Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers

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Chapter 84: Reborn Female Lead Has Space [7]

Since the winter solstice, Wen Qing had gotten closer to Xu Niansheng. She sent him a pair of rabbit fur gloves out of nowhere, then sent a pair of socks two days later. She obviously gave them to everyone, so Xu Niansheng couldn't find an excuse even if he wanted to refuse.

Moreover, she obviously treated everyone equally, but he always felt that Wen Qing treated him differently. He couldn't say exactly where it was different. After he thought more, was it him who was in the wrong mind?

Good things he was good at concealing his emotions, no one else saw his anomaly. However, his anomaly couldn't escape Wen Qing's eyes. Wen Qing was happy in her heart but she didn't expect this innocent old man to be so casual.

In the blink of an eye, New Year's Eve was here. The snow had covered the mountains, so Wen Qing had no chance to go to the city to buy New Year’s goods. Fortunately, she had stocked a lot of food before, so she could have a prosperous New Year.

On the 30th day of the New Year, Wen Qing began to work early in the morning, and Xu Niansheng also came to help. This time, no one said anything about eating separately. It was New Year, after all. Naturally, it had to be lively.

Wen Qing kneaded the noodles and Xu Niansheng chopped the stuffing. After it was done, a group of people gathered together to make dumplings. There was nothing more joyful time of the year than now.

After wrapping the dumplings and putting them aside, Wen Qing began to cook meat and fried meatballs. This day only came once a year, so of course, it had to be rich and sumptuous. Wang Da Chuan waited eagerly for the meatballs to come out of the pot. Although their family could eat until they were full now, he still had an inexplicable obsession with food, especially the taste of fried meatballs. It was so fragrant you simply couldn't hold back.

Even Xu Jinyan was looking forward to it. His eyes looked over from time to time, and it was rare for him to show a bit of childishness. After Wen Qing took it out from the pot, she filled a bowl for them, then asked them to take it to the hall and eat them together with grandpa Xu and grandpa He. Da Chuan responded happily, holding the bowl in one hand and pulling Xu Jinyan in the other, then ran out.

Wen Qing smoothly picked one with her chopstick and shoved it in Xu Niansheng’s mouth and asked him, "Is it delicious?"

Xu Niansheng's face illuminated by the fire blushed, and he nodded casually, "It's delicious."

Wen Qing smiled, "Don't we look like a pair of husband and wife who were just married? I cook and you burn the fire, we quite have a tacit understanding."

"Cough, cough, cough," Xu Niansheng was shocked by her sudden words and let out an earth-shattering cough, his face blushing red. Wen Qing hurriedly scooped him some water and helped him pat his back for a long time for him to overcome it.

Wen Qing was so frightened that he didn't dare to tease him anymore. What if he choked to death with excitement? However, his reaction was too big, which meant that there was something in his heart, right? If he didn't have any thought, how could he be shocked by her one sentence?

Afterward, Wen Qing went to prepare the New Year's Eve dinner honestly. Xu Niansheng gave her a hand; they made a total of six dishes. There was braised pork, stewed pork ribs with potatoes, spicy chicken, hot and sour shredded potato, and stir-fried shredded cabbage. They also served a plate of fried meatballs, making up a set of six big prosperous meals*. Everyone also got a bowl of boiled dumplings. This meal made everyone very satisfied, especially Xu Jian'guo, who hadn't had such a hearty New Year's Eve dinner for several years.

*T/N: 六六大顺 (liù liù dà shùn) means that everything will go on smoothly.

After dinner, Xu Niansheng took the initiative to clean up the table. Old Xu and He Qiong were in a good mood, they drew a chessboard on the ground, one person picking up stones and the other picking up a tree branch. In this era, there was no entertainment to pass the New Year. Wang Da Chuan and Xu Jinyan also had nothing to do, so they just squatted to watch the two old men fight each other, from time to time giving blind commands from the side.

Wen Qing leaned on the kitchen door, looking at Xu Niansheng wash the dishes. Xu Niansheng naturally felt her gaze, he suddenly felt prickles down his back, and he stood up unnaturally. After finishing washing quickly, he pretended to be calm and asked her, "What's wrong?"

Wen Qing raised her eyebrow and gestured outside the door, "Going for a walk?"

Xu Niansheng couldn't find any excuse to refuse, so he agreed. The two chatted casually and unknowingly walked to the back mountain. In front of them was their house, their back was the mountain, their left was the direction of the detention house, and their right was a big tall tree. Such an enclosed environment was a good place to do something bad.

Wen Qing stopped. Xu Niansheng found this place to be a little suspicious and quickly said, "The weather is really cold, how about we go back?"

Wen Qing stared fixedly at him and saw through Xu Niansheng's frightened heart. She spoke leisurely, "Xu Niansheng, you really don't like me?"

"Huh?" She asked so bluntly that Xu Niansheng didn't know how to answer. After holding back for a long time, he spat a sentence, "You're still small and basically don't know anything about marrying someone..."

Wen Qing chuckled. This was the bad point of this innocent old man. Even if he was tempted, his heart still had a tight string called reason. "Forget it, whatever you say it is then."

She suddenly changed her words. Xu Niansheng once again didn't know what to say. It was just that, although she obviously followed his wish, he didn't feel happy at all.

At this time, Wen Qing said suddenly, "You say I'm still young, then wait until I grow up ba. I will go find you when I am 22 years old. If at that time you are not married yet, the two of us will just get together ba."

"Okay," Xu Niansheng said subconsciously, then blushed again. When she was 22 years old, he would be 36 ba? He was still a dozen years older than her.

However, after ten years she would be more sensible and naturally understand that her current feelings were only a temporary infatuation. When the time came, he didn’t need to say anything, she would retreat by herself. Thinking this way, Xu Niansheng felt a little depressed.

"After the New Year, I want to go somewhere, please help me take care of Da Chuan for a while." When he was in a daze, Wen Qing said another sentence. Xu Niansheng quickly regained his senses and responded, "Okay."

He knew Wen Qing often went to the city to make some private transactions. He thought that it was the same this time and didn't think too much into it.

Wen Qing smiled. She suddenly opened both of her hands and gave Xu Niansheng a hug with her chin on his chest, then lifted her little white face to look at him. In this snow-filled sky, Xu Niansheng could see the radiance in her black and white eyes clearly. She said, "Xu Niansheng, wait for me."

This year, Wang Da Chuan had a very happy life. Not only did he have delicious food every day, but his sister also gave him new warm clothes. They were the right size, not too short, and had no patches. This was the first time he wore such well-fitting clothes since he grew up and he was so happy that he was not willing to take them off while sleeping.

Jinyan also got one, but not as good-looking as his. Wang Da Chuan thought this way and put on his new clothes neatly again. Today was the sixteenth day of the first lunar month. The new year had ended, he wore it for another day and wouldn't wear it again tomorrow.

After getting up, Wang Da Chuan yelled twice. He didn't hear his sister's answer and ran into the kitchen. Inside the pot was last night's leftover tangyuan that had been reheated. Wang Da Chuan knew that his sister had left it for him and filled a bowl. After he was full, his sister still hadn't come back. He patted his forehead and suddenly remembered his sister had said a few days ago that she had to go out. Was it possible that she went to the city today?

He went to the detention house and saw no one. Xu Niansheng also said that his sister had previously said that she had to go out. Therefore, Wang Da Chuan waited for his sister to come back in the evening with a peace of mind.

He waited until midnight, but didn't see her come back. Wang Da Chuan was anxious, the snow on the mountain had not melted completely. He was afraid something happened to his sister and hurriedly found the Xu family to look for her together.

As a result, several people searched back and forth in the mountains several times, they even searched the city but didn't find Wen Qing. A big living person disappeared into thin air!

Wang Da Chuan was anxious, Xu Niansheng was also anxious. He understood better than Wang Da Chuan what kind of danger a beautiful little girl could encounter. Had he known, he wouldn't have allowed her to enter the city!

After searching continuously for more than a month, several people were extremely anxious, but they couldn't find Wen Qing! Finally, Wang Da Chuan suddenly remembered what his sister had said to him on the New Year, "Da Chuan, if one day I disappear, you don't have to look for me. Just remember that Jiejie will definitely come back."

Wang Da Chuan told these words to Xu Niansheng. Xu Niansheng instantly understood that Wen Qing's disappearance was premeditated.

It was indeed premeditated. Wen Qing hadn't planned to stay in this village since the beginning. If it wasn't for Wang Da Chuan, she would have run away as soon as she transmigrated. There were still five years to go before this era ended. She didn't want to stay in this village and farm forever. That kind of life was meaningless to her.

Even if she could rely on Taobao to eat and drink without worry and wait for the turmoil to end peacefully, then just went with the flow of the era, engaged in business, and became someone who braves storms and waves to overcome the social change in others’ eyes, but what about it?

She had always believed that the level of power you have is equal to the amount of responsibility you must bear. She could not change this world, but she could do her best for this country.

This was the worst era, but also the best period. After the turmoil passed, this country would welcome waves of a magnificent new era! Her eyes were never on this one small mountain village, but on the whole world.

Therefore, when Wang Da Chuan was clutching a pocketful of money and bills left to him by his sister while wailing, Wen Qing had already crossed the oceans and appeared on the streets of the United States. She took a few gold bars to the black market and exchanged them for start-up funds, then dove headfirst into the New York Stock Markets.

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