After Wen Qing chose the "Companion of A Gentleman" mode, the system began to issue the first mission: [Leave the minister’s estate and go to the border.] The reward after completing the mission was the woman disguised 100% as a man.

This mission seems simple, but it wasn't easy to do. Not to mention that she was now the spoiled second young miss of the Shen estate, even if she was the daughter of a poor family, there was absolutely no reason to let her join the army as a girl.

No need to say, Wen Qing finally chose the simplest and most brutal way: To run away from home. However, this was only a last resort. Until the last second, she won't consider using this method.

Shen Wenshu has been very quiet these days. Although there have been many ghosts spying on Wen Qing and Lady Li, she hasn't seen her play any more tricks. Wen Qing only wished that she could figure it out herself and not waste time on an insignificant problem.

On this day, when Wen Qing came to pay her morning respect, she heard Shen Wenshu and Lady Li talking in the main room, "...last time, although mother and grandmother did not blame Shu'er, Shu'er has been blaming herself since she returned. Mother is benevolent, but Shu'er dares not feel at ease. One should repent if they did something wrong, therefore, Shu'er plans to stay at Guangyin Temple for a few days to reflect and pray for mother and grandmother."

Wen Qing raised her eyebrow. This is, has the original male lead appeared? In every novel where the strong female lead seeks revenge, there would always be a stronger male lead. He was elusive, and had unfathomable means, no matter what his identity was on the surface, he must have overwhelming power in the dark. He was obviously unmatched in heaven and earth, but there would always be some mishaps. Either he suffers from serious injuries, or was chased to be killed, before being rescued by the heroine.

Shen Wenshu was no exception. The male lead, Ling Tianci was seriously injured when he was being chased, he flipped casually and landed in her courtyard. Also, incidentally, ran into her taking a bath. Her skin was like snow, her appearance could shake the city, unlike ordinary women who panicked when they were seen, her calm and sensible expression made Ling Tianci feel that she was extraordinary...

Although he didn't know how an unmarried girl would not fret over when a strange man run into her room. But since it was a powerful (Mary) Sue novel, no need to use any logic, it'll just be a waste of time. Wen Qing knew that Shen Wenshu offering incense was a pretense, the truth was to send the male lead out of the city. After all, the city gate has imposed emergency measures in the name of chasing after a fugitive.

Lady Li also knew that the city gate was not peaceful today, so she couldn't help frowning, "It's good that you have this intention. It has entered winter now, it's inconvenient to go out, so do not worry and stay at home."

Shen Wenshu was anxious. What to do if I can't go out? She didn't have any medicine, how could a long delay be good for the injured? Moreover, hiding a man as an unmarried woman was not a solution. She was about to say something but then heard a chuckle from the door, "Mother, it is very lively here." It was none other than Wen Qing who opened the curtain and came in.

She came in and casually paid her respect before sticking on the side of Lady Li, her attitude was very intimate and natural. Seeing her, Lady Li's eyebrows smoothened out, she then rebuked her, "Where are your manners? You don't even know how to pay respect anymore?"

Wen Qing said casually, "Doesn't my own mother know how my manners are? Let me be lazy this once, it won't happen again."

"You've said it all, what else can mother say?"

The pair of mother and daughter joked like no one else was there, which made Shen Wenshu uncomfortable. She still couldn't let go of the hatred in her previous life. The enemy was right in front of her, but she had to lower herself because she needed their help.

Wen Qing seems to speak casually, "Elder sister is going to Guangyin Temple? Change another day ba, I heard the city gate was not very peaceful."

Shen Wenshu's heart tightened, and the hand that held the handkerchief couldn't help clenching tightly. Even her smile was a little forced, "Elder sister is an unmarried girl, isn't it just burning some incense, what's the hurry?"

Wen Qing saw her acting this way, if she was only seven or eight-point suspicious before, she was now convinced she wanted to cover the male lead to leave the city.

"Oh right, if you want to go, just go then. Be careful on the way, let mother assign you a few more people." Wen Qing said indifferently. Anyway, the male and female leads have a halo that could turn misfortune into a blessing. Although there would be many twists and turns on this trip, there were no big risks, and eventually, the dangers would turn into a good thing.

When Shen Wenshu heard her words then glanced at her in surprise. Never thought this little sister would help her speak, she wasn't trying to dig a pit for her, right? Thinking of this, Shen Wenshu became nervous again, but she couldn't resist the temptation to go out.

Wen Qing didn't care what she thought, she turned her head to persuade Lady Li. It was better to send out the hiding Li Tianci, this ticking bomb sooner.

Lady Li also thought that it was just offering some incense, what could happen? If she didn't agree to this request, and she turned around to spread it outside, people would think that she didn't treat her stepdaughter well! Therefore, she just nodded in agreement.

Shen Wenshu let out a sigh of relief and said a few more words. Just when she was about to take her leave, Wen Qing suddenly said, "Elder sister, help me offer some incense for the Buddha on the way. I was recently quite interested in those things in Buddhism like paying homage, karma cycle, reincarnation, and retribution; there is a cause and effect, whatever you do was being watched by heaven, and you will get your retribution. It sounds so interesting, I almost believe there are ghosts and gods in this world."

Lady Li flicked her forehead and reprimand her, "Don't speak nonsense, be respectful to Buddha!"

However, Shen Wenshu was stubborn. After rebirth, she believed in ghosts and gods very much. She often comes into contact with ghosts, could she not believe in them? Since there are ghosts and gods, presumably those theories about karma and reincarnation doesn't come out of nothing. There is a cause and effect, whatever you do was being watched by heaven, and you will get your retribution...

Shen Wenshu recited these sentences and cannot hold back from giving Wen Qing a glance. Seeing her still sticking closely to Lady Li, looking happy, and didn't look like she meant anything, she dismissed the thoughts in her heart. Shen Wenqing just said it casually, right?

Shen Wenshu had something in her mind when she came back, Ling Tianci notice it and asked, "Is there any trouble? Don't worry, I'll set off when it's dark, I definitely won't drag you down."

Shen Wenshu shook her head, "Mother agreed. Later when I set out of the city, you hide in the carriage, women's carriage should not be checked."

Ling Tianci complied, he recalled the beautiful scenery from last night, and his ears inevitably turned red. This occurrence fell into Shen Wenshu's eyes, and she couldn't help but feel embarrassed. Last night was the most daring time in her two lives. Not only did she let this person see her body, but she also hid him in her room. Although she was afraid to yell because she didn't want to ruin her reputation, in the end, it was not appropriate...

The room was full of ambiguity when suddenly the maid, Chun Tao reported from the outside that the second young lady was there. Shen Wenshu hurriedly went out and invited her to the flower hall, but did not dare to bring her to her room.

"Little sister, why did you need me for?" Shen Wenshu greeted Wen Qing as pleasantly as possible. Firstly because she spoke for herself just now, and second because she didn't want to cause trouble at this juncture.

Wen Qing didn't care about her attitude and come straight to the point to explain her purpose in coming. "I especially came to remind elder sister. The eldest uncle from the Zhang family is the commander of the military division and isn't as bad as people say. The elder sister should not provoke him."

The uncle from the Zhang family that Wen Qing spoke of, Shen Wenshu's uncle, was the elder brother of Shen Wenshu's biological mother. Because the old lady never liked Lady Zhang, after Lady Zhang died, the relationship with the other side also faded. Even Shen Wenshu this niece also did not have any relationship with them.

But this was just the outer appearance. In fact, the Zhang family has always been longing for this niece. Because they were deceived by the Shen family, they always thought she lived a good life, hence never made a move. In the original book, Shen Wenshu took the initiative to come to their door, and didn't they immediately acted intimate? Several uncles loved her like she was the apple of their eyes. The Zhang family also become Shen Wenshu's strong backing. Otherwise, how could she pressure the Shen family to divorce the formal wife just by relying on herself?

In this era, the ugliness of a family shouldn't be made public. Even if something horrible truly happened, it would still be tightly covered. No matter how much noise you made at home, you must not let outsiders see their jokes. To be able to force the Shen family to divorce the wife, the Zhang family must be given a lot of credit.

Wen Qing took the initiative to bring this up to Shen Wenshu because she wanted to curry favor with her. Didn't she believe in ghosts and gods? You see, in this life, there is no irreconcilable conflict, no need to come to the point of either you live or I live. Without these problems, let us not tear each other apart. Just live a good life, Kay?

Shen Wenshu couldn't hold back and stared at her with wide eyes, almost losing her temper. No matter what, she never thought this little sister would take the initiative to remind her. In the past, Shen Wenqing always thought she, this elder sister, wasn't pleasing to the eye. Never mind taking the initiative to remind her, it was good enough not harming her. Unexpectedly, after the rebirth, this little sister changed her attitude!

And what she mentioned was right. In her last life, she can't recognize people clearly and was deceived by Lady Li, and became estranged from the Zhang family. It was not until she was about to die that her eldest uncle heard that she was harmed and seriously ill then led the soldiers into the Li family, her uncles always missed her... After she was reborn, she didn't need Shen Wenqing's reminder and was going to visit them to pick up this relationship. Sending that person out of the city right now, no one knew what unforeseen accidents could happen. She was worried about it for a moment, but unexpectedly...

But she didn't need Shen Wenqing to remind her of these things. Shouldn't she wish for her to be alone and poor, without a doting father, and loving mom? What exactly happened? Shen Wenshu was a little suspicious for a short while.

Wen Qing finished saying what she wanted and turned to leave. She had done her part, if Shen Wenshu still wasted her time, then she was muddle-headed.

Shen Wenshu couldn't figure out why Shen Wenqing suddenly changed her attitude, but it didn't prevent her from sending a letter to her uncle. When the Zhang family heard that their niece asked for their help, they immediately agreed without saying a word. Therefore, the trip this time went very smoothly, without the twist and turns of the original story.

Ling Tianci was grateful for everything Shen Wenshu had done for him and became more and more fond of this unusual girl. Shen Wenshu also has a good impression of this man who is responsible for her, affectionate, righteous, and responsible. Therefore, during the few days at the Guangyin Temple, the two people slowly became familiar with each other.

The female lead has been in love and Lady Li in the Shen Estate suddenly found out that she was two months pregnant. Judging by the pulse, it was very likely that it was a twin male fetus. This made the whole house elated. Needless to say Shen Ke, the old lady was so excited that she even opened the ancestral hall to tell the ancestors. In the end, it was Shen Ke who said to wait until the birth was confirmed before going to inform lest let the ancestors be happy for nothing, and this finally stopped the old lady.

It was no wonder the old lady was happy, the Shen family has been passed down for three generations with only one successor. From Shen Ke's grandfather's generation, there has always been only one male. To say that there was something wrong with the body, but each generation has a lot of concubines, and they were unable to give birth to a boy, what could they do about it? This time, after more than ten years, Lady Li was pregnant again, and it was most likely to be twin boys. Was it not a happy event?

The old lady almost served Lady Li like a Buddha, inquiring about her well-being all day long, which made Lady Li feel flattered.

Wen Qing felt that the old lady was also a very interesting person, and it was not bad that the family was so lively. She would be thirteen when this year was over. When Lady Li gives birth to the child, she would be almost fourteen, then it would be almost time to leave home.


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