Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers Chapters List

Chapter 117: Male God Raider System [6]

When Shen Ruochu came out of the library, he didn't know when it started to rain. It was already very cold in the late autumn. If he brave himself through the rain to go back, it was estimated that he would get sick.

Shen Ruochu frowned slightly. He was used to having an assistant take care of everything. He even forgot the basic life skills when he came out alone, and he didn't check the weather before going out.

It was already dark, there was no one around, and the library was about to close. Helplessly, Shen Ruochu decided to run back in the rain. He had just put the backpack on his head and was about to run when an umbrella was propped up on top of his head.

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