Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers

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Chapter 117: Male God Raider System [6]

When Shen Ruochu came out of the library, he didn't know when it started to rain. It was already very cold in the late autumn. If he brave himself through the rain to go back, it was estimated that he would get sick.

Shen Ruochu frowned slightly. He was used to having an assistant take care of everything. He even forgot the basic life skills when he came out alone, and he didn't check the weather before going out.

It was already dark, there was no one around, and the library was about to close. Helplessly, Shen Ruochu decided to run back in the rain. He had just put the backpack on his head and was about to run when an umbrella was propped up on top of his head.

"Let's go together."

Shen Ruochu turned around and saw a girl with an oriental face holding an umbrella and smiling at him. She was very beautiful, with fair skin, enchanting eyebrows, eyes, and charming red lips, she was amazing at a glance. Shen Ruochu has been in the entertainment industry for so many years, she was used to seeing all kinds of beauty, and he has never met a woman more amazing than her.

It was a joy to meet the same race in a foreign country, not to mention that the other party was so beautiful, but Shen Ruochu was a little wary. With a calm smile on his face, he asked, "Are you from China?"

Wen Qing smiled and nodded, "Yes, Sir, are you too?"

Shen Ruochu glanced at her in surprise. Seeing that she didn't look to be joking, he understood that the girl should not recognize him. Maybe she didn't know him at all, so he relaxed, smiled gently, and said, "Me too."

He chose such an inconspicuous school because he wanted to avoid the media and fans. He just wanted to rest quietly for a while. If this girl knew him, he would inevitably worry about being exposed. It's good that she did not recognize him.

Wen Qing glanced at the continuous heavy rain, "I don't know when the rain will stop, I live in the apartment opposite the school, I'll take you to the bus outside on the way, and then I'll go back."

"It's a coincidence that I also live in the apartment opposite."

"That's great, let's go together?"

Shen Ruochu accepted her kindness, and the two walked into the rain with an umbrella. There was a bit of embarrassment between the two strangers, and Shen Ruochu took the initiative to raise a topic.

"Are you a student of this school?"

"Yes, I’m already in my senior year. I should have graduated in July, but there was a delay. I took leave from the professor to postpone my defense, and it was delayed until now."

"Finance major?"

"Huh? How do you know?"

"I see you have an economics book."


The two were talking and chatting, and when they walked downstairs to the apartment, Shen Ruochu had already figured out Wen Qing's situation... as he thought.

She was an orphan with both parents dead. After graduating from high school, she brought her parents' legacy to study in the United States. She was studying while working a part-time job, she now had a formal job, earns a lot of money, was in the financial circle, and doesn't pay attention to entertainment news and gossip...

Wen Qing said that there was nothing wrong with it.

No wonder Shen Ruochu was so careful. In the entertainment industry, he must be wary of others. It's always right to be careful.

After parting, they both went home. Wen Qing went back to have a video call with the three babies. Chuyi was over three years old, and he spoke very fluently. Chu’er could speak some short sentences fluently, but he couldn't speak long sentences. Chusan was only three months old and babbled in artian language, and the four of them chatted very livelily.

On the other side, after Shen Ruochu went back, he received a call from his agent who asked him when he would go back.

Shen Ruochu's face turned gloomy for a moment, "Didn't I told you that I want to study here for a year? It's only been less than a month."

"Big brother, after a year everything would be too late, who still remembers you? Look at the entertainment industry, weren’t there a lot of new stars debuted every day? Fans nowadays are no better than in the old times, they are not very affectionate. You have been away for so long. If they have a new love, they will forget the old love! You go study abroad when you are popular, what are you thinking!"

Shen Ruochu rubbed his brows and said tiredly, "Brother Lin, how can you let me go back if the matter is not resolved? Are you going to let me sell myself for glory?"

Lin Feng's voice suddenly weakened, "How can you, aren’t this supported by the company? You are the cash cow of our Jiahua, the company will not ignore you. If you come back first, there will always be a solution. "

"Do you believe what you say yourself? If the company wanted to take care of it, they would have already taken care of it, and they would have packed me directly to that person's bed! Lin Feng, you don't have to persuade me, I know what to do, and if it's a big deal, I'll just be banned. I’ll just quit the entertainment industry by then. Be careful when you are in China, don't call me if you have nothing to do."

After Shen Ruochu finished speaking, he hung up the phone and turned it off. Standing in front of the window, looking at the rain outside, his expression was gloomy.

He went abroad, saying it was to study abroad, but in fact, it was to avoid disaster. In the past two years, he has been in the limelight in the country, and he was no exception to the so-called ‘gossip always goes around the popular guys’. Needless to say, the conflict in the circle, but also attracts the attention of a powerful person. There were a lot of homosexuals in the circle, but he was a pure straight man. Even if he was not, he will not do pr*stitution for glory!

The other party has some power, and he can't afford to offend him, so he can only hide abroad, and take one step at a time. Although a little embarrassed, it was better than selling oneself.

Wen Qing knew these things, Shen Ruochu had the most ordinary background among the five, and it was all because of his own efforts that he get to where he was today, but sometimes pure hard work tcan’t solve everything.

Wen Qing knew that he would definitely come to this school, so when she went abroad, she chose this school and waited. And this school has free management, so she will take the exam once every semester, she just need to pass the exam and it will not delay her time.

Because they lived in the same apartment, Wen Qing and Shen Ruochu had many opportunities to meet. The time they went running in the morning was also the same. After a few times in a row, they made an appointment to exercise together. Wen Qing introduced him to nearby restaurants, supermarkets, leisure places, etc. In less than a week, the two became very familiar with each other.

It has to be said that Shen Ruochu was really a very gentle person, not pretending to sell an upfront in front of his fans. He never speaks loudly, never gets red-faced no matter how irritable he was, considerate and careful in his actions, was calm and steady, and never embarrasses others. He was also the only one of the five men who did not attack Su Wenqing. Wen Qing felt that it was a complete enjoyment to be with such a person.

Unfortunately, no matter how good a man was, he also belongs to the heroine.

Shen Ruochu was at peace with the situation, and he was not ready to return to China in the short term, so he relaxes and enjoys the quiet life now. Once his mind was calm, it was easy to find the beauty around him. For example, a beautiful woman who can't be ignored. She was gentle, beautiful, and sentimental. She loves life, has a cheerful personality, and cooks good dishes...

Wen Qing has a strategy to capture the heart and made a good investment, so it's hard for anyone not to be attracted to her. So when Shen Ruochu confessed to her, she was not surprised at all and agreed with a smile.

Two months after dating, on Christmas, their relationship took a further breakthrough. Therefore, Wen Qing proposed to break up.

"Let's break up."

As soon as Shen Ruochu got up, he heard her say this and smiled, "Is it April Fool's Day today?"

"I was serious."

Shen Ruochu stopped the movement in his hand and looked back at her, seeing that her expression was not joking, the smile in her eyes gradually faded, but her expression was still calm, "Why?"

Wen Qing euphemistically said, "We are not suitable."

"Why is not suitable? We've been together for two months, not two days, and suddenly it's inappropriate..."

Wen Qing said softly, "Too thin."

Shen Ruochu, "?"

Wen Qing didn't speak, but turned on her phone and clicked on a book. Shen Ruochu read it clearly. The title of the book was "The Domineering President's Wife", but she turned a few pages and pointed to a line of words for him to read.

Shen Ruochu took a closer look, and the line she pointed to read, "The heat that was hard to grasp with one hand", "A baby's arms thick"...

This was f*cking describing a club, right?!

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