Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers

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Chapter 115: Male God Raider System [4]

After He Jinsheng signed with Xinghuang, he soon received a drama. It was a supporting role with a lot of parts. The character design was very colorful, and it was easy to attract fans if he acted well. He Jinsheng cherished this opportunity very much. He studied in front of a mirror every day to figure out how to perform every part. Even one smile could be practiced dozens or hundreds of times, and his script was densely filled with notes.

In Wen Qing's eyes, a serious man is always appreciated. No matter how he was in other aspects, his attitude towards his career was very admirable. Wen Qing put the food on the table and greeted him with a smile, "Have dinner first. Don't you have to go to the set in the afternoon? Don't delay."

Her voice was gentle, just like her. He Jinsheng put down the script and looked at her. She was wearing casual loungewear with her sleeves rolled up, revealing a white wrist that was as crystal clear as jade. Her hair was casually pulled up, and a few strands fell into the ears. It was lazy and casual. He was stunned the first time he saw her face; it was a beauty that could attract people. After getting along for a long time, he felt that she was actually a gentle and soft person, which did not match her appearance. It was contradictory but fatally attractive. The way she washed her hands and made soup made him feel that there was no one more suitable to be a wife than her in this life. He Jinsheng's gaze became obsessed.

There are three simple dishes on the table and one soup, all of which are light in taste. In this regard, the two of them are very similar. He Jinsheng was inexplicably happy and also felt a glimmer of joy in his heart. Such a warm and dull day seems to be what he has always expected.

He had always been grateful that she had taken him in when he was at his wits' end. When he was most confused and helpless, she encouraged and supported him. If it wasn't for her, he would not have been able to get out of that depressing day so quickly. Moreover, it seems that even his luck has improved after meeting her. He signed a contract with Xinghuang and received a script. After meeting her, everything changed. He Jinsheng felt that she must be his goddess of luck.

A Lonely man and a widow, together in the same room, and with Wen Qing quietly and secretly lit the fire, He Jinsheng's favorability for her soared like a rocket. Although it has not been brought out into the open, this kind of obscure ambiguity was the most beautiful time for a relationship. Guessing the other person's mind carefully; tossing and turning for the other person's thoughts; a smile can make the other person's heart beat faster... Wondering between the self-indulgent and that she loves me, such apprehensive and humble feelings, although sour, were also the most beautiful and unforgettable.

The breakthrough in the relationship was when He Jinsheng's role was finalized. Wen Qing cooked a table of dishes for him to celebrate, and they drank more wine when happy. When he woke up the next day, he was lying on a bed, still completely naked.

He Jinsheng was disturbed and surprised, then stammered, "I, I'm sorry, I will take responsibility."

Wen Qing didn't say a word and put on her clothes quietly. Her white jade skin felt like a layer of soft light in He Jinsheng's eyes. Her silence made him feel more uneasy, "Qingqing, I'm sorry, I was drunk yesterday. I really didn't mean to..."

This explanation was dry. He Jinsheng never knew that his mouth was so stupid that he couldn’t even speak properly.

Wen Qing finished putting on her clothes and said, "Come to the living room and talk."

He Jinsheng hurriedly put on his clothes and followed her to the living room.

In the living room, Wen Qing sat on the sofa with her head lowered. He was unable to see her expression clearly. The atmosphere was a little heavy. He Jinsheng subconsciously lightened his steps and sat down opposite her, like a primary school student listening to the teacher's lecture.

After a long time, Wen Qing raised her head and pulled out an unnatural smile, "Everyone is an adult. What happened yesterday should be treated as an accident. Just forget about it..."

"I won't allow it!" Before she finished speaking, He Jinsheng interrupted quickly, got up and walked in front of her, knelt down on one knee, looked at her, and said earnestly, "I will be responsible for you, I like you, I like you very much. Because now I have nothing and can't give you any promises, I even depended on you to support me, so I never had the courage to confess to you. What happened yesterday was an accident, but I really like you. Will you give me a chance?"

These words are sincere and touching, Wen Qing was moved, "Actually, I also liked you before. You are very good-looking, and you are exactly the type I like. Otherwise, I would not be moved by compassion and bring you back. During this period, I was even more affected by your seriousness, persistence, and hard work. I have a good impression of you. In fact, we all know what happened yesterday was not a pure accident. Alcohol just gave us courage. The real reason is that we like each other, but..."

When she said that she liked him, He Jinsheng was pleasantly surprised. The person he liked happened to like him as well. There is no happier news than this. But when he heard her say 'but', he immediately had a bad premonition in his heart, "But what?"

Wen Qing said politely, "I thought about it carefully, and I think we are not suitable."

This is too official, He Jinsheng doesn't believe it at all, "What isn't suitable? How do you know we're not suitable before you try it?"

"I've tried it."


Wen Qing took a quick glance at his lower part and said softly, "The size is not suitable."

The-the size was not suitable?

He Jinsheng was stunned for a few seconds before he realized what she meant, and then the wind blew by*. What else can a woman mean when she says the size of a man was not suitable after a relationship? She thinks he was short! Women never despise it when the size is too big, but they will when it is too small!!

*It was a meme, this one:

Small, small, small...

The word repeatedly floated in He Jinsheng's mind. He was shocked and lost the ability to think and was unable to recover for a long time.

Wen Qing said apologetically, "Sorry, we're not suitable. Let's be friends in the future, just treat yesterday as an accident..."

He Jinsheng's face flushed, "I, I..." He said 'I' for a long time but could not say anything.

The heaven and the earth can testify, he really was not small ah! On the contrary, he is normally too big, but what can he say? To discuss with the girl he likes whether his size was big or small? He can't say it!

Wen Qing patted his shoulder and said, "Fighting." Then got up and went back to her room.

He Jinsheng was still kneeling on one knee and didn't move for a long time. It wasn't until his legs became numb that he returned to his room in despair, tossing and turning all night. Wen Qing's words cast a huge shadow on him and made him fall into self-doubt.

When it was almost dawn, he finally slept a wink. As a result, in just a short while, Wen Qing left with her bag and left him a note saying that she was going back to work and that the house was left for him to live in, and to meet again if there was a chance.

He Jinsheng was dumbfounded, no, why did she leave before he made it clear? Did she decide to leave once she decided that he was short? Was there any chance to prove it?

He Jinsheng's mood was mixed at this time, and he finally knew what it was like to have mixed feelings. Even when the new movie was released, and his character gained a little popularity did not make him happy.

Originally, after gaining a little popularity, the company should strike him while the iron is hot, but because a female executive took a fancy to him and he refused, which annoyed the other party, he was hidden by the company. He signed a five-year contract, and he would have to pay an exorbitant breach of contract fee to terminate it, so he could only endure it. He lived in Wen Qing's house and lived off his previous savings, at this time, he was even more sure that Wen Qing was his goddess of luck.

Didn't you see that he started to have bad luck once she left?

Wen Qing knew that He Jinsheng had been hidden for five years before he was released. He had sharpened his sword in ten years, and when he terminated the contract, he would shine. Wen Qing was not going to intervene in his experience, because this experience tempered him and made him successful.

After returning, Wen Qing dealt with the company's backlog, played with Chuyi for a few days, and then devoted herself to work again. According to the client's wishes, not only did she have to have children with every ex-boyfriend, but she also had to let all her fans know to prove that she was not lying. Wen Qing could foresee how much of a storm it would set off when this incident broke out when several male gods in the entertainment industry were involved. If she was just an ordinary person, she would definitely be scolded miserably, and even her children would be wronged.

Therefore, she must stand at the highest point in this world, so that everyone can only look up to her. Even if they know that she has slept with five male gods, they can only throw themselves on the ground and call her 'Queen' obediently.

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