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Chapter 55: Counterattack Of The Reborn-ed Female [6]

The previous He Wenqing could have become a legend in the Canglan Realm. Besides her cultivation skill, she also had a formidable fate.

She accidentally ran into the cave with the Celestial Sword, when chased by assassins and got the rare inheritance of the great alchemy sect.

The Secret Land of Xiao Huang Tian had been open for ten thousand years, yet they had not heard about the divine beast. Meanwhile, Wen Qing found a divine beast cub. It was like the whole cultivation realm's treasures were lined up for her.

In her previous life, Qu Tiange only focused on commander Sheng. He was the only one in her heart and eyes, so she didn't pay much attention to the outside world. She occasionally heard of He Wenqing’s achievements and had no other thoughts except envy and hate. But she should have never provoked commander Sheng.

Qu Tiange collected all her news by one thousand means to get rid of He Wenqing, her rival in love. In the beginning, it started with jealousy, she did not expect them to become her biggest reliance in this life. It was also ironic, but she should thank Commander Sheng! If he hadn't stimulated her in her previous life, how could she have thought of collecting He Wenqing's previous merits?

She did not know if he ended up with He Wenqing or not. After all, she died early. When she died, He Wenqing was surrounded by three men, and commander Sheng was one of them.

Qu Tiange sneered as she thought, ‘in this life, I will never repeat the same mistakes!’

Divine beast...She was going to grab it.

Qu Tiange searched for three days in a row before finally finding where He Wenqing got the beast in her memory. It was a small valley surrounded by mountains on three sides. There was a pond amidst the mountain valley, where the waterfall rushed through. The cave behind the pond was where He Wenqing found the divine beast; a Phoenix.

Unfortunately, when she came, there were already two groups of people in the ravine. Four people wearing black were demonic cultivators and the other seven in white were righteous cultivators. There was no sign of conflict. They were sitting far away and resting.

Qu Tiange couldn't help but frown. She could not put her plan into action when these people were here. She could only wait for them to leave.

She didn’t plan on meeting with these people, so she hid quietly. But a sharp-eyed cultivator who had seen her joyously called, "Junior Sister Qu, were you also passing by?" The reputation of a man was like his shadow. Qu Tiange reached the golden core at the age of 18, which also caused an extraordinary phenomenon on heaven and earth. She was famous among her peers. Besides, she was a great beauty in the world of cultivation and everyone naturally knew her.

As the person called her, Qu Tiange helplessly turned to greet them, "It is Xuanjian sects’ senior brother." Although she didn’t know these people, she could tell by their clothes.

Xuanjian Sect's disciples greeted her one by one. The one who had called her said, "I am Yue Bai of Xuanjian Sect The Great Cloud Peak. Junior sister can call me Senior Brother Yue. Has the Junior sister found her teammates yet? Otherwise, you could join us," said Yuebai, glancing at the dark cultivators. Those few dark cultivators were also looking at them, four against eight, they didn’t have any chance of winning, "It is better to look after each other."

There are not only a few major sects that can enter the secret border but also various small sects, rogue practitioners, dark cultivating sects, etc. Therefore, people of the same sect usually go hand in hand with each other.

"No, I've already made plans with my teammates, I'll meet them soon." She had to avoid these people and start searching for the divine beast. How could she do it with them?

Yuebai was remorseful. He originally thought he could walk with a beautiful woman. "That is all right. Junior sister Qu, you should be more careful and wait for those dark cultivators to leave before you leave. It would be bad if they saw you leaving alone."

Qu Tiange concealed her anxiety and impatience with a smile, "Thank you for warning me."

Xuanjian sect had seven people here, including Qu Tiange it would be eight people in total. They were waiting for the dark cultivators to leave first but who knew that the opponent also held the same intention.

"Senior Brother Luoyin, another person has joined them, while we only have four people. We are at a disadvantage, do you want to leave now?" A man in black asked in a low voice.

"Don't act rashly, let's wait and see." Luoyin calmly said. They had fewer people on their side. If the other party sets a trap, it would turn into a fierce battle. It was better to be cautious.

The man stopped talking, but another one asked quietly, "How would we complete the task given by our lord?"

At the mention of their Lord, Luoyin's face was filled with respect, he pondered, "Let's go, if we meet her then of course we would protect her. But our safety is not guaranteed, and there was no way to search for her."

After Luoyin finished, there was silence. Whereas on the other side, the Xuanjian sect was on guard while sitting calmly.

Quite a while had passed and both sides refused to give in. Qu Tiange’s patience was wearing thin. ‘Why were these people not leaving?’ ‘How could she search for the divine beast if they didn’t leave?’ ‘What if He Wenqing finds this place too?’ ‘When was the divine beast born?’

Suddenly they felt an overwhelming pressure from the other side of the waterfall. She whispered, "It's bad,". The divine beast has awakened.

The few people around also sensed it. They stood up with alertness, "What happened?".

Qu Tiange gritted her teeth and stepped into the water.

"Eh? Junior Sister Qu, Watch out!" Yuebai anxiously yelled.

Linqiao pulled him close and said in a deep voice, "Don't be impulsive. I am afraid the overwhelming pressure just now was the legendary treasure. Junior sister Qu also rushed inside unexpectedly. I think she was already aware of the matter. We should not interfere, She's not easy..."

Yuebai was stunned, "How could it be?"

"How could it not be? I noticed her anxiety, but she didn't say anything. I didn't expect to come up here." Linqiao coldly snorted, "Perhaps she was waiting for the ambitious disciples of the Xuanjian Sect to rob her merits? She was on guard against us, but it was like to gauge the heart of a gentleman with one's mean measure[1]! If she was honest, I would have helped protect the law and stop those dark cultivators. But now? Hmm! Just let her handle it."

Yue Bai began to listen to Linqiao's explanation, at the beginning, it was difficult to accept, but after hearing it, he could not bear it, "After all, she is a woman. Leaving her alone to battle against the four dark cultivators is wrong. As righteous practitioners, we should help and watch out for each other..." He glanced at the dark cultivators opposite. Those four men had already prepared magic weapons and were itching to go for it.

Linqiao sighed, "When will you stop being soft-hearted? You are right. We are righteous disciples. We can't just watch as the dark practitioners bully her. Come on brothers, draw your swords!"

These two groups confronted each other instantly, but Qu Tiange, who rushed into the cave, was not in a favorable spot. She took the lead and rushed into the cave, trying to get ahead of others and be first to contract the beast. Although the phoenix was just born, the real fire on her body was not something she could resist. As soon as she entered, she was almost burned by the heat, so she quickly transported the spiritual qi to protect her body.

The little phoenix was palm-sized, its pale yellow fluffy feathers were still wet, its eyes were glossy black like refined beans. It was eating the eggshell amidst the flame. Seeing Qu Tiange entering, it just spared a glance. It had some disdain in its eyes, this made Qu Tiange angry from embarrassment.

With a cold snort, Qu Tiang took out a bundle of ropes from space. "Will you obediently make a contract with me or, should I tie you and form the contract?"

She had been preparing for this day. For this purpose, she specially searched for the legendary rope from her space so why fear this little animal?

The Phoenix seemed to feel the dangerous qi coming from the bundle of ropes in her hand. It scurried in the cave with half of the shells that had not been eaten. Its two small short legs moved very fast, leaving a fire footprint wherever it stepped. Qu Tiange was afraid of the fire and was trapped for a while.

As she concentrated, a set of dark ice armor covered her body. The fire of this phoenix was really powerful. Fortunately, this phoenix was just born, and its power was limited, so it couldn't do anything to her after she put on the ice armor.

When the little Phoenix saw that the fire did not stop her, it was so anxious that without paying attention it set flight.

As Linqiao was outside facing Luoyin, they suddenly saw a small yellow object fly out of the waterfall, Its shout was heard crystal clear as it flew out. It just seemed to be born. But it was still flying unsteadily, floating up and down, as if it would fall down the next moment.

"Divine beast Phoenix!"

Luoyin and Linqiao exclaimed at the same time. The others didn't recognize it initially, but when they heard them exclaim, they all reacted, their eyes were hot, and their bodies reacted faster than their brains towards the Phoenix.

No wonder Qu Tiange didn't tell them and rushed in so quickly. It turned out to be Divine beast Phoenix! Even Monks would be jealous of this merit, not to mention them.

Qu Tiange also rushed out at the next moment. She couldn't hide it anymore. She quickly dashed to catch them. The Phoenix belonged to her and no one could take it away!

Little Phoenix unsteadily flew, but it was not slow. After all, it was the first bird in the world, and flying was its innate ability. However, Flying was restricted to the cultivators in the Secret Land. Qu Tiange and the group were not as fast. Gradually they distanced themselves from the people behind them.

After Wen Qing said goodbye to Lin Yuechu and his party, she went straight east, her goal was naturally the Phoenix. As she was on the way, she saw two spirit beasts fighting. As soon as she came, both sides lost and died at the same time. Such good luck was not easy to come by, so Wen Qing took out seasoning and cooked them.

She had just cooked it, a little yellow chicken fell from the sky and hit her on the head. She had one more animal to eat.

What kind of luck was that? A divine beast could fall from the sky! However, Wen Qing reacted quickly. This should be the little phoenix in the secret land. She was going to find it, but she didn't expect it to be delivered to her.

Wen Qing smilingly took out stems of ten thousand years of spiritual plants and fed them to the Phoenix, "You have a good eye. Well, this is your gift."

The Phoenix was happy around her. It was not mistaken, the qi of this person smelled good, and the person was also great!

Suddenly, Wen Qing’s countenance is covered with gloom, "It was such a trouble, how did you manage to let so many tails follow you?" She was so powerful that she could sense the movement hundreds of miles away. The pursuit of Qu Tiange and others could not be hidden from her.

She touched her chin and watched the little yellow chicken, laughing up to no good. "It's too much trouble to take you. It's better to cook and eat you. Well, speaking of which, I haven't eaten a divine beast yet."

Help! She wants to eat me!


[TL Note]:

[1]: 小人之心度君子之腹了;(to gauge the heart of a gentleman with one's mean measure) to use despicable ideas to speculate on the mind of decent people.


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