Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers Chapters List

Chapter 116: Male God Raider System [5]

Nine months later, Chu’er was "born", with his eyebrows and eyes like He Jinsheng, mouth and nose like Wen Qing, and he took all of their advantages. Chuyi was already one year and three months old. He talks and walks earlier and looks more like Wen Qing, but has a temperament like his father. He becomes irritable when he had a disagreement. After having Chu’er, he became a lot more restrained and learn how to take care of his brother.

The two children are trouble-free babies, they don't cry much, and they have a nanny to help, so Wen Qing didn't feel tired. So, after he was two or three months old, Wen Qing went back to China again.

In the lively box, young men and women swayed their bodies wantonly to the music, and amidst the wailing, several young people sitting on the sofa in the corner raised their glasses and drank.

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