Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers

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Chapter 136: Superstar Cultivation System [2]

Once a person has a goal, they will quickly cheer up. Han Junqing opened the curtains according to the system's requirements, cleaned the room, made himself a lunch, took a shower, tidied himself up, and the previously demoralized and dispirited appearance completely disappeared, and he was back to his usual sunny and handsome appearance.

[Ding! Task completed, points +10.]

Han Junqing was still not used to having a system in his head. Apart from studying and doing odd jobs to make money, he didn't have time to come into contact with what his peers liked, such as cultivating games and system novels. Now suddenly there is something that claims to be a superstar cultivation system. He even suspected that he had split personality, a figment of his imagination.

[Don't doubt it, time will prove that this system is not deceiving! Now, open your newbie gift box, the system gives you luck, may you get something good!]

Han Junqing still had some doubts, but still opened the newbie gift box as the system said.

[Ding! Congratulations, the host has obtained RMB x 2w.]

Han Junqing stared at the nine-square grid, and the newbie gift box disappeared, replaced by a stack of banknotes. He subconsciously reached out and felt his right hand sink, and two bundles of banknotes suddenly appeared in his hand, and the nine-square grid was already empty.

Han Junqing couldn't believe it, "Is this, is this real?"

Han Junqing was really a novice in these aspects, had he read some system novels, he wouldn't have been so surprised. Maybe he would even complain that the system was only giving out items like soul-washing pills and beauty pills, how come it only gave him twenty thousand yuan? But it was precisely because he was a novice that Wen Qing was able to fool him.

[Surprised? This system has broken the norm and opened the backdoor for you, giving you what you need the most right now!]

Han Junqing was a bit embarrassed. He was now indeed short of money, he had yet to graduate, having only acted in two plays and not making much money. All his mother's medical expenses had been spent, leaving only a few hundred yuan in his pocket. After spending it, he'd have to go back to doing odd jobs. He didn't expect that the system would give him some money, relieving his urgent need.

"Thank you, I'll pay you back this money."

Wen Qing was speechless. What a silly kid, how can the host be so serious with the system, wanting to pay them back even after receiving money. Look at the other protagonists, the system accepts everything as it should be, even bargaining with the system, it won't work if it's too little. Don't even bother to think about it, can you eat the cake that falls from the sky freely?

[It's up to you. It's nothing when you become a superstar. The system suggests you to get prepared to handle all those elites in the company and estimate that the enemy will arrive on the battlefield in five seconds.]

Han Junqing was stunned and quickly asked, "Can you be more specific?"

[Since you can't bring them any benefits, some people will be unhappy if you continue to occupy such a good house.]

Han Junqing finally understood that the company had sent someone to take back the dormitory. He had previously listened to the agent and stayed in the dormitory arranged by the company, because he couldn't afford to buy a house with extremely high security measures with his finances. The security at the place arranged by the company was very good, so there was no need to worry about paparazzi coming in. Moreover, the agent had great expectations of him and strongly recommended him to apply for the best apartment, which made many people jealous, but no one dared to say anything because of his agent Yang Song. Now Yang Song has also given up on him, so the people who wanted to take advantage of the situation have come.

[Secondary Task: Terminate the contract with the company. 50 points.]

Han Junqing suddenly understood the system's intention. The company had buried him, waiting until they remembered him who didn't know when, without the company's public relations mediation, the "stain" on his body couldn't be washed off, and he had no value. Without any value, the company wouldn't use him, and this put him in a deadlock.

Although he himself does not consider those to be stains, the netizens pouring dirty water to his name cannot be avoided. Taking this opportunity to propose a termination and finding another way out is also a good idea.

Having made up his mind, Han Junqing was prepared and waiting for someone from the company to arrive.

"...Let me say, Han Junqing, you won't be able to clear your name in this lifetime, you can only pray for a better rebirth in the next life. The company has no choice but to abandon you, considering how they treated you decently before. You should just pack up your things and go peacefully. It won't do anyone any good to drag things out, the company still has a new person waiting, you can't just occupy the house and not move out for them to stay..."

Han Junqing, who had already anticipated this outcome, was unfazed and said calmly, "Since I am a part of the company, I have the right to stay here. It's the company's decision to hide me, and I have nothing to say about that. But why should I move out when the company is obligated to take care of me?"

The visitor had already checked Han Junqing's financial status and knew he was penniless now. He had anticipated he wouldn't want to move out and become homeless, so he said with a smile, "There's nothing else we can do. You didn't listen when we talked to you nicely, so now we have to use force. You'd better think it through. If you stay here, people will come every day to cause trouble until you break down and move out!"

Han Junqing smiled too and said, "Come if you will. If anyone dares to come, I'll commit suicide here and stream it live, saying it's the company that forced me to do it. I'm already all alone, so I'm not afraid."

He had a composed face, but there was a crazy look in his eyes, which really scared the person opposite. As the saying goes, it's the menacing ones that don't care about their lives, and Han Junqing was definitely one of those at the moment.

The situation was a stalemate, and no one dared to confront him head-on, afraid that he would be forced into a corner. But this couldn't go on, since orders had been given before arrival to expel Han Junqing. Just when the people around were at a loss, Han Junqing spoke again, "It's not impossible for me to go, if I'm not a part of the company, then naturally I can't stay here anymore."

Eh? That makes sense!

Han Junqing stopped there and said nothing more. The company knew his attitude, and naturally would give it some thought. Should they keep him like a ticking time bomb, or should they just end the contract with him?

Of course the answer is the latter. He is now threatening to not move out of the house with death, who knows tomorrow he can threaten them to make him a superstar, what kind of head is this? In addition, the people in the company thought that Han Junqing may have had a mental problem under this series of blows! So they readily agreed to terminate the contract.

[Ding! Task completed, points +50.]

Han Junqing tidied up his luggage while asking, "What are these points used for?"

[The points can be used to buy things from the system's mall. There are all kinds of performing props, such as Pear Blossom Drizzle and Voice Exhaustion, that can be exchanged as long as you don't master them. In addition, there are singing skills such as Heavenly Voice, Soulful Voice, and many other skills such as playing instruments, painting, calligraphy, and poetry….]

"Wait, wait, you said performance can be exchanged? Isn't that something anyone can do?" Han Junqing was a bit incredulous.

[Theoretically, yes.]

"So these performances are all standardized, is there still any real emotion? The most moving part of the performance is the actor's real emotion, if there is no soul, no matter how realistic the performance is, it is just a performance, right?"

[Although this is true, it is still you who are performing. With the proper actions and expressions in place, can't you just incorporate your own feelings?]

Seems okay?

Having successfully tricked Han Junqing, Wen Qing issued another task.

[Secondary Task: Go to No. 18 Dongping Street and rent a room from the Li couple. 10 points.]

Han Junqing: "?"

[System has selected the most suitable and cost-effective housing for you.]

Han Junqing: "I don't know if you can make me a superstar, but it's still a useful life assistant."


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