Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers

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Chapter 101: In Modern World with Supernatural Ability [6]

Tang Nian originally thought what Wen Qing made was just an ordinary online game, he never expected it to be a holographic online game! How could he, who often played games, not know what a holographic online game means? At the same time, the admiration for his Qingqing went up another level.

When Tang Nian went back, his father was scolding someone on the phone, "What did Lao Tzu raise you for? So many people can't even watch out for a game plan! How could it be stolen by others! Get the hell out for me! Shut down the game company and let those people go!"

After he hung up the phone, he was still scolding, "Xue Tianci, you son of a b**ch! If I can't play in the light, then I will do it in the dark! How can he do something like stealing a game plan! I'll make you pay!" He raised his head and saw Tang Nian was back, bringing a group of people with great fanfare, and his anger broke out again, "Where did you go to play today? You were never at home, even your old man had to make an appointment to see you! You were busier than your old man!"

Tan Nian instructed the workers to install the game cabin in the bedroom on the second floor, and replied to his father, "I went to look for Qingqing. What are you looking for me for, Old Tang?

"I can't look for you if there's nothing?"

"What are you looking for me for if there's nothing?"

Father Tang was stifled. He was also stupid to take this stupid son seriously!

When Father Tang was young, he was suave and playful, loitering around and drinking enough before he came back on the right track. He found Tang Nian's mother to marry, wanted to live a good life, but never expected God not to give him the opportunity. Tang Nian's mother died of dystocia when giving birth to Tang Nian, and he was injured in an accident, and it was impossible to have any other children. In other words, Tang Nian was his only child in this life.

It's a pity that Tang Nian didn't inherit the slightest bit of his shrewdness, and was silly. If not for the fact that he was sure he was his own son, he would have doubted if he took the wrong child.

Never mind being stupid, but he was also a love-struck fool. He had been with one girlfriend for five or six years, had not broken up, and often acted mushy, so unlike him ah. When he was young, he would hug left and right and have a love affair. Now that he was older, he also often played outside. Although he never brought them home, he was better than this silly son. What was the point of hanging on a single tree?

Father Tang shook his head and followed him upstairs. Seeing everyone busy installing a big device, he couldn't help but ask, "Tang’er, what are you doing?"

"My wife sent me a game cabin! The world's first model of the holographic online game! She made them, especially for me!" Tang Nian bragged to his father, "Old Tang you see, my wife is so good to me, right? I was bullied in a game, so she made a game for me to play! It will start operating in January next year, so she let me play first! Right, where's the diamond you won from the auction last time? Give it to me, I want to make a ring for my wife. I am going to propose to her! I definitely can't miss out on someone who is very good to me..."

Tang Nian rattle like a broken record. Father Tang has been stunned speechless. Holographic game? Even if he doesn't play games, he could foresee how big the market is!

Father Tang was a successful businessman with discerning eyes and far-sighted vision, so he could naturally see the vast market for this holographic technology. Not only in the game field, but also in many other aspects. This represents technological innovation and was of great significance.

The Tang family's main asset was in real estate but also involved in other areas such as food and beverage, and games. Just now, he was angry because of the newly acquired game plan. If what his son said was true, what did a game plan count as? Even if you gave Xue Tianci ten game plans, he would still die!

Father Tang was overjoyed when he thought that his old rival's new game collided with his daughter-in-law's holographic online game, and wouldn't even make a splash.

At this moment, he didn't mind that his son was hanging on a single tree and even called her daughter-in-law. What's the saying again? God loves simple-minded people. His stupid son has been protected by a powerful father since he was born, and now he has found such a powerful wife. He has someone to cover for him for the rest of his life, and it's smooth sailing. Aye, a stupid person have their own fortunes!

Father Tang was concerned about this matter, so he did Wen Qing a great favor, and even helped a lot. Wen Qing was a newly emerging force after all, and she was not as good as a veteran with influence on many aspects. Therefore, Father Tang's help was indeed timely for her.

At first, she thought that Father Tang wanted to help her to get a share of the pie. She didn't expect that the other party didn't want anything, and just simply helped her. He also said that they were a family, what's the point of treating each other so formally?

Wen Qing:“……” Neither the father nor son consider me an outsider.

But to be honest, Wen Qing was not disgusted with little Tan Nian. Because of this silly and cowardly husky, she had a lot of fun in her life. When the two of them passed the time, they did not have to speak love words. It was enough that he could bring her joy, and make her happy. Their personalities also complement each other, one was strong and one was soft, very suitable!

With this thought, when little Tang Nian proposed to her once again, she agreed.

In the second year, when Wen Qing's holographic online game went public, it unsurprisingly aroused a heated discussion around the world. Wen Qing advanced the technology by one hundred years, which almost became another revolution in human technology.

When Wen Qing became famous all over the world, she suddenly received news from the scout that Li Haotian was dead. Wen Qing did not feel much surprise. According to Li Haotian's way, it would be good if he could last until now.

Although Wen Qing was busy with her career and flirting with little Tang Nian, she did not relax her surveillance of Li Haotian. So she knew exactly what happened to Li Haotian after he went to prison.

Li Haotian was taken care of by Meng Meng's father and was specially placed in a prison cell with numerous vicious characters. When Li Haotian first entered, he couldn't see the situation clearly. He was proud of his supernatural ability, thinking he was not an ordinary person, and couldn't accept the reality of being imprisoned. So he naturally suffered a lot.

Moreover, he finally discovered that his little brother was not tired at all, but completely dead! This discovery made him feel like being hit by lightning and almost went crazy! He did not become crazy because of the protagonist halo. But for a person whose head was full of dirty thoughts, it was better to be crazy than unable to get it up!

Li Haotian was overly stimulated and did some crazy actions during that time, which annoyed the people in the same room. They didn't care if you were stimulated or not, if you provoked them, then you would get beaten.

He was being beaten repeatedly, then was beaten again on the bed. A group of old men, moreover they had done a lot of vicious and inhumane things, had no hope of getting out again in this life. A group of thirsty and hungry old men who had been suppressed until crazy will not think straight. Moreover, Li Haotian had a tender skin, won't he exactly become a venting tool?

In the original book, Li Haotian's setting was to have exceptional talent. But unexpectedly, although the front couldn't do it anymore, the back was also quite... ahem, that's it. As a result, Li Haotian went from being hated by everyone to a treasure that everyone in the same room competed for.

As for Li Haotian, it was unknown if he smashed a cracked pot*, or if he really enjoyed it, he actually felt a strange sense of pleasure from it. From the initial rejection and resistance to cooperation and enjoyment slowly. The change in the middle made Wen Qing stunned!

*t/n: Chinese idiom meaning ‘to treat oneself as hopeless and act crazily’; ‘crazy despair in the face of a blemish’.

The only use of his X-ray vision was to find himself a great tool to live well! To be able to use this ability to this extent, Wen Qing was also convinced.

Li Haotian lived such a decadent life, Wen Qing didn't plan to do anything more. She did not expect him to die of AIDS before he was released from prison, which made people sigh.

But when you think about it, AIDS was a normal result for a stallion man! His private life was chaotic, as long as it was a beauty, he would do it, moreover, he did not use condoms. If he did not get AIDS, who would?

Li Haotian sought his own death, and Wen Qing did not need to make a move. She was also happy to relax, closed the door with little Tang Nian and lived their life, and treated it as a vacation.

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