Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers

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Chapter 103: I Can See Ghost [2]

It was naturally impossible to hide this kind of thing that happened at the old madam’s birthday banquet. For the old madam, reputation was the most important, so she was furious when she found out. In the evening, when the guests dispersed, the old madam asked someone to invite Lady Li and Shen Wenshu over for a lecture.

"... There is such a big scandal today, I have really lost my face! Lady Li! Are you still capable of managing this family? If you can't, just say it. This old lady will give up my face to manage my son's family! This kind of thing can happen under my nose, I didn't know how you fooled me behind my back!"

Lady Li hurriedly kneeled down and apologized, "Old madam is wise, this is this daughter-in-law’s negligence. To let such a big mistake happen at the birthday banquet."

Past experiences told Lady Li that no matter whether it was her responsibility or not, it will never go wrong to first admit mistakes. As expected, when the she plead guilty, old madam’s expression eased a little. Lady Li then hesitated and speak again, "It's just..."

The old madam glanced at her, "If you have something to say, say it."

"Yes, old madam." Lady Li made a curtsy, stood up, and said, "This daughter-in-law checked what happened, my unsatisfactory nephew was also trapped, he drank a cup of tea with additional ingredients, which..." There was a cup of tea with additional ingredients, but it was drunk by Shen Wenqing. The medicine drunk by Li Bin was caused by Wen Qing's pills. After Wen Qing told Lady Li about it, in order to protect her daughter, Lady Li changed her words and attributed Li Bin being in heat to that cup of tea.

No one except the parties involved knew what happened during that time. Even Shen Wenshu thought that it was because the plan had changed, and Li Bin drank the problematic cup of tea by mistake. But she didn't panic. She had been prepared for everything beforehand and will definitely never be found to have anything to do with the person who put the drug in.

"There were too many people today and I haven't found out who did it. Perhaps that nephew of mine had a dispute with people outside, it's unknown if someone deliberately wanted to fix him." Lady Li added.

Hearing this, Shen Wenshu gave her a surprised look. Shouldn't Lady Li use this opportunity to throw dirty water on her head? Even if there was no evidence to get her in trouble, how can she take the initiative to let her go!

In fact, Lady Li did not want to let her go, but she was afraid that her daughter would be involved if she continued to investigate. Moreover, Wen Qing repeatedly told her not to make trouble with Shen Wenshu for the time being, so she had to let Shen Wenshu go first.

The old madam raised her eyes and looked at Lady Li, "It would be better if it has nothing to do with the estate. But after all, it happened in our estate, you and your in-laws should send some gifts as an apology, don't let people blame you."

"Yes, I will remember it."

After a few more words, the old madam turned the subject to Shen Wenshu, "What's the matter with you today? What are you doing bringing a group of ladies to the guest room? The manor was very busy, it's fine if you don't share your mother's burden, so why are you adding to the mess? If not because of you, we wouldn't suffer such a humiliation!"

Wasn't that right, Li Bin closed the door, he could toss as much as he liked, and no one would have seen it. If it wasn't for Shen Wenshu bringing people over, would they lose so much face?

Shen Wenshu has long been accustomed to her grandmother's injustice. Her grandmother had never liked her since childhood, she never received even a tiny bit of pity for her mother's early death. In her previous life, she allowed Lady Li to push her into the pit of fire without saying a word. When she was young, she still looked forward to her grandmother's concern and would be sad because of her grandmother's favoritism to Shen Wenqing. But after being reborn, she had long seen through everything and will no longer insist on things that didn't belong to her.

"What grandmother said is right. Shu'er also wanted to share mother's burden and help entertain guests, but I didn’t expect it to be self-defeating." She was still young and had to live off the Shen residence, so she could only bow her head.

She was so obedient that the old madam couldn't scold her, so she was a little unhappy, "Okay then, you will be fourteen after the new year, right? It's time for you to meet some people, learn well from your mother, and don't lose the Shen family's face after you get married."

What she meant by this was that she did not intend to pursue it and today's matter was neither big nor small. This is the so-called law, ‘Do not punish the majority’. If there's only one lady of a distinguished family who bumps into this, she would definitely lose her reputation. The only way out was to marry Li Bin. But a group of people run into this, it was impossible for so many people to marry him, right? But after all, it's not a glorious thing. Those ladies were more worried to lose their reputation than the Shen family. Therefore, they could only hold it in their stomach and suppress this matter.

The old lady also understood this, so she didn't punish anyone with much fanfare. The slap was raised high but was put down gently, she only intended to expose this piece.

Lady Li and Shen Wenshu were fighting back and forth in the dark, but they were not ready to tear their facade. Even though they obviously wanted to kill each other, they still had a kind expression on their faces. They talk and laugh with ease, walking hand in hand on their way out, looking like a blood-related mother and daughter.

After she returned, Lady Li complained to Wen Qing, "This time I'm really letting that lowly woman off easily! Such a good opportunity was wasted to let her go!"

Although Wen Qing did not have Yin yang eyes, she had been reincarnated many times, and her spiritual power was extremely high. Therefore, she could vaguely feel some ghost hidden in the room, these were the female lead’s informants. She spoke without batting an eyelid, "Mother, you don't have to care about her in the future. She was nothing more than a daughter, isn't it enough to give her a dowry when she is of age? If you have so much time, you better use it to give me a little brother! I dreamed yesterday that you gave me twin brothers!"

Lady Li flicked her forehead angrily, "You're such a nosy girl, you dare to tease your mother! I'm too old to give you a brother, you and Jin Yu give me enough worry!"

Jin Yu was Wen Qing's biological younger brother. His childhood name was Jin Yu, his given name was Shen Jinyu, and he was eleven years old this year.

*t/n: The Chinese character used are different, the childhood name use the character 金玉, and the given name uses the character 瑾瑜.

Lady Li said that she was too old, but she was only twenty-eight years old. She married Shen Ke as his second (formal) wife at sixteen years old and gave birth to Shen Wenqing in the same year, then gave birth to Shen Jinyu in the next year. These years, she no longer became pregnant, and she felt she could no longer give birth.

But Wen Qing has the imperial harem system ah, and there were some completely unscientific item like pregnancy pills. Not to mention twenty-eight years old, even giving birth at old age is possible! Anyway, Wen Qing didn't plan to use it herself, so using it on her mother to give birth to a younger brother could also be considered a favor for her mother. Ancient people believe in the more sons, the more happiness, and it was a great achievement for the wife. The Shen family was a family of three generations but only have one successor. For the sake of Lady Li's several sons, the Shen family can no longer repudiate her.

Wen Qing had quite a good plan in her heart, but Lady Li didn't believe her and thought she was only joking. After joking a few sentences, she talked about business again, "Mother is telling you, this is not about a few dowries. Mother heard the news in private that His Majesty is going to choose an imperial concubine for several of-age princes. This is a way to attain wealth and honor in one step. My child has the good luck to catch this opportunity. In the future, she will be an imperial consort, which is a high position! But if there’s the eldest daughter in front of you, who would take a look at you, this second daughter of the formal wife? That's why mother was in a hurry to marry her out, I can't let her stand in your way!"

Wen Qing listened, then pretended to complain, "Mother didn't ask about my opinion. I didn't want to be an imperial consort! The imperial consort is powerful, but the imperial rules are too much. I've been spoiled by mother, I can't suffer through that!"

Lady Li was surprised, "My child, you didn't want to be someone with power?"

Wen Qing leaned on Lady Li's body and said in a low voice, "Other than His Majesty, who else has the power? When you become an imperial concubine, there will still be other people who will press you down, isn't it all the same? The rules in the palace were strict, and they were trembling like walking on thin ice. Once you're not careful, it will implicate the whole family. How could mother bear to let me live this kind of life?" Whether it was the back house or the palace, wasn't it all the same kind of fighting and scheming against each other? What was so interesting about fighting back and forth all day long? She didn't want to be confined in the backyard for the rest of her life. Besides, this wasn't what the client wished for.

Lady Li was stunned for a long time with what Wen Qing said, and finally said with a complicated expression, "Mother has lived for decades but didn't think as thoroughly as my daughter."

Lady Li was not the kind of person who trades her daughter for wealth, she just wanted to find the best for her daughter. In ancient times, how could there be a better marriage than the royal family?

Wen Qing persuaded her again, "Mother, later find me someone with a low family background, the one that's easy to control. If he dares to bully me, I will just come back and file a complaint. With our Shen family holding them down, they certainly would treat me like a Buddha. How good is it!"

Lady Li was amused by her, "You ah, marrying someone isn't like searching for a servant, still wanting to find an easy to control one." Although she said that, she had to admit that her daughter’s words made sense. Only when the maternal family is stronger can they give her some support. If she really was married to the royal family, could they come to the door to discuss it when she suffered? A lower ranked family also has its own benefit, at least her daughter doesn't have to suffer. Thinking of this, Lady Li gradually loosened the idea in her heart.

"Fine, then I'll listen to you."

"Then mother also don't need to bother with elder sister. If she had a good marriage, it also counts as our Shen family's glory, let us also benefit from it, okay?"

Lady Li was a bit hesitant, "What if she becomes a high-ranking imperial concubine and seeks revenge from us?"

"Although mother didn't like her before, she never lacked something to eat and wear. Moreover, you are not her biological mother, can you really treat her the same as you treat me? You didn't hurt her this time, and she also counterattacked, just count it even. Later, just live in peace and live our own life. If she didn't want to repay the Shen family just let her be, why would she want to retaliate against us?"

Wen Qing was just speaking nonsense with her eyes open. Lady Li didn't know, but can she really not know? Shen Wenshu has a lifelong hatred with Lady Li and her daughter!

However, she just deliberately said it for Shen Wenshu to hear. To remind her that the things in the past have not happened, how could you retaliate for the things that haven't happened? She couldn't keep saying that it was because she knew they wanted to harm her, so she retaliated back in advance, right? No one would believe her if she said so.

On this side, a few ghosts conveyed the conversation between Wen Qing and Lady Li from beginning to end. Shen Wenshu was silent for a moment after hearing it, "She really said that?" She was referring to Wen Qing.

"Yes ah, I didn't expect the second young miss to be more sensible than that Lady Li!"

"No wonder Lady Li wanted to use tricks to deal with the eldest young miss. So it was because she was afraid you are blocking her daughter's way! It was also too evil, in order to find her daughter a good marriage, she sacrificed our eldest young miss' life!"

"That's right, that Li Bin has more than thirty concubines at home, there were even a few sons born from the concubines. He also likes to torture people in bed, this is a fire pit ah!"

"Fortunately we found out in advance and didn't let her treacherous plan succeed!"


A group of ghosts was having a lively discussion, but Shen Wenshu's heart was bitter. She didn't tell anyone about her rebirth, not even these ghosts. This was her biggest secret, it will rot in the bottom of her heart for a lifetime, and she wasn't going to tell anyone. So they don't know that she really entered the fire pit in the past life, and she really suffered from those tortures. Those memories were engraved in her bones and would never be forgotten.

But only she knew these things, if these things wouldn’t happen again in this life, then what should she do? If she took revenge, in the eyes of others, weren't these people innocent? But if she didn't take revenge, she would feel suffocated. For a while, Shen Wenshu fell into a dilemma.

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