Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers

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Chapter 119: Male God Raider System [8]

Su La returned to the dormitory and was about to open the door when she heard voices coming from inside.

"It made me laugh to death, you don't know when she auditioned for that scene, the director let her play a shocked expression, then she opened her eyes wide, when it was furious, she also opened her eyes wide... all emotions were expressed with wide eyes, everyone was laughing, and even the director laughed angrily. I was embarrassed for her in that scene, and I don’t know where she got the courage to ask the director if she passed.”

"Ha ha ha ha……"

"It must be a wonderful scene, doesn't she notice that others are laughing at her? Did she really think that being beautiful meant invincible in the world!"

"Moreover, after she left, someone gave her a nickname, guess what?"

"What is it?"

"It's called – Staring Eyes!"


The people in the room burst into laughter. There was a flash of anger in Sula's eyes, but she quickly recovered and slammed the door open. When the people in the room saw her coming back, their faces were wonderful. It was really embarrassing to talk about others behind their backs and be caught by them in person.

Su La raised her chin, squinted and looked down at them, and said casually, "What if I don't have acting skills? At least I still have a face! Unlike some people, it's fine if they don't have acting skills, but they're still so ugly. Ugly people are at fault! Tch!"

The three became red in anger instantly, "Who are you calling ugly!"

"Whoever talking about me, it’s them!"


"Forget it, don't we want to go out for dinner? Let's go, let's go, we won't be able to get a seat if we're late." They had never been Su La's opponents with their words, but this time they knew they were wrong, but they couldn't outspeak her. So they can only swallow this anger.

Su La watched them leave with ridicule on her face, and sneered in her heart, a group of lowly people would talk about others behind their backs, and use the way of stepping down on others to cover up their inner jealousy! The more they belittled her, the more jealous they proved to be! Not being envied meant you’re a mediocre person!

Su La comforted herself, and finally let out the depression in her heart, but when she thought about the failure of today's audition again, she felt depressed again. Although she was very happy when she confronted those people just now, she had to admit that no one had wronged her, and she was indeed embarrassed by her acting skills. But what can she do? She has obviously worked very hard, but she will never get the essence of acting, just like being born with a poor voice, she feels that she may really not be able to act.

Just as Su La fell into self-doubt, a mechanical voice sounded out of thin air, "Do you want to be an international actress? Do you want to be a music queen?"


"I am the Male God Raider System from the [Beep- ] Planet, which can make you an all-around film and television superstar!"


After half a day of exploration, Sula finally figured out the so-called Male God Raider System. As long as she completes the tasks released by the system, it can reward her with a series of props, help her improve her acting skills, transform her voice, and help her become an international superstar!

overjoyed by this opportunity that fell from the sky. She was so surprised! This is exactly what she needs! As for raiding the male gods, this was not a problem, what was a man, can it be more important than a career?

So Su La took the system and started to go hunting.

The system divides men into six levels, with F being the lowest and A being the highest level. Those who are rated as A must be high-quality male gods.

[Target found! Target found!]

Su La's eyes lit up, and she involuntarily licked her lips and asked, "Where?"

As soon as she finished speaking, a map appeared in front of her instantly, with a red dot pointing to the destination, and Su La followed the system instructions and walked towards the destination.

Fang Ziqing greeted Xu Zhan's girlfriend again. He really had water in his head before agreeing to Xu Zhan's and getting into the entertainment industry. Now, he was being chased by fans every day, taking photos and signing autographs. Gone are the leisurely days of his past days.

It's been two hours since he left the set, and he hasn't come home yet. He's performing a city escape. He was the only leading actor, and the supporting roles were fans and reporters from all walks of life. He was still hiding in the toilet now, calling someone for help.

In order to hide from his manager, he arranged work for him, so he did not bring an assistant or bodyguard and came out alone. Now he had to call them to come and pick him up.

Tang Yue gloated, "Ziqing, it's not that brother never tells you, even if you’re hiding from me, you can't take no one with you! It's good now, the toilet was blocked, how many times has this happened?"

Can I escape if I bring someone? All the people he paid for betrayed him, and no one listened to him! Fang Ziqing didn't answer him, and said impatiently, "Hurry up!"

Tang Yue heard this and knew that the eldest young master had endured to the limit. He was afraid that he would do something impulsively, so he hurriedly said, "Ten minutes, I'll be there soon!"

Fang Ziqing hung up the phone and just stared at the time on the phone. If he dared to make him wait for a second longer, he would strike next week's arrangement!

At this time, a question came from the next door, "Well, did you go to the wrong place, or did I go to the wrong place?"

Fang Ziqing froze immediately, it was no other than because the voice was obviously a woman.

The air was quiet for a few seconds. Fang Ziqing didn't speak. Hearing the door opening and closing next door, and the sound of footsteps gradually moving away, he breathed a sigh of relief. No matter who went wrong, his voice was too recognizable, although he only said a few words, if he was heard, he will be in trouble.

Before he could finish breathing a sigh of relief, he saw a pair of feet wearing canvas shoes outside his door, "I went to check it out. This is the women's toilet, so Mr. Fang is the one who went wrong."

Fang Ziqing was stunned, his first reaction was, oops I'm actually going to the wrong toilet! He reacted immediately, it was not terrible to go to the wrong toilet, the most terrible thing was that he went to the wrong toilet and was found by someone! What if his face was spread out?

The people outside kindly suggested to him, "Mr. Fang, while there is no one outside, I'll cover you up. Come out quickly."

To go out, or not to go out? Was this still worth thinking about? Fang Ziqing decisively opened the door and went out.

When Su La saw Fang Ziqing, she only thought that he was prettier than on the screen, as expected of a man who was identified as A-level by the system! If it's all this level, it's not a loss to let her go to raid them!

Su La suppressed the restless thoughts in her heart and smiled calmly, "Are you hiding from the fans outside? I know a staff passage, you can go directly through the back door, I'll take you there."

Fang Ziqing glanced at her, nodded, lowered his hat again, and followed behind her.

Su La saw that he didn't react to the beauty she was proud of, and felt a little lost. Without thinking, she took him out.

It was smooth at first, but how could they continue to walk with such a bland interaction with him? So just when she was about to leave the back door of the mall, Su La fell, and the movement instantly attracted the attention of others. Fans knew their idol even if they turned into ashes, and they saw through Fang Ziqing's disguise at a glance. So they screamed and chased after him.


Su La's face changed instantly, "No, they found us!"

What nonsense! Do you still need to say it?! Fang Ziqing was very speechless about this woman's performance. At first, when he saw that she was calm, he thought she was reliable, but he didn't expect her to be unreliable! Fang Ziqing was about to run away. It was not difficult to get rid of these people at his speed, but he was too tired.

Unexpectedly, the woman pulled him up and ran, saying, "Run, I'll take you out!"

Fang Ziqing is going to die of anger! He knows how to run! The problem was don't drag me! Being dragged by you was a complete drag!

At a critical moment, Tang Yue was still reliable. A nanny car suddenly appeared, the door opened automatically, and Tang Yue's flat face was exposed, "Come up quickly."

So Su La pulled Fang Ziqing into the car and walked away.

Ten minutes later, the headlines of all major media sites were dominated by the news that Fang Ziqing was in love. This time, it was not groundless, there was evidence, there were pictures and it was the truth.

Tang Yue was busy clarifying, and Fang Ziqing was upset by the verification calls coming one after another. He could send away his little brother, but the grandparents, parents, uncles, and aunts, he can’t. He had to explain kindly but they didn't believe it for a long time and wanted him to bring her home...

This kind of hard work was as cruel and inhumane as late-stage cancer, so Fang Ziqing put all his anger on Su La. If it wasn't for this woman, would he be able to suffer such a big crime?

However, today's turmoil was just the beginning. In the next few days, he will always meet her unexpectedly, and she will always do bad things with good intentions, making him feel irritable and want to beat her up.

Su La looked at his darkened face, and secretly asked the system, "System, is ‘The Road to Happiness’ you set reliable or not? Why do I think it's backfired?"

[Don't worry, no problem, the strategy route is fully set according to a series of factors such as the target character's personality, preferences, emotional intelligence, family, etc. Fang Ziqing has no desire and is not interested in anything. Only in this way can he be attracted to you. He’ll be impressed and put you in his heart.]

Su La knew it, this was called taking the kidney but not the heart*! She likes it.

*T/n: Having a relationship but not sincere.

The system's line was correct. After a period of irritability, madness, and anger, Fang Ziqing unknowingly left her shadow in his heart. A favorability rating of 75 on the system is the best proof.

[Next, you will play with him and flirt with him from time to time.]

So, when she accidentally fell into Fang Ziqing's arms, and the other party tried to kiss her, she said, "Can you do it? I will dislike it if you had poor skill!"

Past experience tells Su La that usually at this time, a man should smile wickedly and say, "Will I do it, won’t you know if you try?" Then the thunder stirs the fire, the sauce is stuffed, and then there will be 300 rounds of battle to prove that he has very good strength.

However, this time, she miscalculated. Right after she said that Fang Ziqing's face darkened instantly. His favorability dropped from 75, and it didn't stop when until it fell below 0.

Su La was dumbfounded, wasn’t this plot gone wrong?

How did she know that the two words ‘poor skill’ was indescribable pain in Fang Ziqing's heart? Even after six years, he still couldn't let it go. Ordinary lovers can be regarded as love affairs, but in his case, it was completely different.

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