Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers

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Chapter 111: I Can See Ghost [10]

The voice suddenly came from afar, causing the two parties to the dispute and the crowd to stop, and looked in the direction in which the voice came.

The dust was flying, the horses were neighing, and a team of officers and soldiers came on horseback. They wore uniform black official uniforms, red crane cloaks, machetes on their waists, and soap boots, neat and solemn. The leader has a clear-eyes, his youthful face has faded away, and be more mature and stable.

Lin Zhihang rode is a high-headed horse, like a scholar parading through the streets. He didn't get off his horse until he was around everyone, and walked toward Lin Qiao's family with excitement, "Mother! This unfilial son is back!"

Lin Qiao recovered from her daze and two streaks of tears flowed down instantly, "My son! You are back! Mother knows that you will come back alive!"

"Mother! This son has made you worry!"

The mother and son hugged and cried, grief mixed with the joy of reunion after a long absence. Since Lin Jinru saw her brother, her tears had not stopped. She laughed and cried, not knowing what to do. This scene made the people around him feel sad.

After a long time, the mother and son calmed down, and then Lin Zhixing asked, "What happened just now? Why are Mother and Sister so angry?"

Lin Qiao was not prepared to say it, her son had just come back from a long journey and it was time for him to take a break. She did not want her son to be worried about the matter with the Wang family. Unexpectedly, Lin Jinru couldn't hold back. When she heard her brother asking, she said it all in one go.

"...Their family bully people so much. If Brother did not come back in time, our family fields would not have been saved." Lin Jinru said while crying.

After Lin Zhihang heard this, he clenched his fist, and the veins on the back of his hands burst out. He turned his head and looked at the Wang family with a gloomy expression, "You are here to ask for the betrothal money?"

The Wang family had retreated in their hearts at this moment. The son of the Lin family suddenly appeared out of nowhere and was wearing an official uniform. They were no longer someone they could afford to offend. Therefore, the Wang family smiled, "You misunderstood, we are not here to ask for the betrothal money. It's my son who likes your sister very much and must marry her. So we came here to talk to see if they could get together. As the saying goes, rather destroy ten temples than a single marriage..."

"Nonsense! You didn't say that just now!" Affected by the other party's shamelessness, Lin Jinru's face was flushed, and she couldn't help but refute.

Lin Zhixing took a step forward, shielded her behind him, gave the other party a calm look, and then chuckled lightly with a calm expression on his face, "Want to marry my sister?"

The Wang family breathed a sigh of relief. That's right, being divorced is not a good reputation for the woman, so what if Lin Zhixing became an official? Don't you want to still rush to marry your sister to them? Thinking of this, the Wang family felt relieved and smiled, "Yes, yes, that kid of mine talks about Miss Jinru every day at home, and threatens to marry her, if not..."

"Are you worthy?"

Lin Zhixing said calmly. He dropped those words and looked at the Wang family mockingly, with anger brewing deep in his eyes.

The Wang family's smiles froze on their faces, and they looked very comical. After coming back to their senses, they became annoyed and said, "Don't think you can scare other people by pretending. Even if you want to marry into our family, we don't want her! She has been divorced by our Wang family, and her reputation is ruined! In this life, she can't marry anymore!"

Lin Zhixing hadn't spoken yet, but one of his subordinates couldn't help it, "Ha, as expected, the ignorant is fearless. This is the first time I saw someone so shameless! Just so you all know, our lord is the Prime Minister! A high-ranking member of the court!"

"Prime Minister?!"

The villagers were startled and stared in disbelief as if trying to find a joke on his expression but they found nothing. The Wang family couldn't believe it. Even an ordinary person would not be unaware of who the Prime Minister is. He is the head of a hundred officials. It can be said that he was only below one person and beyond ten thousand people!

"How can a sister of a dignified high-ranking official be worried about getting married? As long as you speak out, those in the capital who want to marry our young lady can line up from the capital to Lin'an! A country village man dares to think of our young lady, he's a toad that wants to eat swan meat, ridiculous!"

The Wang family flushed red, they didn't know whether they were angry or ashamed. They thought Lin Zhihangwas just a low-ranking official, but they didn’t expect him to be the prime minister!

The fact that people do not fight against officials is an unchanging truth since ancient times, and the Wang family naturally understands this truth. But now they have offended them.

The Wang family was remorseful and hurriedly knelt and pleaded guilty. But Lin Zhihang was not moved and was not ready to let go of these bastards who bullied his mother and sister. So he explained that all these people should be sent to the office and convicted according to their crimes. Trespassing, stealing, fraudulent hijacking... Just their original crimes were enough for them to choke.

The farce ended with Lin Zhixing's resolute actions. After the Wang family was taken away while swearing, the villagers asked with a smile, "Zhihang, so you've become a big official, huh?" The tone was somewhat flattering.

It is a human's instinct to seek profit and avoid harm. Lin Zhixing is now the Prime Minister, and his aura was imposing and dignified, making people not dare to be disrespectful.

Lin Zhihang said with a smile, "We are all fellow villagers, just call me Zhihang like before."

The group of people relaxed a little bit, but Li Zheng knew more, knowing that they had to kneel and bow when they met a high-ranking officer. He hurriedly knelt and prepared to kowtow. Lin Zhihang rushed up and helped him up, "In terms of seniority, I have to call you Third Uncle, how can I dare let you kowtow to me? I have been away from home these years, thanks to the villagers for helping to take care of my Mother and Younger Sister. Zhihang will remember everyone's kindness."

"We are all fellow villagers, we should help each other, it's not worth much."

"That's right, tracing back several generations, we are coming from the same ancestors, why act like outsiders?"


Lin Zhihang who returned to his hometown wearing brocade was warmly sought after by the villagers. The Lin Village produced a Prime Minister! This is a matter of honoring the ancestors! A major event that can be recorded in the village history for future generations to look up to!

Therefore, everyone who saw Lin Zhihang was very respectful, Lin Zhihang did not put on airs, and was still as approachable as before. He stayed in the village for ten days, worshipped his ancestors, cleaned the graves, repaired the ancestral house, and visited the respected elders of the village. After that, he took his mother and sister and set off back to the capital.

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