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Chapter 120: Male God Raider System [9]

Su La's strategy against Fang Ziqing fell short at the last minute, and the system indicated that the data it collected was fine.

[People are unpredictable, no matter how perfect a strategy is, it can't guarantee 100% success. Let’s put this down first, and I will study his data.]

So, the system then asked Su La to attack another little newcomer, the little king of the music world named Su Yu. This time there was no accident, the strategy was successful, and the system rewarded her with primary acting skills.

Su La, who got the benefits, was extremely excited and finally believed that the system was indeed superior and not fooling her. Then, she became more attentive to the task of conquering the male god. Pick up a little fresh meat today, and hook up with a beautiful man tomorrow. She can not only attract male gods but also improve her skills, so don't live your life too mediocrely.

However, there are always times when the boat capsizes in the gutter. For example, at the veteran cadre He Jinsheng, she encountered the same situation as Fang Ziqing again. Still, she pretended to be ambiguous and asked about his size, and her favorability dropped to negative.

Damn it!

If you care so much about a joke, you cannot do it, right? But the systematic data shows that he was indeed a gifted type, and should be very proud of it. Otherwise, she would not be joking like that.

In the end, she can only classify these veterans as a more serious type. Maybe he just doesn't like this kind of joke.

When Su La was busy attacking various male gods, Wen Qing, who was far away on the other side of the earth, was having a heart-to-heart conversation with Chu’er.

She was dealing with work in the study room when Chu’er knocked on the door and came in looking a little depressed. The six-year-old boy already has the appearance of a little man, polite, sensible, and somewhat calm, which does not match his age.

"Mom, I want to go back to China."

"What's the matter, baby? Why do you suddenly think of going back to China?" No wonder Wen Qing was puzzled. Her five children had never been back once when they were so grown up. There must be a reason for him to bring it up suddenly.

Chu’er pursed his lips and looked at Wen Qing with big black and white eyes, "Mom, this is my secret, can I not tell it?"

"Of course, baby!" Wen Qing squatted down with a smile and touched his head, "Mom respects all your decisions."

Wen Qing has given the children all the autonomy since childhood, good and bad were up to them. Do it right, and she'll encourage compliments on them. If you make a mistake, you will suffer a loss, she doesn’t have to say anything, but they will remember it for a long time and won't do it again next time. She never disciplines them as a mother, but gets along like equal friends.

Therefore, several children are very independent in character and have their own ideas. Sometimes she, the mother, was convinced by their intelligence.

She didn't want to hide their background, when they asked about her father, she would tell them. She also told them that she advocates the freedom of love. They could get together if they like them, and separate if they do not. No one was right or wrong, it was just not suitable. The children didn't have any special reaction and even said that as long as she likes them, she didn't need to care about what they thought.

Wen Qing felt that her biggest gain in this life was this group of lovely children.

"You may not be familiar with China, bring enough staff, pay attention to safety, and call mother if you need anything." After Wen Qing explained, she kissed his cheek.

Chu’er kissed her back, feeling a little embarrassed, "Mom, I actually wanted to see my father when I went back, but I didn't say it because I was afraid of you misunderstanding that I didn't love you anymore and that you would be sad."

Wen Qing scratched his little nose and said with a smile, "Is mother such a petty person? It's okay, freedom of love is a mother's right, and you also have the right to decide whether to recognize your father. Go, Mother supports any of your decision.”

So Wen Chuan returned to China with a group of people in a low-key manner. Although he is in the United States, he has been paying attention to domestic news since his mother told him that his father was He Jinsheng.

Children in single-parent families often look forward to the lack of father/mother love, but Wen Chu’er did not. He was not short of love, his mother took good care of him, and he didn’t care about whether there was a father in the family. It's just that he has had a problem since he was a child. Everything that belongs to him can only belong to himself, and no one else can touch it. Therefore, He Jinsheng was his father. Even if he breaks up with his mother, he is still his father, and the blood relationship cannot be broken. Therefore, not just any random person can get involved.

When Wen Chu’er returned to China, he immediately sent someone to investigate Su La's background. With a glance, he knew it's not surprising that this woman not only hooked up with his father but also with his eldest brother, third brother, fourth brother and younger sister’s dad! There were also countless other male stars in the entertainment industry! She was so great!

Wen Chu’er was unhappy, very unhappy. He felt that his father was also quite stupid, and was almost tricked by that woman! With such a foolish father, how can he just watch on the sidelines as his son? So Wen Chu’er bought the brokerage company where He Jinsheng worked.

His mother had said that their family's money had surpassed number one on the rich list. He couldn't spend it no matter how much he spent, and it was no big deal to honor his father with pocket money.

Therefore, He Jinsheng was suddenly confused. He could choose any famous director, big production, ace variety show, and movie script...

Even his new agent was dumbfounded, "Although your drama has become a big hit, it has become popular all over China overnight, and your Weibo fans have increased by 50 million, but you can't make the company pay so much attention! Is someone in a high position coveting you again?" He has a good relationship with He Jinsheng, and he knows that He Jinsheng once rejected the company's female executives and was hidden by the company.

He Jinsheng was also a little apprehensive. It was really too painful to be hidden at that time, and he didn't want to experience it again.

"Tsk tsk, with such a big deal, they must have really loved you. If she’s not ugly, you can just go with the flow!" The agent joked.

He Jinsheng glanced at him but said nothing. Now he has lost the youthful spirit of six years ago, and it was unknown if he can withstand this temptation.

Fortunately, Chu’er didn't know about their conversation. Otherwise, he would have sent them five words - brain damage is a disease.

A few days later, He Jinsheng's manager suddenly received an invitation from a variety show. Because He Jinsheng's schedule in the second half of the year was too full, he was about to refuse, but when he heard the other party's offer, he almost dropped his phone in shock. Without hesitation, he agreed.

At the end, I couldn't help but ask, "Are your shows making so much money? You can afford to pay so high, aren’t you afraid to lose money?"

The other party gave him an awkward laugh. The program director said that he didn't want it either, but this time the cute little baby paid a huge amount of money and named He Jinsheng to be his intern father. What could he do? Of course, he promise him!

But when he thought of the scene that day, the director couldn't help but having his legs weak. There was lined up of a long line of luxury cars. At first, twenty or thirty European and American-looking bodyguards in suits came down wearing leather shoes and sunglasses, as if the underworld were making trouble. Then came a group of assistant secretaries and the like, with a very respectful attitude. That momentum, that battle, was no less than that of the royal family of Country X. Just when the director thought that some royal prince was quietly visiting China, a six- or seven-year-old boy got out of the car...

Think about his own six or seven years old child, then look at other people's six or seven years old child, you would be doubting your life...

Although he doesn’t know which country's little prince sneaked out to experience people's livelihood, no one would have trouble living with money. Besides, this child was very handsome and well-trained. His gestures were all noble and elegant, which was definitely a weapon to increase the ratings! He Jinsheng was also a big hit this year! He has become the traffic bringer of today's entertainment industry! This pair was absolutely eye-catching.

So the director happily settled on this pair of intern father and son.

Soon, Wen Qing, who was far away in the United States, also learned that Chu’er participated in a parent-child program called "Dad is Superman". She was amused and a little distressed. After all, doesn’t it mean he still expecting his father? Otherwise, he wouldn't use such a roundabout way just to get along with He Jinsheng for a while.

She knew it, and so did the little ones. Wen Chuyi was the eldest brother, so he told Wen Qing that he brought his younger siblings back to China, what else did he do?

Take part in “Dad is Superman”.


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