Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers

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Chapter 145: Superstar Cultivation System [11]

The online boycott against Han Junqing didn't last long. In less than a day, even more sensational news broke out.

The stock market king, Lin Tiance, found his long-lost grandson.

The multi-billion-dollar empire now had someone to inherit it, dispelling the worries of netizens who were fretting over its future.

Those who were kneeling and calling someone else "daddy" now have to face their disappointment.

After the news about the Lin family broke out, many people felt heartbroken for Lin Tiance. It was so pitiful that nobody would inherit such a massive business. Many people wished they were Lin Tiance's long-lost grandson, dreaming of inheriting the billions of dollars. There were even jokes online that said, "I am ready, just waiting for grandpa to come and get me." Little did they know that someone actually had the good fortune to become Lin Tiance's grandson. How could others not be jealous and envious?

"Grandpa, don't go. You still have another grandson here!"

"I just want to know which bastard impersonated me and pretended to be his grandson?"

"Grandpa, please be more serious! How can you just decide so casually? I have the Lin family's ancestral birthmark!"

"I also have the Lin family's ancestral charm!"


Before Han Junqing's name was revealed, netizens were still able to joke around with a lighthearted tone. But the following day, the Lin family held a press conference to introduce him. The air was tense as Lin Tiance was about to reveal Han Junqing's identity. With a confident stride, Han Junqing emerged on stage, impeccably dressed in a suit that complemented his graceful and elegant posture, and calm and composed demeanor. The lively venue seemed to have suddenly been paused, with everyone silenced.

Wait a minute? This person looks familiar.

Holy shit! Isn't that Han Junqing? The same guy who was blacklisted by netizens and faced calls to be expelled from the entertainment industry? Did he mistakenly show up on this set?

Lin Tiance's face lit up with affection as he wrapped his arms around Han Junqing's shoulders. "Allow me to introduce you to my grandson, Lin Junqing, the sole heir to our family legacy!" he declared with pride.

The whole audience fell silent!

What is an unexpected surprise? What is a shocking reversal? What is a life full of surprises? This is! This was truly shocking! The person who was just being criticized by the public a moment ago, transformed into a wealthy young master that everyone envied and was jealous of!

Han, no, Lin Junqing now, was previously despised by netizens, not only because his mother was a prostitute, but also because of the rumors of his involvement in unethical practices and his chaotic private life that stemmed from it. Some led the charge, and the masses believed the allegations without question. But now, as the biological grandson of the prestigious Lin family, did he still need to climb the ranks? Could he soar any higher?

Just ask those trolls. Are you surprised? Were your expectations exceeded? Is this not exciting enough?

"Uh...I want to say...hiss, my face hurts, I better not say it."

"So, Han Junqing is the lucky guy who stepped in dog poop and got lucky?"

"I'm telling you, from the moment I saw Han Junqing, I knew he was someone extraordinary. That aura all over him, he must be rich and noble! Sure enough, I was right!"

"When you said that, could you please change the profile picture that said 'Han Junqing, get out of the entertainment industry' first?"

"Is it still possible for me to take back what I said?"

"Is it still possible for me to take back the fart I let out?"

"Is it still possible for me to retrieve the brain I lost?"

"Is it still possible for me to apologize to the little brother?"

"Is it still possible for me to go and kiss him?"

Because there's a screen in between, some people could still maintain their composure even when they're getting called out or felt embarrassed about their actions. They could quickly turn their backs and change their stance, after all, no one knew who they really were. They could even act like they're having a great time while throwing insults left and right.

Of course, this was only a part of the story. There were also those who got their faces beaten up and now hide behind fake identities, unable to come out and face the music. They were once so arrogant, but now they're nothing but cowards.

And then there were those who, out of jealousy or a desire for attention, continued to spout nonsense.

"Even if he tries to trace his ancestry, it doesn't change the fact that his mother was a prostitute!"

"The truth is out! Her customer was none other than the third young master of the Lin family!"

But these comments were quickly opposed by "righteous netizens".

"You're just sour grapes! What does it matter what someone's mother does as long as they're not committing crimes or hurting anyone? Why do you care so much?"

"She's already the third wife of Lin's family! It's even in the family register!"

"Who hasn't made mistakes when they were young? So what if they took a wrong turn? They've turned their lives around and have children now. A prodigal son returns with gold. Why do you keep dwelling on their past?"

"You're just talking nonsense from behind a screen! If you have the guts, say it to Lin Tiance's face!"

"Um, I just want to remind everyone that this forum platform is a subsidiary of the Lin Family Group and requires real-name registration."



"Damn! I forgot about that! Thankfully, I didn't say anything I shouldn't have! Take care, guys who were hurling insults!"

"233333, you can imagine the look of those few guys with a confused face!"

"Hahaha! They thought they could just spew crap online without consequences, but now they’ll pay for it!"

In the end, the situation ended in a strange way. The keyboard warriors who were in the middle of their tirades disappeared instantly, and the internet reached an unprecedented level of unity and harmony, with a flood of praises.

As for those few who were the most vocal in their insults, believe it or not, the Lin Family actually found them. The Lin Family didn't go public or report them to the police, as the punishment for such behavior would be too lenient. With their own means, the Lin Family had plenty of ways to make the offenders pay the price without making a fuss.

This matter was personally instructed by Lin Tiance himself. How dare anyone slander his grandson behind his back? Humph! They had to pay some price!

Regardless of what was happening online, Han Junqing had already confirmed his ancestry and returned to his roots. Although he tried his best to remain calm, he was still dizzy and found it difficult to adapt to his new identity for several days.

Before, when Lin Tiance promised him something, it wasn't just to humor him. After everything was taken care of, Lin Tiance really did let him go to act.

The crew of "The Rightful Emperor" had been filming for almost a year and was approaching its end. Han Junqing's scenes were already running out, meaning there were only a few scenes left for him to shoot. However, when news broke that he had been recognized by the Lin family as their heir, the entire cast and crew were dumbfounded. The director was not only baffled but also somewhat worried: the lead actor had returned home to inherit his family's business, but would he continue to shoot the remaining scenes? Those scenes were crucial, and without them, the film couldn't be edited into a cohesive piece. On the other hand, if they replaced the lead actor and started over, it would be a daunting task.

Just as the director was at a loss, Han Junqing returned to the set, accompanied by a strengthened bodyguard.

There was no way around it. Lin Tiance was so protective of his only grandson that he treated him like the apple of his eye. He was afraid that any mishap would cause harm to his only heir.

In the face of this, Han Junqing could only reluctantly accept it. While enjoying the protection provided by the Lin family, he had to give up some things out of necessity. This might seem a bit hypocritical, but the truth was that he was no longer as free as he used to be.

When Han Junqing returned to the set, the crew was delighted, but couldn't help but wonder. They just couldn't understand the thinking of these wealthy people. They already had billions of dollars in assets, so why bother coming back to act in movies?

One could only say that everyone has their own aspirations, and everyone pursues different things, leading to different choices.

As Han Junqing busied himself with filming, the Gu family had given it some serious thought and finally made their final decision: they were going to recognize Han Junqing!

In other words, fully accepting his mother and openly bringing him back to the Gu family.

So, just when the internet had calmed down for a few days, another piece of news shocked everyone.

"Oh my god! There's still a sequel!"

"Wow! He's not only the only heir of the Lin family, but also the legitimate grandson of the Gu family!"

"Isn't it amazing that his mother, Han Wenqing, is the real badass here? Born into a wealthy family but fallen from grace, yet still managed to enter the door of a super-rich family! And she gave birth to the only heir of the Lin family!"

"Awesome! This isn't just the story of a girl who made a mistake and stumbled into the world by chance. It's the epic journey of a legendary woman!"

"Am I the only one who wants to know how Han Wenqing, a wealthy heiress, ended up in such a place? Was the wrong baby picked up? Life is not a TV drama. Even if the Gu family is a wealthy family, can they really pick up the wrong child?"

"While Han Wenqing's background is impressive, it's an undeniable fact that she never had a good day in her life. Why didn't the Gu family do anything about the fake daughter who took her identity?"

"Oh my god! The Gu family is also weird! Their own son married a fake daughter, and they really became a family! Even if there's no blood relationship, she's still their adopted daughter! And they raised her as their own for more than 20 years! What were they thinking when they were still siblings?"

"Doesn't the fake daughter feel any guilt? She took someone else's life and made them suffer for her own benefit. It's one thing if both families are equally wealthy, but one was rich and the other was poor! Why did she have the right to do that? If I were Han Wenqing, I would definitely crawl out of the ground in anger!"

"I suddenly feel sorry for Han Wenqing. She was originally a well-bred young lady, but ended up in such a situation! If she knew about it, she would be very unwilling, right?"

"Of course, who would be willing?! If it was really an accidental mix-up, it would be okay since it was an accident, but if it was intentionally done, that would be really shameless!"

"Could it be that Han Wenqing's foster mother envied the glory and wealth of the Gu family and wanted her own daughter to live such a life, so she secretly switched the children?"

"If that's the case, Han Wenqing and her son are really pitiful, aren't they?"


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