Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers

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Chapter 35: Pampered Consort's Imperial Harem System [7.1]

Chapter: A clever person may become the victim of his own ingenuity and eventually find himself to be a fool!

Liu Shengfang did not hesitate to give her ten pairs of silver. Even if she was a liar, it was merely ten pairs of silver. But, what if it's true? He was willing to take 10 silvers to buy in any case!

Wen Qing received the money before going to the bookcase to get him the book. Yintang and the two curious people followed. They have yet to see what the bookcase looks like.

Wen Qing took out a book entitled《Shocking! How could he do such a thing with a cow!》and handed it to Liu Shengfang. "Well, this is the medical book. Master Liu should study it well and spread it all over the world, and not selfishly keep it to himself. ”

Liu Shengfang solemnly bowed while cupping his hand. "This little old man will keep it in mind." Then he carefully held the book and left.

Wen Qing looked back and saw two muddled princes in dazes, apparently shocked by the wonderful titles. She went over and closed the bookcase, causing the two to come back to the senses. "Why are the two of you still here?!"

“What? Is anything to your interest? My cabinet doesn't have a single regular book, each one is worth ten thousand gold!”

Yin'e subconsciously opened his mouth, "Then why did you sell that one just now for ten teals?”

"To conduct business here, not only should one do a fair sale, one should also observe what type of dish is on the plate." WenQing looked at them and leisurely said.

“How do you observe what type of dish is on the plate?"

"For example, the two of you, who are wearing luxurious, bright, beautiful fur coats which are nice and elegant, are either rich or a noble at first glance..."

These words boast of Yintang’s group of two, making them float with alacrity. The next moment, they heard Wen Qing say, "It's a pity not to shoot your kind of prey.”

Yintang & Yin'e: "..."

Wen Qing went on saying, "Whilst Master Liu is dressed simply and not flamboyant. The doctor is kind. He’s learning medical skills and is benefiting the world. For the sake of doing a good deed, a few silver teals lost is nothing.”

“So, you are still a good person!" Yintang gnashed his teeth. Don't think he couldn't read between the lines. This dead girl buried them in words coated with sugar!

Wen Qing nodded, "Well, there are only a few pure and unpretentious good people like me!”

Yintang was speechless. He has never seen such a thick-skinned person!

After struggling for a moment, Yintang couldn't help but ask, "What terrible thing happened after the man bent down to pick up soap?”

Sure enough, it was difficult for ordinary people to escape their curiosity about peculiar things. Wen Qing, smiling without a word, stretched out a finger and hooked it in front of him.

Blue vein popped up on Yintang's forehead. "10 teals?”

Wen Qing shook his head.

"A thousand taels?"

Wen Qing continued to shake his head.

"Ten thousand taels?!" It was already clear that this dead girl has a mouth as big as a lion's. Yintang was so angry he wanted to strangle her! Liu Shengfang just spent ten teals of silver to buy a book, but now she turned around and dared to sell one to him for 10,000 teals! It was his first time seeing a person cheat people in such a magnanimous way!

Yin'e couldn't bear it. "Wen Qing, don't look at our prince's bright and glamorous outerior. In fact, our life is also very sad! There are only a few ranks in the palace, and each has to support a large family. Also, Ninth Brother can only have a little additional income by doing some business. Other princes have tightened their belts! So you see, can you... scam a bit less?”

Wen Qing was amused by him. Also, asking for less scam, they’re definitely brothers.

“Then, if you do not want to pay to buy, there is a way…”

“What way?"

“We can work together." Wen Qing said while pulling out the《Terrible! Unexpectedly, this happened when the man bent over to pick the soap!》book. "This is actually a detailed explanation about soap-making. There are all kinds of soap, even essential oil soap. I will provide technical support and you’ll provide manpower, raw materials, financial resources, and take charge of later sales. How about sharing the profits among us?”

Yintang took the book with surprise and roughly flipped through it. It indeed records soap-making in detail. The content was much more serious than the title. He pondered for a moment before saying, "If what is said here is true, then I agree." He was a qualified businessman and can naturally see the huge profits underlying this business.

"Of course, you can find someone to test it with.”

Yintang looked at Wen Qing, then at the book, and then left with a strange face.

Yin'e felt strange. "Ninth Brother, what's the matter?”

Wen Qing sighed leisurely. "A clever person may become the victim of his own ingenuity and eventually find himself to be a fool!”

Kangxi came back from the firearms camp, still immersed in the huge shock brought by the howitzer. The deafening sound of the canon seemed to have the power to collapse the sky and split the land. Just one shot blew up the hill! This definitely wasn’t a power humans could achieve!

Yinti was correct. This was a sacred thing, and it will surely promote the Qing Dynasty's regal power in the world! And this terrible power, turned out to be lying in some small shop!

Who was behind that store? What’s the origin of that woman? Where did she get all these things? None of this could be ascertained. However, no matter what, this power must be for him alone to manoeuvre!

Kangxi was pondering solemnly when suddenly, someone interrupted his trails of deep thought. "Emperor, great news! God is blessing great Qing!" Liu Shengfang was running and shouting into the Palace of Heavenly Purity while holding a book.

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The FL fell in love in a world successively for five times. Break up in a chapter and starting anew in another. Are you shocked?

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