Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers

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Chapter 38: Pampered Consort's Imperial Harem System [8.2]

Kangxi left the palace still with great surprise, curiosity, and faint expectation. When he returned to the palace, there were no expectations nor surprise, he was only left full of shock and… complexity.

Of course, he was in a murderous mood in the beginning. But after he calmed down, he felt something amiss because he didn't know who Qi Wenqing's backer was. Would there be anyone else who would want to assassinate her? Instead of facing an unknown danger, it was better to watch out for the known one with one’s own eyes.

Moreover, Qi Wenqing's last few words planted a trace of speculation within Kangxi, but he just felt it ridiculous again. However, if she was indeed telling the truth, then things would be easy from here on out. As a royal, what she owns naturally belongs to the royal family. The only thing was that he didn't know whose child she was.

Kangxi ordered someone to check, but he didn't do anything before the results came out, and simply monitored Wen Qing's shop.

Wen Qing noticed that there were more strange faces around the shop but she didn't care. Since Kangxi knew the value of her place, it wouldn't be him if he didn't monitor it! Right now, he was afraid of the forces behind her and was checking her identity so couldn't dispose of her.

Everyone firmly believed that there was an unknown force behind Wen Qing, otherwise, how could a weak woman make these things?! This was an illusion deliberately created by Wen Qing. If they were not made to be afraid, she believed that her life would’ve long been snipped by Kangxi.

Yintang's life has been miserable since he found someone to successfully test soap. He was really a fool, the biggest fool in the world. He missed so many opportunities in vain! If he hadn't known what happened in the palace during this time...

His fourth brother went to Qi Wenqing's shop and got hybrid rice grain with a thousand jins per mu yield; his eldest brother went to get that artillery able to shatter the earth; even Liu Shengfang, who was pulled in by his tenth brother, got a medical book for preventing and treating smallpox... He was the only one who went there so many times yet returned with a pile of gems that could neither be eaten nor drunk, it couldn’t even be used to pave a road!

He was really stupid!

Yintang was so disappointed. Thinking of how Qi Wenqing had possibly ridiculed him behind his back, he didn't want to go out at all. However, he couldn't control his group of annoying brothers that just had to pull him to Qi Wenqing's shop.

"Ninth brother, why don't you also lead us there. Eldest brother and Fourth brother all got good things from that place and Emperor Father was so happy that he gave his favor to them. We can't fall behind, right!" The fourteen prince, Yinti, dragged Yintang out of his house, accompanied by the eighth prince and tenth prince as well as the thirteenth prince who came along with the fourteenth prince.

Yinti said as he walked, "I heard that the shop is extremely secretive. It is said that everything in that store can be earth-shattering and heaven-shaking, and whoever can get the store can get the world..." He suddenly lowered his voice and said, "I also heard that Emperor Father has gone there.”

Yintang was startled. "Who did you hear that from?”

"That, you don't need to mind. Anyway, it's pretty close now," said Yinti. He smiled and asked, "Eighth brother, Ninth brother, Tenth brother, you people were the first to discover this shop. You must have gotten a lot of good things. You were really secretive. Were you afraid of us knowing this so you hid it and didn’t tell us anything?"

Yinsi was speechless. Could he say he got nothing? No one would probably believe him so he simply kept his mouth shut. Yinsi was really annoyed. He was annoyed with himself for returning empty-handed, left with only piles of good for nothing gems, but who could he blame? It was due to his lack of discerning eyes that he belittled that small shop. Qi Wenqing had shown her extraordinary things since the beginning, even reminding them that those gems were the most useless thing in there, but he still chose those most useless gems. Even his tenth brother had better vision than him! It could only be said that he was blind.

Yin'e was honest, "I bought a shotgun for 1,000 silver, Eldest brother liked it so I gave it to him. ”

Yinxiang heard this and smiled. "Tenth brother you must have been cheated by Big Brother. However, I heard that Eldest brother got the artillery in addition to that exquisite gun. The gun had extraordinary power with a firing range reaching up to 300 feet!”

"Ah?! Is it really that powerful?" Yin'e felt regretful. If he knew of it he wouldn’t have given it to his Big Brother!

"More than that, I heard that the gun don't explode or heat up, and the recoil force could hardly be felt. If you buy a bunch of them, the strength of the military would be able to sweep the great Qing Dynasty!" Yinxiang was also interested in the shotgun, so he explicitly inquired about it, regretting that such an artifact did not fall into his hands.

“Eh? Ninth Brother, what did you get from there? Say it so that this brother could envy you.”

Yintang couldn't believe Yinti was bringing this up. Yintang was so angry that he wanted to strangle his brother to death. Won’t this bastard come and ridicule him after he found out that he got a bunch of useless gems?

Yintang remained silent with an aloof face. Yinti still wanted to inquire in detail but was pulled away by Yinxiang. At that moment, a carriage stopped in front of them.

Yinsi saw the curtain and said, "It's the crown prince’s carriage.”

"Why would Second brother block us?”

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