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Chapter 121: Male God Raider System [10]

Bo He was running in the gym, and the agent came over with a program invitation, "Take a look, are you interested?"

Bo He stopped exercising, wiped his sweat with a towel, then picked up a glass of water, and asked, "What?"

"It's a reality show, although you don't need to consolidate your reputation this way, now the reality show is popular in China. You are well-known internationally, but in China, you are like a flower of high mountains, which is somewhat unattainable. Participating in a reality show is conducive to getting close to the people."

Bo He was noncommittal, "They say reality show, but it's just acting with a script. It's just a gimmick under the guise of a reality show. I don't want to play a virtual character to deceive fans. You can decline for me."

The agent hurriedly said, "This is different. "Dad is Superman" is a parent-child show. It has been popular for several years and has been well received. Of course, I knew you wouldn't participate in that kind of show that sells characters, so I chose this one, and the pay they gave was very high, a nine figures..."

Bo He was a little moved, of course not because of the nine-figure salary, but because of the show "Dad is Superman". He has also watched several episodes and had absolutely no resistance to the soft and cute children. Although in the eyes of the public, he has always been a cool actor, he actually likes children very much. But he never considers this show because he didn't have children...

"This season, they introduced the intern dad mode, mainly because they want to invite stars who have no children to match with cute children, which is also very interesting. You may not know that after the official announcement of this decision by "Dad is Superman", the online friends was very interested in you and your vote was ranked first. And because you have repeatedly expressed your desire to have a daughter in public, the program team is very cooperative, and matching you with a little girl..."

"Okay, don't say more, I agree." It's useless to say a bunch of things. He should mention that he would be paired with a little girl earlier!

On the other hand, Tang Yue is also persuading Fang Ziqing, "The love scandal about you some time ago, and the behavior of throwing the reporter's camera plummet your image. You should pay attention to this show. Be patient and gentle with the children. This is the best way to restore your image, don't make any more trouble."

Fang Ziqing lay on the sofa and sneered, "Troublemaking children are the most annoying. Don't expect me to have any patience with them, you shouldn't accept this kind of show for me."

Tang Yue’s head throbbed from anger. He was resisting the urge to slap him, and patiently said, "If you don't cause trouble in this show, I'll give you a two-month vacation, how about it?"

Fang Ziqing replied lazily, "Let's talk about it later." Because dealing with annoying children couldn't even raise his interest in taking a long vacation.

Tang Yue had an incomparable headache, and turned around to see Xu Zhan who was playing games on the other side of the sofa, "Xu Zhan, you too, don't get angry at every turn, you must be patient..."

"I know, I know, Old Tang, why are you so long-winded!"

Seeing this, Tang Yue was even more worried. What kind of sins did he do in the past life to get these two living ancestors!

This season of "Dad Is Superman" sparked a massive discussion when it was rumored that it would have a real dad plus intern dad mode. It has invited many stars who have not yet become fathers which were highly anticipated by netizen. The Internet has even voted for the most anticipated star dads, from the international movie star Bo He, to the small fresh meat Xu Zhan, Fang Ziqing, as well as the veteran cadre He Jinsheng, the male god Shen Ruochu, etc. All of which have extremely high popularity.

However, most netizens think that it is only a fantasy. It is impossible for the program team to invite such a luxurious lineup. They are satisfied with having one of them.

However, the surprise came too quickly, the latest announcement announced that this time "Dad Is Superman" adopts the intern dad mode, and there is no real father-son/daughter. The program team has not yet whetted the audience's appetite, and directly told them who the candidate was——

Bo He!

Shen Ruochu!

He Jinsheng!

Fang Ziqing!

Xu Zhan!

The whole network was boiling, not only fans screaming, but even people in the industry are shocked! They were all first-line big names, and they are responsible for the traffic. Even Film Emperor Bo, who has long been a male god was invited. This was a big deal! Crazy!

The surprised fans were jubilant. They swiped their phone over and over again, and called the show group crazy! The network was paralyzed at once, the influence of these people can be seen in a glance.

"Don't say anything else, the show team like crazy! Fighting!"

"Can only say, 666!"

*T/n: 666 means awesome.

"It's all my male gods! Lifetime series!"

"Ow! I'm looking forward to it! The show team is so bad! The broadcast was still so long, but they announce the list so early, it's heart-wrenching!"

"Same! Kneeling and begging the program group to broadcast while filming!"

After the show team saw it, they agreed very readily! Extraordinary things were done in extraordinary ways. It was estimated that the opportunity for big-name superstars to gather together was difficult. Now that the exposure and attention were all there, there was no need to hide.

Finally, on the official shooting day, a few children were going to go to Star Dad’s house. Before leaving, Chuyi told his younger siblings, "Get along with your father but don't reveal your identity. I don't think my mother likes us meeting them."

"How do you know?" Asked Chu’er. Mother clearly said that she didn't mind him coming back to find his father.

Chuyi gave him a glance, it was obvious that there was no turbulence, but Chu’er felt the contempt in those gaze, "Mother called Su Wenqing in China, and Wenqing abroad, and our surname is Wen. Why? Haven't you thought about it?"

Saying that, regardless of him, he stepped forward and held Chuwu’s hand, "Xiao Wu, didn't you ask where Dad is last time? You can see him soon, have a good time with Dad, and Brother will pick you up in two days, okay?"

Chuwu blinked his big doll-like eyes and replied obediently, "Okay."

Everything was arranged properly, and the five of them set off on their respective roads. The first was Wen Chuyi, who was seven years old this year. As the eldest brother among the five, his father Xu Zhan was the youngest of his fathers. He was twenty-six years old this year. That is to say, his Dad had him when he was eighteen, and he was born when he was nineteen. Being a father at such a young age was obviously unreliable.

This was Wen Chuyi's first impression of Xu Zhan. Facts have proved that his father really lived up to his expectations and was very unreliable.

"Come in," The doorbell rang. Xu Zhan held the phone in one hand and quickly opened the door with the other. He didn't leave the game screen at all, and said, "Wait until I finish this game!" Then he ran back to the sofa and buried his head in the game.

Even the staff on the side were puzzled by his unreliability and hurried to look at Chuyi for fear that he would be embarrassed. However, Wen Chuyi's expression remained unchanged, and he walked in very calmly. He already knew what his father's virtues were, so it wasn't surprising at all, okay?

Xu Zhan finished playing the game, he saw that there were many cameras and crews in the room, and then he suddenly remembered, he seems to be recording a show today?

"Hey? Where's the kid? Didn't you say you wanted me to be an intern dad?"

The camera crew was about to cry by his stupidity. They pointed their fingers behind him, where Chuyi was seated in a casual manner. His expression was neither sad nor happy, neither crying nor making trouble, he looked noble and glamorous. He watched as he played for a long time, and all the staff in the room felt the pressure in those eyes, but the parties involved were unaware.

Xu Zhan turned back and was stunned when he saw Chuyi, "You..."

These familiar eyebrows seemed to let him see another person, the one he had been thinking about in his youth and loved so much that he couldn't bear to look back.

At the same time, Chu’er also came to He Jinsheng's house. He Jinsheng was much more reliable than Xu Zhan. At the age of 30, he was mature and stable. The years did not leave any trace on his face but increased his charm and gave people a sense of a safe and secure feeling. However, in the eyes of Chu’er, he was still the stupid father who was almost caught in the coquettish bitch routine.

He Jinsheng smiled very friendly, bent down, and hugged Chu’er, "Hello, I'm your father, He Jinsheng."

He didn't notice anything yet, but the staff on the side of the doorway noticed, "Huh? This pair looks like a real father and son!" Those eyebrows and eyes were almost carved out of the same mold if it wasn't his own... Wait, This is the cute baby who must bring He Jinsheng to be his intern dad with his own huge amount of money, right? It seems that we had discovered something amazing.

Of course, at this time, they were just imagining things and didn't think deeply. If they seriously inquire Chu’er, they might find that the truth was what they thought.

Chusan looks like Wen Qing, but inherited Fang Ziqing's laziness. They didn't say a words since they met, and each lay lazily on the sofa and counted sheep. Later, the program team couldn't watch it anymore and sent out a task to ask the father to cook lunch for the child.

Fang Ziqing was noncommittal and asked Chusan, "What do you want to eat?"

Chusan slowly raised his eyelids, "What can you make?"



So, at noon, the two of them ate a box of instant noodles under the shocked eyes of the show crew. Fang Ziqing also thoughtfully asked what flavor Chusan wanted and put a piece of ham, without cutting it, and soaked it directly in two halves.

Lazy to the extreme.

Chusi was three and a half years old, and she was still a baby girl. Because Shen Ruochu lived with his parents, it was not Shen Ruochu who was the happiest when Chusi appeared, but her father and mother. Shen Ruochu was already thirty-one, so far, he has not considered marriage. The old couple wanted to hold a grandchild, but their son had not given them a grandchild. Therefore, they were very looking forward to the appearance of Chusi. His small room was prepared early in the morning. Father Shen also made handmade toys and happily waited for the arrival of his "grandson".

As soon as Chusi arrived, he called his father and grandparents one by one sweetly, and the two old people smiled happily, showing their big teeth. They hugged him and called him good grandson, " Oh, little baby, if only this is really my grandson!"

The old couple was a bit presbyopic, and when they got closer, they couldn't help but be surprised, " Huh? This child looks exactly the same as When Ruochu was a child!"

"Let me see, it's true!" Shen's father and mother were about to ask Shen Ruochu, but when they saw the cameras around, they held back. It's just that they like Chusi more and more. If they like him five points before, it was now ten points.

After the two-day and one-night shooting was over, and the family reluctantly said goodbye to Chusi, Mother Shen stopped Shen Ruochu and asked him a little tangled, "Son, Mother is not a conservative person, if you really have a child outside, you should bring the child back, Mother allow it. There is no need to hide them away from me and your father. "

Shen Ruochu: "?"

Mother Shen thought he was pretending to be stupid, so she simply pointed out, "This child is really not your own? You can hide it from others, but you can't hide it from me. He looked like when you were younger, the Chusi was carved out of the same mold, so who would believe it if it wasn't your own!"

Shen Ruochu didn't know whether to laugh or cry, did they want a grandson so badly and go crazy? He doesn't have a girlfriend, so let him be a father instead! Is it, Mother?


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