Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers

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Chapter 98: In Modern World with Supernatural Ability [3]

Tang Nian was taken to a stone factory. The floor was filled with stones and dust, and there were people classifying the stones from time to time. The whole factory was filled with floating dust and he couldn't help but frown.

"Qingqing, if you want jade, let's go to the store to buy it. Let's buy the one that has been processed. It's clean and beautiful which suits you. These rough stones are dirty and ugly, and they may not produce good stones, why buy them?" Tang Nian blabbered, "You don't have to save money for me, I can afford you!"

"Shut up!" Wen Qing glared at him, and Tang Nian immediately shut his mouth obediently. After a while, when Wen Qing's face softened, he leaned over again and said, "Qingqing, which piece do you like? I'll take it for you, don't hurt your hand."

Wen Qing was not polite and pointed her finger, "This one, this one, and these pieces..." She chose nine pieces in one go, which made Tang Nian's expression collapse, "Qingqing, I can't move them..."

"What's your use then?" Wen Qing pushed him away with disgust and called the boss to find someone.

The boss smiled very kindly, "Miss, we can cut the stones for free. You don't have to do it yourself, there are workers who will process the stones..."

"No need, I will take it back and process it slowly." Wen Qing refused without thinking, definitely can't open it here! It will be too eye-catching. Imperial Green Jade, Violet Jade, Pigeon Blood Jade, these were top-quality jade materials that hadn’t been possible to produce for decades, and the protagonist came across all of them! Moreover, all of them were scraps that others did not want and he bought them at a very low price! When he bought it, a bunch of people looked at him like an idiot, but they were slapped in the face when he was cutting the stone open! Li Haotian was in the limelight and was then noticed by the beautiful boss who came to buy jade materials...

Anyway, the original book was so cool that he could fly but couldn't stand scrutiny at all.

Wen Qing bought these high-quality jade materials in advance. Let's see how Li Haotian could still fly without these jade materials to accumulate capital.

On the way back, Wen Qing said to Tang Nian, "You open these stones, take them to an auction, and use the money for charity."

Tang Nian was a little unhappy, he was a rich second-generation who should be playing and eating while waiting to die every day. Why always make him do things? And it's all good deeds, doesn't it seem to not match his identity?

Wen Qing saw his reluctance at a glance, so she said very solemnly, "If these things are sold, it could reach several million. I don't feel relieved to give so much money to other people, you are the only person I can trust. Little Tang Nian, you won't let me down, will you?"

When she said that, Tang Nian immediately became proud. He patted his chest and assured, "Qingqing, don't worry. I guarantee to do a splendid job for you!"

Wen Qing smiled, this kid… So easy to coax.

Li Haotian suddenly remembered a way to make money. When he was in his second year of university, he went to a stone material factory. Inside the dusty stones were beautiful jadeite. However, no one could determine the situation before opening the stone, so there was a saying about stone gambling.

Other people can't, he can! He now has X-ray vision ah! Only that, can he see through the stone? No way, this was a great fortune, he must give it a try!

So, Li Haotian took all his net worth, one thousand yuan, and went straight to the stone materials factory.

In the original book, Li Haotian went to the stone factory after winning five million. But this time, the five million was gone. And with only one thousand, he could not afford many stones.

The marked price for a piece of scrape stone was 500, so he could buy two. But inside those stones were white and there was nothing! He saw some jade pieces, but those were priced at several million, even beyond tens of millions. As for those Jadeites, he checked its value on the internet and the price was not that high! He must be an idiot if he buys that!

It seems that it was not so easy to get a bargain, Li Haotion returned empty-handed. When he went out, he accidentally bumped into a beautiful woman. Coincidentally, his hand pressed on her chest, and he conveniently pinched it a little bit. The soft-touch in his hand made the monkey in Li Haotian's heart agitated. He instantly used his godly vision to take a look. God! Another superior-good!

Han Feiya's face was ashen. Without the limelight of someone who just opened three top-quality jadeites in a row, Li Haotian was just an ordinary young man in her eyes. If you want to add qualifier words to specify, it would be a lewd dead pervert!

Therefore, Li Haotian had a tragic ending, he was picked up and thrown out by Han Feiya's bodyguard. When he fell to the ground, the dust flew all over.

Li Haotian bared his teeth and got up, muttering, "Isn't it just a pinch? Such a fierce beauty, be careful that no one would marry you!" He has always been tolerant of beautiful women. If the one who ordered to throw him was a man, he would have long sent him to give his respect to eighteen generations of his ancestors!

Li Haotian limped back to school, feeling quite depressed. The X-ray vision did not seem to be as useful as he thought! Other than being able to see through a beautiful woman, it could do nothing else. He had no capital to buy stones, and the amount of money that can be earned from those jades was limited. Was there no way to get high-income with low-cost?

Now, the fourth-year students have graduated and left school, running to their workplace. All his classmates were not at school anymore. He is the only one who was still in the school dormitory. He has not found a job and has no money to go out to rent an apartment. The grandpa who managed the dormitory was displeased when looking at him and always wanted to drive him out.

Damn! You animal who always looked down on people with your dog's eyes! Lao Tzu will fly to the sky sooner or later and blind your dog's eyes!

Li Haotian cursed and entered the school. He took a shortcut from the west gate, this was the teacher's dormitory, and there were fewer people. He was afraid that if he returned late, the grandpa at the dormitory would really lock him outside.

Li Haotian was walking in a hurry, and an inattentive woman who smelled of alcohol threw herself into his arms. He made use of the streetlight to look at the appearance of the person in his arms, "Teacher Murong? How did you become drunk like this?"

Wen Qing sent Tang Nian to do some job, and she was considering what job she should do in this world. The original host was a fresh graduate but did not search for a job. Because she took hooking up with rich good-looking guys as a job. She did not succeed with Tang Nian, so she went to find another rich man. Anyway, she relied on being young and pretty. But in the end, Li Haotian ruined her reputation, and she did not get anything.

Now that it's changed to Wen Qing, she naturally would not do that. She was always looking for something to pass the time away in every world. Otherwise, it would be too boring to just abuse scumbags.

Wen Qing browsed for information on the internet and finally decided to make a holographic online game. First was because the holographic online game in this world had not yet been developed, and it was easy for her to make some achievements. The second was because she just experienced the world of online games. Towards making these impressive things, it was not troublesome. It could be said that relaxation, work, and abusing scumbag, all three not one was being neglected.

After she made up her mind, Wen Qing started to prepare.

Li Haotian half hugged and half supported Teacher Murong back to her house. There was no one in Murong Yanyun's house, she lived by herself. Li Haotian suddenly had a little evil idea. Hehe, a lonely man and a widow, in the middle of the night, the passion between each other burns easily!

Murong Yanyun took advantage of the alcohol and did not care who the other party was. She hugged him and let out her bitterness, "Two years of marriage, I don't have personal freedom at all. He managed me like a pervert. Not allowed to wear skirts, short sleeves can't be shorter than elbows, not allowed to wear tight clothing, cannot be near the opposite sex within one meter... I'm not a prisoner! Why control me like this!"

Li Haotian has tender feelings for the fairer sex and gave her a hug. But he also understood Teacher Murong's husband's thoughts. If he has such a beautiful wife, he also couldn't bear letting people see ah! Understood, understood, all men alike.

As they hugged and cuddled, they rolled onto the bed. Murong Yanyun tore her clothes, revealing her beautiful figure, "I can't stand him treating me like this anymore! I want to take revenge on him!" After speaking, she rubbed against Li Haotian, Li Haotian who was being rubbed on lost his reason.

Right, it was like this. Even if it was a stallion novel, the male protagonist always stands on the high moral ground. It was all the women who tempted him, it was because he was unable to hold that made him do it. In fact, he didn't want it to begin with, it was all the girl's initiative...

Only that, Li Haotian was extremely anxious to strip himself naked, and when he wanted to pick up his gun and go into battle... Aye? Where's the gun? Why was the little brother who usually always shows off his strength so weak today? Was the prelude not enough? Li Haotian was busy for a long while but discovered that he couldn't harden, and he was sweating profusely.

Murong Yanyun has also slowly regained her senses. People were often like this, when their minds were impulsive, they did not care about anything else. But once it has passed that point, their senses would gradually return. They would think over carefully, and would slowly shrink back...

Murong Yanyun was like this too. If they had pressed on without stopping and had an intimate act with Li Haotian just now, there would be no room for her to regret it. But now she has not taken the last step and the cold breeze in the air let her slowly regain her senses, woke up and made her realize what she was doing now.

To have an extramarital affair, moreover, it was with her own student. Was that how she behaved as a teacher? Even if she can't stand her husband's harsh critics, she should get a divorce before talking about the rest. But what was she doing now?

Murong Yanyun put on her clothes hurriedly, then pushed Li Haotian away, "Sorry, I'm sorry. Teacher was drunk just now. Nothing happened between us just, you better forget those things earlier..."

Li Haotian was in the middle of a tremendous scare of being impotent, he couldn't care less about the enchanting scene just now. He quickly put on his clothes and hurried to the hospital.

F*ck! His little brother can't do it, this is a big problem ah!

After waiting for his turn in the hospital and doing various examinations, the doctor said that he was healthy and there was no problem there. As for his failure to make it stand, there may be psychological reasons and recommended that he see a psychiatrist.

It's good to have no problem! Scared him to death, he thought it was broken! As for psychological issues? How could there be one? He thought that in these periods of time, he saw a lot of beautiful women, and his little brother had been in a state of excitement, maybe it was a little tired?

It should be okay after a while.

Wen Qing soon knew that Li Haotian had gone to the hospital. She couldn't help laughing. Take your time, this was just the beginning. He would probably become a regular visitor to the hospital in the future.

"Why are you laughing?" Tang Nian asked.


Tang Nian was dissatisfied, "You are being perfunctory again. I haven't seen you for half a month. I was busy with the auction, those jadeites were sold for more than 700 million. I've helped you set up a charity organization. I was so busy that I lost weight, and you didn't give me any reward at all..."

Wen Qing smiled at those words, "Thanks a lot. I just knew that I didn't misjudge you."

Tang Nian immediately waved his hand nonchalantly, "It's a small matter, don't be like a stranger."

"Didn't you ask me why I laugh?" Wen Qing said with a smiling face, "I helped you take revenge. Li Haotian said that you are short, I simply made him unable to get it up."

Tang Nian subconsciously covered his lower body. Mom, help me!

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