Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers

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Chapter 116: Male God Raider System [5]

Nine months later, Chu’er was "born", with his eyebrows and eyes like He Jinsheng, mouth and nose like Wen Qing, and he took all of their advantages. Chuyi was already one year and three months old. He talks and walks earlier and looks more like Wen Qing, but has a temperament like his father. He becomes irritable when he had a disagreement. After having Chu’er, he became a lot more restrained and learn how to take care of his brother.

The two children are trouble-free babies, they don't cry much, and they have a nanny to help, so Wen Qing didn't feel tired. So, after he was two or three months old, Wen Qing went back to China again.

In the lively box, young men and women swayed their bodies wantonly to the music, and amidst the wailing, several young people sitting on the sofa in the corner raised their glasses and drank.

"Won't the birthday star sing a few songs?"

A young man in white touched the man beside him with his elbow and asked with raised eyebrows.

The man being questioned hadn't spoken yet, and the man opposite said with a smile, "Don't ask, our Ziqing is like a princess. If he can lie down, he will never sit, and if he can sit, he will never move! If it wasn't for him having a birthday, how can he show his face and play with today!"

The man called Ziqing was now lazily nesting himself on the sofa, like a lazy cat in the winter, motionless. If it weren't for the eyes still open, people would think he had fallen asleep.

His face was very good-looking, with delicate facial features like a woman, especially his pair of eyes. The phoenix-shaped eyes are long and narrow, the eyes are clear, and the long and dense eyelashes cast a shadow on the eyelids, making it difficult to emotions in his eyes. The most wonderful thing was that there was a small red mole on the left corner of his eye, which adds a bit of charm to him. Anyone who sees this appearance will probably praise it... a coquettish b*tch.

Hearing others say he was like a princess, he raised his eyelids and glanced at him, obviously there was no turbulence, but it made the person feel the pressure doubled, "Yes, I said something wrong, I will punish myself with drowning one cup, no, three cups!"

Those who are familiar with Fang Ziqing know that he hates it the most when others say he looks like a woman, no matter how good their relationship was. Fortunately, what he said just now just meant he was lazy, otherwise, he wouldn't be so easy to let off.

"I said, Ziqing, you are so lazy, why don't you want to enter the entertainment industry? Isn't it tiring to live under the camera every day?"

"That's right, I still don't believe that you will really enter. What is there in the entertainment industry? If you want to pick a female star, with your status, don't you only need to wave your hand? Why do you need to go yourself?"

Fang Ziqing didn't lift his eyelids, and replied slowly, "I lost the bet and got caught by Xu Zhan."

"Ha? You can still be trapped by Xu Zhan? When did Xu Zhan not fall into your hands from childhood to adulthood? Come on, what did you hide? How did Xu Zhan trap you?" A group of people asked with great interest, Fang Ziqing refused to say anything anyway, which was disappointing.

The party only lasted until ten o'clock, Fang Ziqing got impatient and prepared to leave.

"Okay, I know you won't be able to stay until the end, you go back first, and we'll play for a while." Yang Fan said, and took out another room card, "Here, go straight up, I open a room for you, brothers have prepared a big gift for you! Hehe..."

As soon as he heard his wretched laughter, Fang Ziqing knew that it was not a good thing, and he didn't want to take it, but Yang Fan shoved it directly into his hands and lowered his voice, "Clean chick, I'm sure it's the one you like, hurry up and lose your v**ginity. Look at those people in our courtyard who have tasted it at the age of seventeen or eighteen. It’s only you, you are already a man in your twenties! Otherwise, others can say that you are..." His voice stopped abruptly, and Yang Fan scratched his head and smiled ingratiatingly.

Fang Ziqing raised his eyelids and glanced at him, "What about me?"

Yang Fan laughed dryly, "It's nothing, it's nothing, just go and see? Just sleep if you like it, if you don’t, can't you just go? Don't you say you're ready to debut? There will be more people staring at you when you become a big star, and there will be no chance!"

Fang Ziqing did not deny it, he still took the room card, because he lost to Xu Zhan for this kind of thing, once is enough, and he doesn't want to have a second time.

Fang Ziqing glanced at the room card, number 909, and went straight to the ninth floor by pressing the elevator. He was going to go up and have a look. Not everyone could catch his eye. If it suits his taste, he doesn't mind accepting the kindness of his brothers. If it's not satisfactory, he won't wrong himself.

After pushing open the door of 909, Fang Ziqing walked in. The woman on the sofa heard the movement and looked up at him. With just one glance, Fang Ziqing felt that the trip was worthwhile.

The woman was wearing a silk nightgown, her hair was draped behind her, and her skin was crystal clear, as smooth as jade. Her face was prettier than his, and her eyebrows were all enchanting. She looked at him lightly, "Mr. Fang?"

The sound was like broken ice hitting cold jade, cool and sweet, making Fang Ziqing more and more satisfied. He didn't expect Yang Fan to do a good thing, and he really found him a good one.

He was not a Taoist priest either, he was really not lustful, but he doesn't have anyone around him, and he was too lazy to look for one, so he has been single until now. Now that there was a person who suits his taste in front of him, he has no intention of being a gentleman.

He closed the door, walked in, and hummed as an answer to her question just now.

The other party still looked expressionless, pointed to the direction of the bathroom, and said, "Go take a shower first, I'll be done in a minute."

Only then did Fang Ziqing see a tablet on her leg. The screen was locked. Fang Ziqing was not interested in investigating anything, but the smooth jade legs exposed under the tablet caught his attention. The white skin was softened by the light, like a fine suet white jade. Let him think of a sentence in an instant: one could play with those legs for a year.

What a stunner, Fang Ziqing's mouth curled into a smile, "Okay."

Wen Qing listened to the sound of rushing water coming from the bathroom, and slowly closed the tablet computer. This time, Fang Ziqing, should be the most difficult one to deal with of the five targets. Because he has no desires or pursuits and does not care about everything, it was difficult for anyone to come to his heart. So, Wen Qing didn't plan to attack his heart from the beginning, anyway, just "sleep" for a while.

This incident was not planned by Wen Qing. There was such an incident on the original trajectory, but he didn't like the person Yang Fan found for him, so he just left. Wen Qing pushed the boat smoothly, asked someone to change Yang Fan's door card, and led Fang Ziqing here.

Wen Qing was not worried that he doesn't fancy her. Su Wenqing, who doesn't have any cheats in the original book, can interact with these five male gods one after another, which means that her appearance was in line with their aesthetics. In other words, what these people like about Su Wenqing was her appearance! Including Su La, she was also enchanting and glamorous. This shows that their taste was like this. Now, with the blessing of the system pills, Wen Qing was sure that she was more coquettish than Sulla.

It doesn't matter if Fang Ziqing doesn't like it, she still has a backer, but now it seems that the backhand she prepared was no longer needed.

With a "click", the bathroom door was opened, Fang Ziqing came out with a bath towel, strong abdominal muscles, attractive mermaid lines, and the water droplets on the hair that had not been dried slipped down the chest muscles, and it was as sexy as a walking aphrodisiac.

The sofa beside Wen Qing suddenly sank, and a hand was naturally wrapped around her waist, "Are you done?"

The water vapor mixed with the man's dry breath instantly surrounded Wen Qing.


Within a beautiful room was a bright spring...

The next day, when the sun was up, Fang Ziqing woke up leisurely. He closed his eyes and reminisced about the ecstasy of last night. No wonder Yang Fan and the others often miss the flowers. This taste was really wonderful and unforgettable.

The sound of water coming from the bathroom made Fang Ziqing's mind come to a picture of a beauty bathing. Thinking of the beautiful skin in his hands last night, his little brother had signs of being in high spirits again. Fang Ziqing changed his posture, leaning on the bed and waiting for the beauty to come out.

He decided to keep this delicate rose at home, and beautiful things should be treasured and appreciated by himself.

The door of the bathroom was opened, Wen Qing wiped her hair and came out, and glanced at him, "Awake?"

Fang Ziqing gave a hum, his voice was lazy and sexy.

Wen Qing didn't say anything, she wrapped her hair, walked to the table, took out a stack of thick banknotes from the bag, walked to the bed again, and put it in Fang Ziqing's hand, "Your skill is not worth ten thousand Yuan, but for the sake of your face when o***sm, I won't complain about you."

Fang Ziqing: "?"

Wen Qing looked at him still, and glanced at him again, "What? Too little?" Wen Qing took out a stack of red banknotes from the bag and put them in his hand, "The technique was not very good, and it is so expensive. Isn't this cheating customers? Forget it, people can have an o***sm just by looking at your face, that’s all the cash I got, you can pack up and go out."

Saying that, while putting down the bag, she muttered, "I said that I need them to be skilled, but they still sent someone who only has a good appearance..."

Fang Ziqing's eyes widened, and he looked at the two stacks of money in his hand in disbelief. No matter how slow his reaction was, he understood that he was being treated as a male whoring! After prostituting, she still thought his skills are not good, someone with only a good appearance who was not even worth 10,000 Yuan...

He doesn't know how much other male prostitutes were worth, but ten thousand yuan was not even worthy of touching his hand!

Ptui! He was so confused, it wasn't about money at all, it was because he was insulted!

He! Became! A! Prostitute!!

Fang Ziqing's face was black, and the dark air above his head almost condensed into substance. Wen Qing glanced at him after putting on her clothes, "What? Still angry? Okay, okay, the truth doesn't sound good, I'll take it back, OK?"

While talking, she picked up her bag and jacket, and then turned around and said, "It's a pity that you are doing this for so long. If you have to sell your hue, isn't it better to just be a star?"

After she finished speaking, she opened the door and walked out. The sound of the door closing brought Fang Ziqing back to reality. He looked at the door and the banknotes in his hand. He threw the money in annoyance, jumped up, put on his clothes indiscriminately, and chase after her. He now has the intention to kill Wen Qing!

However, he kept chasing until outside the clubhouse without seeing Wen Qing and kicked the glass door of the hotel angrily.

This huge noise alarmed many people, just as Yang Fan came down from upstairs, his face was full of spring, and at a glance, he knew that he had a good time last night. Seeing Fang Ziqing kicking the door with a livid face, he hurriedly came over and asked, "What's the matter? Did the door provoke you?"

Fang Ziqing sneered, "The door didn't provoke me, you provoke me!"

Yang Fan was puzzled, "When did I provoke you? Why? You’re dissatisfied with the girl last night? You don't like her? The devil has a baby face, and her innocence makes people want to commit crimes. If it wasn't for your brother, I wouldn't be willing to do it! "

"What did you say?" Fang Ziqing grabbed him by the collar, "A baby face?"

Yang Fan nodded dumbfoundedly, "Yes..."

Just at this moment, a girl in a white dress came out cursing, "Damn! What rich second-generation, I thought I could catch a fool, I didn't expect to be a liar!"

As soon as she looked up, she saw Yang Fan, and immediately put on a smiling face, and ran like a little bird, "Brother Yang, are you waiting for me?" Her full chest rubbed against Yang Fan's arm, and she said, "Brother Yang, is the person you asked me to accompany you last night really the brother you grew up with? It doesn't look like it?"

Yang Fan was dumbfounded, looked at the baby-faced girl, and then at Fang Ziqing, confused.

Fang Ziqing understood what was going on, but still with a livid face, he pushed him away, entered the clubhouse, and went to find the manager.

"Xiao Fang, how's it going? Isn't this a big deal? You say that the price doesn't matter, as long as the technique is good, I'll hand over your information."

"Hey! Don't mention it, manager, didn't you say that 606 is a rich woman? Her chest is filled and her face is fake. She slept with me for a night and still asked for money. This is the first time I encountered this kind of thing, it really opened my eyes. I've been working hard to serve her for a long time last night!"

"What 606? I told you to go to 909!"

"Huh? The room card you gave me is 606."

As soon as Fang Ziqing arrived at the manager's office, he heard such a passage, comparing the two phases, what else could he not understand? The incident of getting the wrong room card can make him encounter it, it's really bad luck!

Fang Ziqing pushed open the door and went in, "Yesterday's events are to be buried in your grave. If anyone dares to spread the word, I will kill them!"

In fact, no one but the person involved would know what happened in Room 909. Even if he hadn't been so threatening, no one would have thought of it. It's just that Fang Ziqing had suffered from this stifling loss and couldn't swallow it.

In the end, he took away the surveillance video of the hotel last night and determined that the manager and Yang Fan bumped into each other last night, before getting the wrong room card, then he finally believed that it was indeed an accident. But it was hard not to let him think too much of this coincidence.

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