With the system to forge her identity document, Wen Qing easily infiltrated the army. Would it be hard? The border has been constantly chaotic all year round and there were countless causalities. The amount of the newly replenished blood was far from the amount that came out of the hole. Going to the battlefield was equivalent to going with no return! Therefore, the common people would rather break their legs to escape the forced labor than send their lives.

The recruitment officer on the street had a handful of silvers, as long as you signed up, you would get 2 silver taels of settlement money, but no one went. Money was good, but you have to be alive to enjoy it, right? The scholar in the original book was fooled by the 2 silver taels. His mother was seriously ill, and he was in desperate need of money. He came to a dead end, so he signed up for the army. Then, he died in battle and never came back.

Wen Qing followed the new recruits of the same period into the camp and was sent to the battlefield after half a month of training. It was no wonder that Da Chen's casualty rate was so high. Some of them couldn't even hold a knife, and were sent out randomly, weren't they rushing to give their head to the enemy? They couldn't even be called cannon fodders. After all, there were no artillery weapons in this era!

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