Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers

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Chapter 34: Pampered Consort's Imperial Harem System [6.2]

Chapter: Liu Shengfang

"Who wants your discount?"

"Then don't fight!"

"No, who allowed you to call us eight. nine. ten?" Yintang was so angry, "It's the formidable imperial prince to you. You did not even say, Ninth lord?!"

Wen Qing glanced at him, and leisurely said, "You really can not be."

"What did you say?" Yintang was furious. He was a dignified prince whereas she was just a civilian girl and she couldn’t call him Ninth lord?

Wen Qing looked calm, "How could someone so young be called a lord? You might as well be called the ninth uncle!"

Ninth uncle? Yintang suddenly lost his temper. He did not know whether to cry or to laugh. This girl stayed overseas for too long, she probably didn't understand what he meant by lord. Forget it, if it’s the ninth uncle then let it be.

"Then am I called the tenth uncle?" Yin also came to join the fun.

Wen Qing glanced at him, "Did you give the fire gun away?"

"Huh? How did you know?"

"How could I not know when the person you gave it to came through the door?" Wen Qing the mention of this matter. Originally she thought that Yin had a good vision. For this reason, she especially sold the ware to him cheaply, but she didn't expect him to give it away. He didn’t know the value of that thing.

"You said Big Brother came here? He didn't smash the store, right?" Yin asked with concern. He had a pure heart, and his emotions were written on his face. Wen Qing suddenly lost her temper. "No, it cost me 100,000 teals."

Yin stared at her with wide eyes, "Awesome! You are awesome! Even scamming eldest big brother!"

While they were chatting, Yintang had already looked around the store. He curled his lips and said, "It's still a peculiar shop. What good things are there?"

"Heh-heh-heh." Wen Qing never had any hope for him. After a change of mind, she pulled out a music box from the space. "Can you have a look at this? Help me pull a guest in and I will give it to you for nothing!"

The music box was exquisitely made and wonderful, with precious stones and rhinestones inlaid around it, and its end is gorgeous. Yintang took a glance at it, but instead, he sneered, "Making me solicit customers for you? Do you think this lord is a brothel madam?"

Wen Qing did not say anything. Yin pulled his sleeve and said, "Ninth brother, Imperial concubine Yi Fei's birthday is coming, are you not worried about what gift to send? I think this is good."

Yintang wanted to slap the death out of his brother, of course, he knew this item was good. But if he gleamingly announced it to her, wouldn’t she know what they wanted?

Wen Qing smiled and looked at them, "How? Ninth Uncle, do you want it?"

"Yes! Why not! How much is it? If you want me to get customers, I won’t do it!"

Wen Qing shook her head, "That's no good, you want it, help me pull a guest in."


Wen Qing was as stubborn as a mule, Yintang was about to burst from the anger. Yin couldn't stand it anymore and brought a man in.

"This is Liu Shengfang, ambassador of Taiyuan Hospital, Master Liu."

Taiyuan huh. Couldn't be better, Wen Qing smilingly handed Yin the music box. "Yes, of course. I'll keep my word and give it to you."

Yin, as a good brother, naturally hands the music box to Yintang. Even though Yintang got his wish, he was not happy at all. He stared at Wen Qing with inexplicable emotions.

Liu Shengfang, who was suddenly dragged in by Yin, greeted them with a confused face. "Greetings to the ninth and tenth prince. I don't know why the two princes called this official."

Yintang looked up to the sky and didn't talk. Yin also turned away with some embarrassment. He obviously couldn’t say that he was here as a procure?

Wen Qing pointed to the notice posted at the door and said, "Thank you for your patronage. Pay the money first."

Liu shengfang was muddled for a while. He looked at the two princes. The two people had a this-is-non-my-business expression. So, he had to painstakingly take out a silver teal.

"Can this lower Officer go?" No matter what tricks these two lords were playing, it was better to stay away.

"Hey, Sir, wait a minute!" Wen Qing stopped him and said with a smile, "I observed the middle of your forehead is full of vigor. You have wide prospects and a clear frame. You must be bestowed with extraordinary talent. You must be a medical genius. I have a rare medical book here. Seeing that It was destined for you, I will sell it to you for just 10 teals!"

"Medical book?" Liu shengfang was very surprised. Medical books have always been the most difficult to find. The major medical family books were never easy to pass on and were taught by the master to the apprentice. The Apprentice to their apprentices. It was hard to learn. He did not expect to find a book here, that was ten pairs of silver!

"Where is the book? Give it to me, hurry!" Liu shengfang asked eagerly, even the two princes around him were eager.

"First pay the silver and then take the goods." Wen Qing smiled.

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