intent was clear in Qu Tiange's eye. She entered the Secret Land just for the Pheonix but the moment she entered the Secret Border, she found that He Wenqing was also here. Therefore, she’d kill two birds with one stone and get rid of He Wenqing.

However, He Wenqing was here. What about the Divine Beast?

Wen Qing still roasted her spirit beast that was smeared with honey and sprinkled with cumin. A tempting aroma diffused in the air. She casually said, "I don't know you, girl. Don't pretend to be familiar with me. You are not the first to pretend to befriend me and cheat me to eat barbecue."

Wen Qing's I-have-clearly-seen-through-you appearance made Qu Tiange want to vomit blood. Who wants to deceive you for your barbecue? With a cold snort, she drew her sword and pointed at Wen Qing. "Hand over the Phoenix!"

"Phoenix?" Wen Qing looked surprised, "If I have a phoenix would I still be eating this five-level spirit beast? Also, even if I have it, why should I give it to you? Either you are stupid or am I stupid? Crazy!" Wen Qing gave her a reproachful look.

Her dismissive and perfunctory attitude made Qu Tiange angry from embarrassment, and at the same time, her heart was faintly uneasy. He Wenqing seemed to be different from her previous life.

The He Wenqing in her previous life poured all her heart into cultivation. Self-torturing herself without being idle. Her temperament was also silent and cold. Nothing like the rash sharp-tongued female in front of her. What went wrong?

Maybe it was due to her rebirth?

Qu Tiange steadied her mind and restored calm in her eyes. "My companion and seven people will arrive soon. Even if you take it now, you will hand it over later. Not to say those senior brothers will kill for it. Now hand it over. I can spare your life... "

She hadn't finished before WenQing let out a laugh, "Do you still think that you have what it takes to beat me? Spare me my life? Do you think I'm stupid? Those people in the back are your companions, but they are not of the same sect as you. You should be more worried about them than me. Besides, you've been chasing all the way and you don't remember the smell. Instead of looking for what you were chasing, you’re wasting time trying to pick a fight. Are you stupid?"

Qu Tiange was angry, but she had to admit that what she said was very reasonable. She didn't notice it just now, but the trace left by the Phoenix went all the way to the west. Qu Tiange felt skeptical. There would still be ways to kill He Wenqing later, but there was only one divine beast. If she missed the village she could not find the shop[1]. So, it immediately put Dash talisman and rushed towards the west.

As she left, Lin Qiao and Luo Yin arrived. Lin Qiao looked at Wen Qing and sniffed the residual smell in the air, pointing to the west. "There!" Then XuanJian sect's disciples left again.

Wen Qing muttered, "The Pheonix was only as big as a palm, It was not enough to pluck a tooth. Why were they after it?"

Luoyin and his group who did not go for the chase greeted Wen Qing, "Lady Wen, this is Luoyin of the Mo sect, The Blood Sword Hall. By the order of our lord protecting Lady Wen."

This incident had already been encountered with Lin Yuechu. Wen Qing calmly, smiled at them, "Shao Guang send you? It's okay. I don't need your protection. Go after the Phoenix. It's a rare opportunity. If you miss it, you will regret it for a lifetime."

Luoyin primly said, "The opportunity was set in heaven, it didn’t belong to us. It's no use trying. Our Lord told me to protect the lady, so I don't dare to refuse."

Wen Qing was stunned, "But that is a phoenix. You don’t want it?"

"I would be lying if I said I didn’t want it, but I must follow my lord's command!"

Tsk~, compared with the righteous sects' sense of honor, the dark cultivators believed in strength. The lower level was obedient to the higher level and did not dare to have second thoughts. Due to Shao Guang's order, they gave up the merit of the divine beast. She had to admit that the brainwashing of the Mo sect was too severe!

"It's useless to want it too. Phoenix has recognized me as its master already," Wen Qing said smilingly. "For your firmness, I invite you for a barbecue."

So, why did she let them chase them just now?

Qu Tiange chased the phoenix all the way, but she couldn't see the phoenix. She wondered if He Wenqing had cheated her, but the smell on the way could not be faked, so she had to continue chasing her.

As she reached the center of the secret land, Qu Tiange could feel the phoenix’s Qi more. She was happy, even the little phoenix was too tired and hid.

She carefully probed around, not letting go of any clues. She didn’t even notice the spiritual plants aged more than thousands of years around her. Although spiritual plants of more than a thousand years were rare, there were plenty of these things in her space, but there was only one Divine beast Phoenix. Comparing the two, she naturally knew how to choose.

Seeing loose soil on the ground. Qu Tiange concentrated to excavate the ground.

However, as the following group arrived, they saw Qu Tiange drilled into the ground. Then the Secret Land swayed and threw them out.

Many Cultivators were dropped outside the Secret Land one by one. They did not expect to be thrown out. They were stunned, unaware of what happened.

"What's the matter? The secret land had only been open for five days. Why did you throw us out now?"

"Ah! I've been observing creatures for three days, they looked matured! How could the secret land be closed at this time?"

"Brother Chen. This secret place was originally opened ahead of time. Maybe the closing time changed due to some emergency we were unaware of."

"What the hell happened?"


Linqiao and the others were thrown out together. Yuebai got up and asked, "Senior Brother, what's the matter? Why is the secret land suddenly closed? I just saw a ten-thousand-year-old spiritual plant. I was not simply seeing a mirage, right?"

Linqiao squinted his eyebrow, his face masked with gloom. "You are not mistaken. It was indeed the spirit plant that had crossed the age bar." If that piece of the spiritual plant could be brought out, exchanged for resources, or used by oneself, it would be great. How could you not feel heartache?

But the most heartbreaking thing was that the divine beast Phoenix was gone!

Linqiao remembered the last scene he saw in the secret land, Qu Tiange got into the ground and then the secret land threw them out. Combined with the large spiritual plant they saw, Linqiao guessed that the place might be the center of the secret land, which held the territorial bead just below it. The secret land suddenly disappearing was probably related to Qu Tiange. Perhaps, she also got her hand on the Pheonix!

At this thought, Linqiao couldn't help but be jealous. Although the Righteous Sect provision stipulates them to not kill each other, it was divine beast Phoenix after all! Canglan realm had never produced a Divine beast Phoenix in ten thousand years, so wanting it was not being wilful!

Those who were unwilling to give up tactically looked at each other, understanding each other’s intention. Only Yuebai did not understand the situation, "Senior Brother, Should we search for junior sister Qu? See if she has formed a contract with the phoenix. If she had, let's go to look at it. It's a divine beast! I haven't seen a divine beast yet!"

He didn't bother about his surroundings and spoke freely. Which cultivator did not have a sharp ear and clear vision? When he said this, he attracted the attention of the people around him, "What Divine beast?"

Lin Qiao was dying of anger. Who was the pig teammate? Yuebai!

They also wanted to secretly find Qu Tiange to see what kind of contract she had with the Phoenix. If it is a master-servant contract, then forget it but if it was an equal contract...

But when Yue Bai said it with such a big grin, their scheme fell through. It attracted the attention of so many people.

Yuebai didn't detect Linqiao’s face darkening and excitedly told the people around them that they met a Phoenix in the secret land, "...I saw it with my own eyes, it was a newborn Phoenix, elegant, noble, and mysterious. However, our speed was not as good as Junior Sister Qu's, she was faster than us, she may even have contracted the Phoenix..."

"... It's a pity. However it could also be a good thing that junior sister Qu could form a contract. Anyway, it would strengthen my righteousness!"

‘Stupid! How could someone else's contract be the same as his own?’ the crowd thought.

A Divine beast phoenix was born!

Taiyi sect's Qu Tiange made a contract with a Pheonix!

Xiao Huangtian's secret land had disappeared!

Qu Tiange took the territorial bead!

When the news came out, it shocked the whole cultivation world as if a bomb had struck them. What followed was that the mountain gate of the taiyi sect was almost flattened, every passerby would come one after another, asking the taiyi sect about the authenticity of the news.

To contract a divine beast phoenix and take away the secret land's territorial bead, either of these things was enough to make people go crazy with envy. These two things were done by one person!

Everyone came to The great Qing mountain to inquire about the news. Qu Tiange was tired to death by those who came to ask. Although she repeatedly said that she didn't have a contract with the phoenix and didn't take the territorial Pearl, no one believed it at all.

She wondered, although she chased the Phoenix to the ground and found it, she didn't do anything. She saw that the territorial bead that was suspended in the cave was swallowed by something, and then she was thrown out of the secret land.

TL Notes

[1]: 错过这个村就没有这个店了; Missed the Village Could not Find the Shop means chances are rare you can not miss it.


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