The female lead's entanglement was what Wen Qing expected, but she wasn't going to do anything. She would wait for Shen Wenshu to make the final choice. Sometimes, a single thought could really make a world apart difference.

Shen Wenshu's previous life was a tragedy, but the current Lady Li and her daughter were indeed innocent, and they didn't know that they had hurt Shen Wenshu in the previous life. Just like how Shen Wenshu didn't know, in the world when she knew everything, she had already retaliated back over a thousand times. If Lady Li and her daughter have to pay the price for what they didn't know, does Shen Wenshu also has to pay for the karma of the life she didn't know?

Wen Qing hoped that Shen Wenshu would be wise because she herself didn't like to fight. In the end, they were all a little pitiful. The loser was pitiful, and the winner wasn't much better. They were both women, why bother to make things difficult for these people who were limited by this era?

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