"The rebel minister Shen Youde led a revolt in Lingnan, crowned himself Emperor Wen De. The De Country gathered the 700,000 Lingnan troops, and commanded the army to the march north!"

"The rebel army took three cities in seven days! City Ji, City Wen, and City Yun are all occupied by the rebels. Everywhere they went, the people took the initiative to open the gates and welcome them. The soldiers who defended the city would not resist and would give in directly!"

"It is widely rumored that Shen Youde is the real son of heaven and was sent by God to save the people from the misery. Before he moved the army, visions appeared frequently. The goldfish spit out words, the real dragon loomed over his head, and the emperor statue holding the celestial book... All of them showed that he was born by heaven's will! The common people were convinced of this, and already regarded him as the savior!”

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