Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers

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Chapter 86: Reborn Female Lead Has Space [9]

On the day Wen Qing returned, Wang Da Chuan immediately received the news. At that time, he was very eager to fly to Shanghai, but was stopped by Xu Jinyan.

"It is still unknown when your Jie is coming here. If you are going to Shanghai now, and she has already departed to come here, won't the two of you just miss each other? She will come to Beijing anyway, so you should just patiently wait here ba."

Wang Da Chuan was so excited that he could hardly restrain himself, but he also understood that Xu Jinyan had a point, so he had to wait patiently. He was on tenterhooks and spent a week of torment and excitement before finally waiting for Wen Qing's flight.

When he saw Wen Qing getting off the plane, Wang Da Chuan couldn't hold himself back anymore. Tears kept falling down, he was crying like a child. He fiercely hopped and hugged Wen Qing, "Jie, you are finally back! I thought you didn't want me anymore..."

Wen Qing was very guilty. She had always known that Da Chuan was very clingy with her, but she’d still cruelly left him alone in the country. Because of the situation at that time, she couldn't take him with her.

"Da Chuan, Jie has returned. Jie will never leave you behind anymore…"

The two siblings cried in each other’s arms. The scenes of relatives reunited after a long time made the noses of those present sour, not few people had their eyes reddened.

After Wen Qing comforted Wang Da Chuan, the person in the reception team said that since the siblings had just met again after a long time, they should get some time together and should not hurry to work today. Wen Qing naturally did not refuse.

Therefore, Wen Qing went to Xu's house with Wang Da Chuan and Xu Jinyan. However, Xu Niansheng couldn't go with them because of work, so he had to wait until work was done before going back.

The group of people who had eaten New Year's Eve dinner together at the Wang Family's Col was reunited again, not even one missing. Everyone was very happy. While eating, they listened to Wen Qing talking about her experiences over the years and sighed from time to time. The meal was very lively.

During this time, Wen Qing and Xu Niansheng's engagement successfully shocked everyone.

"Haha, I told you that this fellow was holding back at that time, and you guys were making an engagement secretly. She was only thirteen years old at that time, and you tricked her into your hand!" He Qiong laughed heartily. Because Wen Qing had officially changed her name to Wang Wenqing, he went along and changed how to address her. Although Da Ni'er sounded affectionate, it really did not fit Wen Qing's current identity.

But he had wrongly accused Xu Niansheng. What about him tricking people? Clearly, it was him who was being caught! But he did not say it, he just looked at Wen Qing and smiled. But when this scene fell into the other's eyes, wasn't it the same as an acknowledgement?

Xu Jian'guo was very happy. During the turmoil, both his eldest son and the eldest daughter-in-law had been tortured to death, leaving only Xu Jinyan, this single seedling. His wife couldn't bear the blow and followed. Although Niansheng was alive, his marriage was delayed by ten years, and he was now 37 without a partner. He sometimes urged him, but he would change the subject. It turned out that he had been waiting.

Wen Qing was also a good child. Although she was still young, she had made such a big name for herself. He was a little worried that his son was not worthy of her.

Xu Jinyan was happy to see this, his little uncle was not young anymore. It was good enough that someone wanted to pick him, what else should he be picky about? He should laugh up one's sleeve to meet someone like Wenqing!

Wang Da Chuan was a little unhappy. His sister just came back but was swindled away. Although Uncle Xu was not an outsider, he was still in a bad mood! Ei, forget it, forget it. It was better for her to marry Uncle Xu rather than who knew who, so he could still watch him and never let her be bullied. But, if Uncle Xu became his brother-in-law, then, wouldn't he become one generation older than Xu Jinyan?

"Jinyan, what do you call the Didi of the wife of your father's younger brother? You could call me Shu or Jiu, you choose yourself ba."

*T/N: Both mean uncle.

Xu Jinyan: "......"

Seeing Xu Jinyan's face darkened, everyone bluntly burst into laughter. This truly was a problem. The originally good brother suddenly leapt up to be one generation older, how could he not be depressed?

Xu Niansheng couldn't help but heave a sigh of relief when he saw that everyone was supportive. Since Wen Qing said that they were going to get the marriage certificate, he had been worried. He was surprised for a moment and restless the next moment. He always felt that he was much older. Wen Qing was in her youthful years and had hundreds of millions of fortunes. This kind of contrast made him embarrassed.

When he was sent to the countryside to pick up the cow dung and live in the detention house, he did not feel ashamed of himself. But now, with one sentence from Wen Qing, he had been perturbed and losing sleep.

Seeing everyone's attitude now, he finally felt relieved.

Wen Qing watched from the side, seeing the entanglement and anxiety in his eyes, she was secretly happy. She really liked to break the old man's calm, reserved, and beautiful appearance. It was probably… a mischievous desire?

The next day, Wen Qing started to get busy. As the first Chinese to return to the country to invest, the country's leader personally met her, said some words of encouragement, and discussed the direction of economic development.

Then, Wen Qing began to fulfill her promises. The matter of funding was easy to solve. She was the boss and had the final say on where to invest. The critical one was the matter of introducing talents. The U.S. side refused to let them go, and there was a stalemate for a while.

Fortunately, Wen Qing had a backup plan. She had long anticipated that the United States would not let the talents be taken away. Therefore, the people who she was truly optimistic about were not put in the open but were cultivated secretly. These people could be counted as her trusted aides, so as soon as she asked, they immediately came to China without saying a word. These people were Chinese, Americans, and people from other countries. But the majority were Chinese descendants.

She did not want any future research to fall on the head of other countries.

After returning to China, Wen Qing had a lot of things to do. She put her main energy into work, so she really had to spare some time to get the marriage certificate.

On the day when they took the certificate, the Xu family and He Qiong, plus Wen Qing and her brother had a low-key meal together, even if it was a wedding banquet.

Xu Niansheng was very guilty, saying, "I've wronged you, and couldn't hold a wedding." He was already very sorry to her, for such a young wife to have an old husband, but did not expect that they did not even have a decent wedding.

Wen Qing was surprised, "Ei? So you want a wedding? No problem, We'll make up for it later. I'll give you a grand wedding!" She was busy during this time and couldn't make any free time. She thought that Xu Niansheng was not a person who paid attention to formalities. If she’d known about it at the beginning, she would have prepared a good wedding! Ei, her old man did not have it easy ah. After suffering for so long, it was time to celebrate.

Xu Niansheng: "......" Something doesn't seem right.

Wen Qing snickered. Of course, she understood what Xu Niansheng meant. It was just that she was not a person who paid attention to formalities. The most important thing about marriage was how the two people lived their life. Wedding was just a process, it didn't matter whether it was there or not.

Of course, this was only for the version of her today. If she was really in her twenties, she would definitely look forward to having a dream wedding.

Xu Niansheng, in the end, still dragged her to take a set of wedding photos. They already did not have a wedding, what would it look like if they did not even have a wedding photo? In the beginning, Wen Qing was worried about the camera technology of this era; unexpectedly, when the photos were out, they were quite beautiful.

Xu Niansheng very carefully let the family take a glance at the photo before putting it away. As if it would be broken if they looked at it more, "Da Chuan, Jinyan, fighting, you two! What's the point of looking at other people's wedding photos? Quickly find a partner yourself, ah!"

Wang Da Chuan & Xu Jinyan: "......"

What qualifications do you, an old man who only discarded his single status at the age of thirty-seven, have to dislike us?!

While Wen Qing and Xu Niansheng were deeply attached to each other, Wang Qiumei's life was not so easy. At first, when she was in Wang Family's Col, she approached Xu Jinyan to no avail. Later, she was scared by a few words from Wen Qing and did not dare to approach the north mountain. She also had no way to contact the Xu family again.

It was not until Wen Qing left that she consciously realized that the opportunity had come, so she took the opportunity to approach them again. Unexpectedly, Xu Jinyan hated her even more than before. She repeatedly expressed her goodwill but did not get any face, thus making her discouraged.

Afterward, she was busy taking care of the space, having a battle of wits and wills with her uncle and his family, so she gradually gave up the idea. Even if she did not make friends with the noblemen, she had the confidence to live a good life. After all, she still had her space, such a heaven-defying treasure.

After a few years, when she reached the marriageable age, her grandmother was disgusted with her, this demon who stirred up the family. Therefore, she wanted to sell her farther away and stay away from each other after receiving the betrothal gift. But how could she not see the vicious thoughts of grandma after her rebirth? In her last life, she had been able to be in control of her own marriage, how could she be controlled in her hands in this life?

It was just that the Wang Family Col. wass really closed off, and she didn't meet any suitable people. Finally, she picked her husband from her previous life, Jiang Chunyao.

First, there was only one person in the village who was outstanding in appearance and talent. Second, she was confident that she could win Jiang Chunyao’s heart with the experience she had from her previous life.

It was not far from her expectations. She did not lack food, she nourished herself to be healthy-looking and became outstanding in the village. She also understood Jiang Chunyao's thoughts very well, so Jiang Chunyao was indeed really caught by her. Before returning to the city, she gave birth to a son, and Jiang Chunyao took the mother and son back together.

Wang Qiumei thought she would be able to live a good life in the city. She had known beforehand that Jiang Chunyao had a good family condition, both of his parents had secure jobs but only had one son. But she did not expect that the parents-in-law in the city would not like her, this villager daughter-in-law, at all! Their excellent son went to the countryside to become an educated youth and finally returned, unexpectedly bringing back a rural woman! They even had a child!

They liked their grandson, but the mother was a nuisance! She couldn't be prevented, it was too embarrassing to mention her! Jiang Chunyao's parents were both face-loving people, they always felt that everyone was secretly laughing at them because their son married a rural wife.

Because of prejudice against rural people, Jiang Chunyao's parents didn't like Wang Qiumei, although Wang Qiumei was not really that bad.

However, Wang Qiumei was reborn. She even dared to fight against a prominent family, so how could she hold back against her parents-in-law? Therefore, the Jiang family since then had been in chaos, and staged a farce every day. Not to mention that the neighbors looked at them as a joke, even Jiang Chunyao felt annoyed.

He did want to live well with Wang Qiumei at first. After all, this girl was beautiful and was to his liking, except for her poor origin. She had broken her relationship cleanly with her family and was not burdened with poor relatives, which was fine. It was just that no matter how much he liked her, he couldn't stand such a fuss every day!

He was not a man of great affection, he would not throw away his parents, but this rural wife, he did not hesitate.

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