When Shen Wenshu came back from Guangyin Temple, it was obvious that her eyes were filled with spring water, her face was like a peach blossom, and her complexion was very good. In this trip, she not only gained a good man, but also established a good relationship with the Zhang family. When her uncle heard she was going to the Guangyin Temple, he especially let the eldest aunt bring some cousins to meet her, asking about her well-being as a show of affection.

There were understanding and consideration, and having close relatives made Shen Wenshu always in high spirits like seeing the rainbow after the rain. God treated her well. She suffered a lot in her last life and doubled the compensation in this life, which also let her taste the happiness of being loved, pampered, and cared for.

As for those people in the Shen estate, although she still found it hard to let go, she felt that Shen Wenqing's words were not unreasonable. There was a cause and effect. Lady Li had not done anything in this life, if she retaliated, what was the difference with Lady Li who harmed people in her last life? Forget it, suppose they live peacefully in this life and did not harm her again, then she would take a step back and be at peace with each other. If they persist on doing harm, then don't blame her for being cruel and ruthless.

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