Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers

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Chapter 104: I Can See Ghost [3]

The female lead's entanglement was what Wen Qing expected, but she wasn't going to do anything. She would wait for Shen Wenshu to make the final choice. Sometimes, a single thought could really make a world apart difference.

Shen Wenshu's previous life was a tragedy, but the current Lady Li and her daughter were indeed innocent, and they didn't know that they had hurt Shen Wenshu in the previous life. Just like how Shen Wenshu didn't know, in the world when she knew everything, she had already retaliated back over a thousand times. If Lady Li and her daughter have to pay the price for what they didn't know, does Shen Wenshu also has to pay for the karma of the life she didn't know?

Wen Qing hoped that Shen Wenshu would be wise because she herself didn't like to fight. In the end, they were all a little pitiful. The loser was pitiful, and the winner wasn't much better. They were both women, why bother to make things difficult for these people who were limited by this era?

Moreover, this was not what the client's obsession was.

While thinking, Wen Qing summoned the system interface and studied it with great interest. This so-called imperial harem system, in truth, has several modes. When Li Jia* first used it, half of it was used in concubine mode. When Wen Qing brought it back to the vanity space, it has been reset.

*t/n: Recall the 2nd arc.

However, because Wen Qing was now its owner, those reward items were still in the system space and haven't been retrieved. After Wen Qing restarted the system, she checked the imperial harem mode one by one.

The Peerless Pampered Consort: Among the three thousand women in the harem, became the only one who was pampered. Received the deep love of the Emperor for a lifetime.

The Favored Empress: The Phoenix that soared to the nine heavens. Held great power and was working side by side with the emperor, sharing the picturesque rivers and mountains.

Mother of the World: A mother who relied on the son for nobility, even if she was not favored by the Emperor, she could still have the last laugh.

Demonic Concubine of Calamity: A beauty capable of causing the downfall of the city, has an ice-cold aura. The world's heroes rose together, only for the beauty's smile.

Abolished in the Cold Palace: The return of glory, no one under the heaven dares to intimidate.

Beggar Empress: The legend of a street beggar to an empress of the country.

Favorite Concubine from the Brothel: A famous prostitute in Jianghuai, but was loved by the Emperor throughout his life.


There were all sorts of palace fighting modes, it has everything you could wish for. There was only what you couldn't think of, and not what the system can't do. However, what makes Wen Qing most interested was...

Companion of A Gentleman: A woman disguised 100% as a man for the Emperor's plan, amidst golden spears and armored horses conquering the lands under the heaven.

This was so exciting! What was the point of fighting in the harem? Galloping through the battlefield, sweeping over the world, this was what you would call great satisfaction. Wen Qing brought the imperial harem system just because she took fancy to this. But she didn't do it to be the Emperor's strategist and get his goodwill. She just wanted the woman disguised 100% as man in the system. Because the client's wish was bound to be fulfilled in the military camp.

CONTENT WARNING: Rape; Sexual Abuse.

*Last World's Extra*

Shen Wenqing was lying on a straw mat in a daze, with blue and purple marks all over her body. She was utterly filthy, her body was covered with a piece of rag, which barely covered her naked body. The air was mixed with the smell of men's foul liquid, which was disgusting.

There were constantly stinking soldiers galloping on her body, rough movements, vulgar words, cursing and swearing at her for not being cooperative enough. Countless people came and went, and Shen Wenqing didn't even remember how many people raped her. Her body had long been numb, even her heart seemed to have stopped beating.

"Scholar, don't say that your brothers don't love you. This woman is the most beautiful in the camp. I heard that she was the daughter of a high-ranking official in the capital, she has a beautiful figure! Although she is now half-dead, it will do. Hurry up and lose your virginity! We are soldiers, our lives are in danger at any time, there's only today and no tomorrow. If you die without tasting the taste of woman until you die, that will be too silly ah!"

A group of big and burly men was laughing loudly while pushing a weak and uncomfortable young man into Shen Wenqing's tent.

The young man who was called scholar was teased until he blushed. After he came in and saw Shen Wenqing, he didn't even know where to put his hand and feet. He was dawdling with his head down not daring to come closer.

Shen Wenqing opened her eyes, her eyes were empty, and she was unresponsive to everything in the outside world. After a while, she felt someone lift the rag on her body accompanied by a sound of inhalation.

After another moment, she heard some rustling sound, then a pair of coarse hands touched her body.

Unlike the hurried stroking of those monkeys in the past, the owner of these hands was gentle and warm, as if he was afraid of hurting her. There was a faint smell of medicine in the air. Is he... applying medicine?

Shen Wenqing finally reacted, and her gaze turned to the scholar. The scholar instantly turned red, "I, I..." He babbled for a long time, but couldn't find a reason.

This was the first time Shen Wenqing met someone who came to her, not for her body, but to apply the medicine, which was a bit strange. But there was only strangeness, she wants to die and simply didn't care whether her body was in pain or not. It was just a waste of this man's good intention and his precious medicine. Judging from his clothes, he was also a soldier. This medicine was estimated to be a life-saving medicine.

The scholar lowered his head and remained silent. After he gave her medicine, the small jar of medicine was almost used up. He also helped her clean the filth on her body, then staggered, "You look really beautiful." He then ran in panic.

He surely was a scholar, only talented people who read possess such elegance and gentle thoughts and are able to bring forth a feeling of pity for the beauty. If it were those big and burly men, they would only have desires. Shen Wenqing inexplicably thanked those soldiers who in order to feel good, wiped her face clean every day. So from her whole body, the face was the only thing you could look at.

Later, the scholar came again several times to wipe her body or clean the room without touching her. He helped clean her up, but it was just giving convenience to those people who came after him. He would occasionally say a few words, letting her know that he has a sister and a sick mother, and he just passed his nineteen birthday...

Shen Wenqing's body had long been broken, but she didn't die only by holding on to her last breath. Then one night, she was tossed and died. While scolding his bad luck, he found someone to throw her to the mass grave. She's just a military prostitute, it was over once she was thrown into a mass grave. Could she still hope that someone would find a place to bury her?

*t/n: The mass grave wasn’t really a grave where you dug a big hole to toss the corpse in and then burned it, it was more like a place where they piled up the corpse.

After Shen Wenqing died, her soul wasn't being taken away. She was beside her corpse, recalling her whole life's experience, she went mad, resentful, annoyed, and furious. The past hatred, resentment, and irritation, but the last period of time were too hard to endure, making her worn-out to those deep-seated hatreds long ago. Now that she had died, she only felt relieved, everything in the past has dissipated.

She was waiting next to her corpse for the emissary to arrive, but the emissary did not come, instead, it was the scholar.

The scholar looked very sad. He took out her body from the mass grave, carried her to a forest not far away, and found a burial place with beautiful mountains and rivers for her.

Shen Wenqing laughed at herself. She ended up in this kind of situation, and never contacted her relative. She thought that no one would know when she died. She never thought there was still someone who would be sad for her, someone who would collect her corpse and didn't let her corpse unburied in the wilderness.

The scholar buried her, and when he left, Shen Wenqing subconsciously followed him. She didn't know when she would leave, she just wanted to take another look at her benefactor.

Half a month later, the scholar died on the battlefield. At that moment, Shen Wenqing suddenly remembered what those soldiers said, "... If you die without tasting the taste of woman until you die, that will be too silly ah!"

It was quite silly. How could he still be a virgin and die?

In a trance, Shen Wenqing arrived at a mythical place, and someone asked her if she had any unfulfilled wishes. Shen Wenqing suddenly remembered the bright eyes of the scholar when he talked about his mother and sister to her.

She said, "I want him to live. He shouldn't have died, a good person should be rewarded..."

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