Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers

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Chapter 37: Pampered Consort's Imperial Harem System [8.1]

Chapter: Nine familial exterminations

Since she had already broken the rules for him, Wen Qing naturally didn't keep the rules of having to give money before answering. She said frankly, "This is a globe, which is my portrayal of the world after travelling around it for fifteen years. The red part belongs to the great Qing dynasty land. This is Russia in the north and Britain and France in the west..."

Kangxi was shocked in his heart. This globe covers all of the places in the world, and the great Qing Dynasty was just a corner of it! Even more to his surprise, this woman actually said that she has traveled all over the world!

Kangxi, after all, had been an emperor all his life, but he was still relentless and shocked. He quietly pressed down the shock in his heart and continued to ask, "What about this one?”

"This is a steam engine model invented in western countries. It could be used to make powerful machines which can greatly improve production efficiency.”

This was too general, Kangxi couldn't understand it at the moment, and Wen Qing doesn’t have any intentions to explain it in depth. It was idle talk, if not, then all the credit would be given to him. What will she do when she enthrones? In any case, without her guidance, the current technology of the Qing dynasty would not be able to create a steam engine from scratch.

“What about these?"

“This is my improved farm implements and waterwheels.”

“What about this?" Kangxi asked, pointing to the bookcase.

"Oh, just some books.”

“What books?”

"Medical books, agricultural books, reference books, astronomy and geography books, and biochemistry books."


The more Kangxi asked, the heavier the shock in his heart became, until finally, it became horror! This humble shop actually made him feel a huge threat! If someone mastered this place, it was enough to subvert the whole Qing Dynasty! Furthermore, the process would be easier than blowing off dust.

Kangxi narrowed his eyes and glared at Wenqing, his eyes were full of murderous intention. "Who the hell are you?”

Wen Qing was indifferent as she looked at him. "Of course, I am a citizen of the great Qing!”

Kangxi gave her a profound look. "You know, these things aren’t something you should be mastering, it will bring you fatal disaster!”

“Why should I not master them? These books are written by me. Those things are manufactured by me. No one is more qualified to master them than I am!" Wen Qing said without paying attention. Then she looked at Kangxi, smiling. "Click~, you want my things but you don't want to give money. Saying these words to scare me instead. But… 

"It's also not impossible to get them if you don't want to give money.”

If Kangxi didn't answer her, wouldn't he be indirectly admitting that he wanted them yet didn't want to give money?

“You can trade things for it! As long as those things make me satisfied, I could send these for free to you! But I only want the most precious things. What do you say is your most precious thing?”

The emperor's most precious was of course the throne!

Kangxi was furious. "Presumptuous! With your outrageous words, I can punish you with Nine Familial Exterminations!" As soon as his voice fell, several guards rushed in through the door, drawing out their sword and pointing them at Wen Qing.

"Turns out it is the sovereign imperial Emperor. Excuse me for my lack of manners." That’s what she said, but Kangxi didn't see any respect in her face. Wen Qing didn't even look at those swords glinting with cold light, her face indifferent. She looked up to glance at Li Dequan and suddenly asked, "Does the Nine Familial Extermination include the slaves?”

Kangxi didn't understand why she suddenly said such a thing, so he didn't answer her words. Wen Qing went on to say, "If they are included, then coincidentally, everyone in this room has to cut their throat. ”

What do you mean?

Her words seem to have special meaning. Kangxi frowned and waved to stop the guards around her. "What do you mean by that?"

Wen Qing smiled and said, "Of course, it is literal in every means of the word."

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