Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers

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Chapter 23: Pampered Consort's Imperial Harem System [1.1]

Chapter: Change The Status Of Women

After absorbing the power of merit, Wen Qing fisted her hand in thin air and spread it out again. There were two golden keys in her palm, one written Terrifying Black Packet and the other, Cultivating Red packet. The former was the golden finger that she took with her when she went to complete the task, and the latter was the one she snatched from Mo Yao. However, it was hers now. She flung them as they turned into meteors and flew into the Vanity Space. Together with the other two keys, they hung in the dark space, sending out the golden halo, just like the stars in the night sky.

Wen Qing lived in this space, which she named Infinite Space. It appeared as an ancient courtyard, surrounded by a thick fog. The entrance gate had a small alley hidden among the fog, but she didn't know where it led.

There were three rooms in the yard. The one on the left was the space with golden fingers, which she named Vanity Space. The next two rooms were where she rested and entertained her guests. She usually received guests in the yard, namely, clients.

The yard was always in spring, and a huge peach tree covered half of the yard with everblooming flowers and pleasant scenery. Under the peach tree, there was a strange stone named "Past Life Stone", which Wen Qing could use to watch the client's past life. There was also a well in the courtyard, which was called the reincarnation pool. The clients that had lost their obsession are reincarnated there.

Everything in the Infinite Space was under Wen Qing’s control, controlled specifically by her mind. Now she was lying on a rocking chair under the peach tree, refreshing her spirit by closing her eyes, waiting for the next client to come.

While Wen Qing was having a comfortable sleep, she heard the evocation bell ringing at the gate of the courtyard.

Someone was coming.

Wen Qing stood at the door of the yard and looked at the woman who came at the end of the path. She was dressed in an ancient costume, with long, waist-length hair. She looked slim and somewhat fragile. Beautiful in appearance, and had clear eyes that seemed to be filled with gentle water and light. However, her chin was slightly low, and she walked with a crooked shoulder, which made her look somewhat submissive. Wen Qing, therefore, concluded that she was a gentle and timid girl.

Wen Qing led her to sit down in the courtyard then took a pot of tea out of thin air and made her a cup. The quiet woman asked with surprise, “Are you a fairy?" She looked around again. The scenery was like fairyland, and she couldn't help but sigh. "I never thought I would come to fairyland after death.”

Wen Qing gave her a gentle smile. "I'm not a fairy.”

"In paradise, even if you were not a fairy, you must not be an ordinary person.”

This time, Wen Qing did not refute, and instead asked, "What is your wish?”

"Wish?" The woman was dazed.

"Yes, the people who come here have an unfinished wish or unforgettable obsessions which I help fulfill.”

After listening to Wen Qing’s explanation, the woman hesitated and shook her head, "I do not have any last wish."

Wen Qing looked at her. She looked calm, and it didn’t seem like she was lying. Wen Qing smiled, "The people who come here certainly have an obsession. It might be hidden deep inside, thus you are not aware of this obsession, so think carefully about it again."

The woman thought for a long time but still shook her head. “I was born as a courtesan. I started receiving guests at the age of eleven, and died at the age of seventeen. I was despised and humiliated all my life. Now I am finally out of my misery, and I have no wish in this life. I only wish for peace and joy in the next life, instead of bitterness.”

Even though she had seen her past from the dead stone, Wen Qing still felt distressed for her when she saw her unwavering emotions. She thought about it and asked, "Do you want to know who your biological parents are, and why they abandoned you?”

The woman was surprised for the second time. "Ma said that my mother was a courtesan, she died due to casualties during childbirth. They don't know which client my father is. Why? Is there something else in my life?”

"Come and see it for yourself." Wen Qing waved her hand and sent an image between the woman's brow, which was part of Wen Qing's interception from the stone of death.

After looking, the woman suddenly burst into tears, "Stealing dragon and exchanging phoenix? That's it. That's it…”

She suddenly looked directly at Wen Qing and asked, "You just said you would help me complete my wish. Can I wish for something?”

"No problem. ”

“She abandoned me because I was born a female, I was looked down upon. She thought of me as a worm. Please help me change the status of women. Don't let more daughters be ruined like me.”

Wen Qing saw her eyes changed. She thought she would resent her parents when she knew her unfortunate life experience. Unexpectedly, her wish was to help women all over the world!

Xu had seen Wen Qing's doubts, and the woman laughed, "So what if I bewail? The hardships I have suffered will not be eliminated from my memory. On the contrary, other women who have not been abused are more worthy of help. Instead of wasting this desire to retaliate against others, it is better to do something good for other women.”

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