Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers

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Chapter 109: I Can See Ghost [8]

"The rebel minister Shen Youde led a revolt in Lingnan, crowned himself Emperor Wen De. The De Country gathered the 700,000 Lingnan troops, and commanded the army to the march north!"

"The rebel army took three cities in seven days! City Ji, City Wen, and City Yun are all occupied by the rebels. Everywhere they went, the people took the initiative to open the gates and welcome them. The soldiers who defended the city would not resist and would give in directly!"

"It is widely rumored that Shen Youde is the real son of heaven and was sent by God to save the people from the misery. Before he moved the army, visions appeared frequently. The goldfish spit out words, the real dragon loomed over his head, and the emperor statue holding the celestial book... All of them showed that he was born by heaven's will! The common people were convinced of this, and already regarded him as the savior!”

There was an uproar in the hall. There were a lot of discussions, and Emperor Renjing sitting on the dragon throne above was shaking from anger, "You dare… You dare!"

But apart from these two words, he couldn't say anything else. Rebellion was not uncommon, which dynasty and generation had few rebellious ministers with wolf ambitions? Including when he ascended the throne himself, his own brothers were not convinced and led troops to rebel. This kind of thing was commonplace for the emperor, and it was ordinary. Including the previous Xiang Clan's rebellion in the north and the peasant uprising in the west, he didn't take it to heart, but the rebellion this time made him feel threatened.

He had been the emperor for twenty years, and he understood the truth in the people's hearts the most. What true son of heaven that was born by God's will, it was just to fool people, to make them feel awe, and to not dare offend him. Whoever could sit in this emperor’s position, there was no legitimate or illegitimate. Which dynasty did not grab the throne from others? It was just to see who could win the hearts of the people. Which direction people's hearts move to would be the legitimate one.

In the past, Chen Clan was the legitimate one, but now there was someone who could play with people's hearts more than them, how could he not be anxious or panic?

Everyone was stunned by the sudden news, and an ominous premonition spread in everyone's hearts.

"Where did this Shen Youde come from?"

"He seems to have appeared out of thin air and I have never heard anything about him before. According to the information that was sent back, this person has good planning ability, is wise, brave, and proficient in both civil and martial arts. Definitely not from an ordinary family!"

"I'm afraid this rebellion was premeditated!"

"The rebellion is not scary. What’s scary is that this person has a very high reputation among the people and has already won the hearts of the people."

The ministers in the court were all whispering, everyone lost their composure and calm. The eldest prince stepped forward, clasped his fists, and begged for orders, "Emperor Father, this son would like to ask for an order to go to Nanling to quell the rebellion and arrest the traitors!"

As soon as these words came out, several other princes also came out, vying to ask for orders to quell the rebellion, unwilling to be left out. If this matter was done well, not only would their prestige in the court would rise to a higher level, but their status in their father's heart would also increase!

In this regard, Emperor Renjing was very pleased. He was about to say something when another urgent report was sent, so he quickly opened it to see. This time, his face was full of shock, he read it again and again in disbelief, but was still unable to believe what he read, "How is this possible? Shen Youde is actually a woman?!"

With this statement, the court once again exploded.

"How is this possible? How can those soldiers obey a woman? How can the common people believe that she is the real son of heaven and the emperor? Is it possible that the information is wrong?"

"What a joke! How can a woman be an emperor? This must be the biggest joke in the world!"

"A woman should stay in the courtyard to attend to her husband and take care of the children, and abide by their own duties. To even show up on the battlefield, is against the norm!"

"It's ridiculous! What can a little girl do? Don't worry Your Majesty, I'll go and catch her myself!"

The ministers were all trying to get a word in, and even Emperor Renjing let go of his tense heartstrings and suddenly relaxed. If this Shen Youde was a man, according to those visions, there was no need to say that she would succeed. But she was a woman, then it was not even fifty percent hope, how could a woman be delusional about wanting to be the emperor? How ridiculous!

However, it was proved that they were the ridiculous ones. Wen De's army was so powerful, that they walked all the way like a hot knife through butter as if entering a no man’s land. In just two months, they fought their way to the emperor’s feet.

The soldiers were approaching the city, and only then did the people in the imperial city began to panic. "Your Majesty, what should we do? The demon girl is already fighting outside the city!"

Emperor Renjing was so anxious, but he couldn't do anything about it. The ministers were also uneasy and didn't know what to do. The enemy's speed was too fast, they have been surrounded without being able to react at all! You couldn't escape if you want to escape now, and you also couldn't defeat her in a fight, you could only sit still and wait!

The wise minister began to claim sickness and not attend the court. Anyone with discerning eyes could see that the Chen Dynasty was gone, it was just a matter of time before it was replaced by Emperor Wen De. Rather than dying with the Chen Dynasty, it was better to choose another way out before it was too late.

The unshakable ministers and flowing emperors. No matter who sat on the throne, they would need someone to do things for them, wouldn't they? Looking at Emperor Wen De's behavior, they rather have the benevolence of a woman. All the places occupied would be exempted from three years of taxes, surrenders would not be killed, and those who were willing to defect would not be rejected... It could be seen that this person was not a ruthless person, so there was no need to worry that the minister would be innocently involved. If they draw a clear line with Chen Dynasty sooner, maybe they could still get the new emperor's attention.

The ministers in the court had different ideas, each had their own calculations. Only Minister Shen ke was calm in his heart. Although he pretended to have a sad face, when he returned to his own house, he could not wait to laugh out loud.


Who let him have such a good daughter!

Shen Ke didn't know that Shen Youde was his daughter Wenqing at first, he was also frightened for a while. Until Wen De's army came to the city, and he received a letter. Only then did he know that it was his daughter who rebelled and proclaimed herself the emperor!

The letter was asking if he was willing to let the Shen family bear the infamy of betrayal. If they were willing, she would announce her origin, if not she would conceal her identity as the daughter of the Shen family, and only take care of them secretly.

Willing, how can he not be willing? What is infamy? Letting the Shen family become a royal family was a matter of honoring the ancestors! The ancestors would happily climb out of the ground when they found out! How could he not be willing?

Shen Ke walked happily as if floating on a cloud. He originally wanted to hide this from his family, he was afraid there would be some leakage, and it would be difficult to be covered. But after he woke up laughing from his dream, he couldn't help revealing something to his wife. Lady Li was completely unable to believe it, "You said that Emperor Wen De is our Qingqing? Our Qingqing become the Female Emperor?"

"That's right! It's our Qingqing! It's like, you have given birth to a good daughter, and the most correct thing I have done in this life is to marry you!" Shen Ke said with emotion, "I didn't expect that our Shen family would also have the day to rule over the country. this is all thanks to Qingqing!"

Lady Li was still dizzy, and she didn't know how to describe her current feeling. Her biggest expectation for her daughter before was to marry into the royal family and in one step become a person who stands above others. Unexpectedly, her daughter was so powerful that she became the emperor herself! At first, didn't she say that there was no one higher than His Majesty? Is it possible that she had this thought at that time?

In any case, her daughter was very powerful and would be the first woman who became the emperor. This was the first in the world!

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