Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers

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Chapter 99: In Modern World with Supernatural Ability [4]

Wen Qing took time to go to an antique street and bought a few treasures that the male protagonist picked up using his X-ray visions in the original novel. Li Haotian originally did not know how to discern antiques. But because of his X-ray vision, he could see through several antiques that had been disguised with special techniques, such as a bronze weapon from Western Zhou Dynasty. It was a cultural relic that has never appeared in the history of archaeology and was extremely valuable and priceless.

Yup, it was priceless, and he sold it to a French collector for eight hundred million!

Under normal circumstances, in order to add some highlights to the male protagonist in a stallion novel, they would add some patriotism or powerful country kind of impression to show that not only the male protagonist has an ordinary love, but also love for the motherland. He has universal love. But this novel did the opposite. The male protagonist was a "genuine person" and never gave an empty talk. He never cared about fame nor the benefits. Therefore, he would sell it to whoever gives the money.

How fresh and exceptional ah, it did not go according to usual rules. It was simply a breath of fresh air in the stallion novels. Wen Qing has traveled through many worlds, but this was her first time seeing such a protagonist.

In order to cut off Li Haotian's fortune, and prevent these national treasures from being lost overseas, Wen Qing bought these things in advance. After removing the disguise, she anonymously donated them to the museum.

Aye, she was also sentimental about it…

"Pretty girl, may I invite you for dinner?"

As soon as Wen Qing came out of the house, a gaudy car trotted and stopped in front of her. Then a gaudier little white face got out of the car. His mouth bit a stem of the rose while putting what he thought was handsome but in reality, a silly pose.

Wen Qing rolled her eyes, "Little Tang Nian, can you speak properly?" After running away last time, she hadn't seen him for half a month. It was unknown what kind of madness he was going through this time.

Little Tang Nian took out the rose, removed the branch, then pinned the flower to Wen Qing's ear. He then said with deep affection, "The person is more delicate than the flower."

Wen Qing:“……” What should I do if I want to beat someone up?

She then followed her heart and beat Tang Nian.

"Where did you learn this pickup line? You dare to show off such a garbage thing? You learn these useless things instead of the proper ones! Such frivolous words! You're full of crap..."

"Ouch ouch ouch, I'm wrong! I won't do it again! Qingqing, lighter ah! Hurt hurt hurt......"

Tang Nian was very aggrieved. He was given a scare by Qingqing last time*. Afraid that she would cut his small JJ*, he did not dare to find her for half a month. Later, he thought about it again. Qingqing wouldn't deliberately scare him to make him leave her, right? That's why she said that on purpose.

*t/n: The original text was “He scared Qingqing the last time” but it conflicted with the next sentences, so I took the liberty to reverse it.

*t/n: “JJ” is the first letter of the pinyin “鸡鸡”, lit. meaning ‘chicken chicken’, it refers to a male’s reproductive organs.

How can this work? Absolutely not! Only he can dump her, she cannot dump him! So he worked hard to learn one hundred tricks to flirt with girls, it took him great effort to master it, and finally came to find her. But he did not expect to be beaten up!

After Wen Qing finished beating him up, she was refreshed and took the initiative to invite Tang Nian for a meal. Tang Nian was like a punching bag, he couldn't beat her, but did not want to break up. Once she called him, he was still compliant to follow suit.

"Right, I'm about to start a company, do you want to invest?"

"Oh, how much do you need?" Tang Nian spoke carelessly, he did not care much about starting a company or anything. Of course, he was not very fond of making money, his old man was very good at making money. He was lying on a mountain of money all his life and couldn't spend it all. Why does he have to work hard? Just rely on daddy ah. But if his wife wanted to start a business, then he must give support!

"Just invest 2 million and I'll give you 20% of the shares." Wen Qing said. She was going to make holographic online games, but she did not have any start-up funds. All the ill-gotten gains she robbed from Li Haotian were donated to charity. So she did not have any extra money on hand.

Asking Tang Nian to invest was also mentioned casually. It would be good if he agreed. If he disagrees, she can also pull together some money, but she has to go through an additional procedure.

"No problem, I'll transfer it to you later." Tang Nian agreed very readily. His family Qingqing would not deceive him. She donated more than seven hundred million easily, would she still care about his two million?

After eating, Wen Qing went to the bathroom and left her phone on the table. Tang Nian played a game while waiting for her. When he saw Wen Qing's phone, he suddenly remembered what was said in the trick of flirting with girls, couples must have a pet name that belongs to each other.

So he went through the pet name that Wen Qing gave him, Dear? Sweetheart? Or husband?

Then he saw that in Wen Qing's cell phone address book, his phone number column was clearly marked——

Short Little Prince!!!

Wen Qing got the start-up funds and started to set up her company. Although she had an experience, this world was not much easier than the last one. In the last world she just improved the technology, but this time, everything had to start from scratch.

Especially at the beginning, she needed to keep an eye on the personnel to the technology herself. Therefore, she was very busy during this period of time. However, although she was busy with her career, she did not forget to pay attention to the situation on Li Haotian's side.

Li Haotian spent a lot of money in the hospital for examinations, and his pocket money was emptied all of a sudden. However, because of his golden finger, he was not concerned about finding a job. Instead, he wholeheartedly hoped that he could reach the pinnacle of life through the X-ray vision ability.

Therefore, after calling his family for money again, he carried two thousand yuan to a card room.

Card room was just a term for the outside world. In fact, everyone who knows the inside story knew that it was a small casino. Li Haotian plans to test the water here first, then go to the bigger casino after making a small profit. Otherwise, he probably won't even be able to get in the door of the casino.

He was confident that the casino was a place where he could show his might. He could even see through stones, wouldn't it be easier for poker and mahjong?

He guessed right, with his X-ray vision, he was like a fish in the water. If he hadn't been worried that the casino would revoke his loot for winning too much at once, he would certainly make the entire casino lose and go bankrupt!

Gamblers were the craziest. Seeing piles of cash being pushed toward him, Li Haotian's eyes were red, and his blood was boiling. It was simply better than dying on a woman's belly! No wonder they say that money was as charming as a woman. The feeling of being drowned by money was truly refreshing and simply addictive!

Just when Li Haotian was indulging in happiness, there was a loud "bang", and dozens of heavily armed police officers rushed in, "We're the police! It's a group of gamblers! Take them all out!"

Therefore, the male protagonist who was busy making love day in and day out in the original novel not only failed to become formidable in the casino, he was instead locked in a small dark room, fined three thousand yuan, and left with a criminal record.

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