Wen Qing deliberately came to find the scholar. She counted the time, the scholar in the original book came to the military camp around this time. However, when the new recruits entered the camp this time, she happened to be absent, so she could only come over to find him now.

She was lucky to meet the right person as soon as she came.

The young man who was called scholar was handsome but thin, and a little weak. At a glance, he looked like a scholar who could not lift his arms nor fight. Certainly not someone who could kill enemies on the battlefield. The client's wish was to keep him alive and repay his previous life’s kindness. This was not difficult, it would be easy to protect him with her current ability. Just turn around and ask him what he wants, whether he wants to achieve a great career or bring honor to his ancestors, and it was enough to give him some help.

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