Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers

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Chapter 30: Pampered Consort's Imperial Harem System [4.2]

Chapter: Fire Gun

Wen Qing gladly explained to him, "This is called a gun."

"Nonsense! I know what a gun is and it doesn't look like this!" The court had a special firearms battalion, in which soldiers were equipped with guns. They had gone there several times before. But that thing didn’t work well. It would be too hot to hold after a few fires. The knockback was big, making the arm numb. It could also easily explode near the face. After they observed the new one, no one touched it.

Wen Qing's item was small and delicate, and its appearance was glowing with a black metallic luster, so it didn’t look at all like a gun. What's more, it was nothing like the guns in the firearms battalion, okay!

Wen Qing glanced at him and said, "How can a thousand teal’s worth fire gun be the same as those? Because you have better vision than both of them, I'll give you ten extra bullets. only 10 teals for each!"

Yin, "............" Selling a fire gun but not with the bullets. He was being deceived, right?

Yin wanted to say what had not been said until Wen Qing quickly put on a cold and ruthless expression, "The goods that have been sold will not be returned!"

Yin angrily gritted his teeth, this damn girl was annoying!

"Let's go!" Out of sight, out of mind[1]! ------------[眼不见心不烦- out of sight, out of mind. Saying that you do not want to think or worry about something when it is not visible to you]

Yintang and Yinsi also felt that the tenth prince had been deceived, but both of them had picked up a big bargain. They were secretly pleased in their heart. However, they didn't show they were delighted that their younger brother was deceived. It wasn't kind.

"Thank you for your patronage, come again next time!" Wen Qing smiled and sent them away then turned back to the counter to write.

She was writing a book called 《Biography of the Nations》, which mainly tells the history of development in western countries, expounds them from politics, economy, culture, and other aspects. It also gives a detailed narration of the problems encountered in each stage of their development and the advantages and disadvantages of the system. At present, it has been written in the British volume. Well, it could be sold after she finishes it!

She worked so hard to complete the task. Right now is the reign of order and prosperity. She couldn’t start up a rebellion to match the emperor because this would only lead to people's suffering. So she could only take the road of peace. Fortunately, her identity could be used, but it was not enough. She had to show enough value and means to shock the world to the point where they ignore the fact that she was female.

Everything in her shop was manufactured imitating the materials in her space, except those which will be invented in the future. But whatever she could make, matched with the technological level of this era.

Everything in her shop could change an era, except for the pile of precious stones. For example, the fire gun that was bought by Yin. A country can't be strong without weapons, and the gun she made has reached the level after 200 years, which is the highest level that the world's top technology could reach presently. Once produced in large quantities, the military strength of the Qing Dynasty would be the first in the world!

After Yintang returned, he sent someone to guard Wen Qing's shop, and all the customers who were close to the shop were unceremoniously kicked out. Wen Qing was not annoyed, she was happy to have more time to write her book. Originally, her shop was not open to ordinary people, as long as it had the right people paying attention to it, it’s fine.

The trio agreed that all those things in Wen Qing’s store were to cheat people, and whoever bought them were foolish spenders. They single-mindedly bought all the gems in half a month.

Yintang bought all the gems, and proudly told Wen Qing about their value, just waiting to see her regretful and pained reaction. He didn’t expect the reaction he got. She looked at him with a scoff.

“What is the use of those gems? You could neither eat them nor drink. If you pave the road with it, it would only hurt your feet. Yet you are still happy to treat it as a treasure!”

Eh? Paving the road with gems? Yintang's forehead was full of lines. This girl didn’t know the value of the gems! Forget it, this girl is silly. She gave him money as well as precious stones. He shouldn't stab a knife into people's hearts.

Yintang thought Wen Qing was stupid, but Wen Qing felt that the cheap ninth prince was hopeless. She had given up hope for the consciousness of Yintang. He was a qualified businessman. She didn’t expect him to see the value of benefiting the country and the people behind these things. Two people stood in their point of view and they felt that the other was foolish.

Yintang had been running to Wen Qing's shop for half a month, which has attracted the attention of others, including their suspicious emperor. So he took the time to warn him.

“How did I hear that you sold a shop for 100,000 taels? How? Is Your shop made of gold?" Kangxi didn't like the princes' cronyism[1], and Yintang's conduct of selling a shop for 100,000 teals. Intuition told him that there must be something fishy! He should have Yintang send him money.

TL Notes:

[1]:结党营私: form a clique to pursue selfish interests

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