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Chapter 137: Superstar Cultivation System [3]

"Wow, what a coincidence! Our son is taking us abroad for two years and we were worried about who would take care of the plants in our house. If you help us take care of them, we won't charge you for rent…"

Dongping Street Community had a great location and tranquil environment, which made it a gathering area for the wealthy in this city. Many celebrities have bought houses here. The security measures were great, so it's impossible for anyone other than the owners to enter. Moreover, it was very protective of the owners' privacy. Han Junqing was very satisfied to live here. Not to mention the landlord couple were very nice. They didn't even charge him rent, and only asked him to take care of the flowers and plants in the house.

Han Junqing sighed, "Now I really believe you have some skills!" Although this skill to collect information, without knowing how powerful it was, could not be immediately trusted.

[There's nothing in this world that I don't know. From now on, you will have plenty of opportunities to revere me! Begin your adventure now!]

Speaking of business, Han Junqing also became serious. He wanted to act not only to fulfill his mother's expectations, but also because he really liked acting. He liked to act out joys and sorrows, happiness and anger, and to set himself free. This feeling was fascinating.

[You have only acted in two dramas so far. Despite the positive reception of your two dramas and the recognition they have brought you, the voices of those opposing you have not diminished. Rather than endure this irrational opposition, it might be best to pursue a different path and use music to shift the tide in your favor.]

[Main Task: Produce a high quality song with a system score of 80 or higher. 1000 points.]

Her analysis was correct. Han Junqing also knew what his situation was at the moment, so he agreed without hesitation. Although he was wary of the system that had suddenly descended upon him. But through these few days of getting along with it, he could feel that the system was actually planning for him. Since he had nothing to start with, he had nothing to worry about.

So, he began a life of immersing himself in creation. He wasn’t lacking in talent and had musical aptitude. He wrote lyrics and composed himself. When he was inspired, he could write several songs in a day, but none of them met Wen Qing's requirements.

[Remake of a classic song is not good for development, but!]

[The lyrics are mediocre and there are no highlights, but!]

[The words are good and the tune is too slow, but!]


[It must be so stunning that people can hear it at once, and it can be sung as a classic forever. It should be pleasing to the ears and preferably so sad that listeners shed tears, making it unforgettable…]

When Han Junqing heard this, he didn't immediately rush to compose the next piece. Instead, he fell into deep thought, reflecting on his past mistakes. After spending half a day in contemplation, he suddenly burst into the room, fell onto the desk and began writing. This time he wrote without any stagnation, and the words and melody flowed together with ease. Wen Qing, upon scanning it, knew why.

He wrote this time about his mother. He wrote about the sorrow of relying on his mother in his childhood, the simple happiness between mother and son, his mother's devotion to him, her white hair, and her waist bent by life - all without a single word about missing her, yet full of attachment and reluctance. Even Wen Qing was moved by the true feelings expressed in the song.

After he sang it once, Wen Qing immediately decided. [OK, this one].

No score was given to this song since it wasn’t possible to quantify its emotions.

The song drained away all of Han Junqing's energy. After Wen Qing informed him that he had passed the test, he fell into a deep sleep. He slept for two days and two nights before he finally woke up.

While he was asleep, Wen Qing didn't stay idle. She immediately took the version that he had auditioned and crafted music for it in the system. She believed that even if Han Junqing sang it himself, it still wouldn't surpass this version.

Once everything was done, Wen Qing uploaded it to a music platform.

She knew that it would take a long time for it to gain traction and be discovered by talent scouts. Therefore, Wen Qing decided to use a few tricks to promote it to the well-known musician, Lin Zhiqiao.

For Wen Qing, the biggest use of this system was its hacker-like capabilities. As long as there was a network, there was no place it could not invade! It was like weaving a net, covering all places.

So, when Lin Zhiqiao was listening to music, she randomly played Han Junqing's song. She believed that anyone who had heard this song would be touched by it.

Lin Zhiqiao was a very important figure in the Chinese music industry. He loved to find talented new singers to add fresh blood to the industry. Wen Qing believed that he would appreciate and notice this song. As long as he recommended it, it would surely get the attention it deserved.

Lin Zhiqiao's favorite pastime was to relax on the balcony in the afternoon, eyes half-closed as he bathed in the sun's warmth while listening to music. This feeling of enjoying his two favorite activities was simply incomparable.

In his spare time, he would search for new songs and compile them into playlists to listen to. Whenever he encountered a song with particularly good quality, he would not hesitate to praise it. He had experienced the struggles of underground singers and thus could comprehend their quiet yet relentless pursuit of their dreams. One by one, he was willing to lend a helping hand.

After a song was finished, Lin Zhiqiao judged it and felt that the lyrics were too exaggerated and the song was superficial. There was nothing that moved him, so he listened to the next one.

As soon as the prelude of the next song came out, Lin Zhiqiao opened his eyes wide. He rarely heard music as invigorating as this - it was simply extraordinary. He only wished that the song would keep up the same level of quality and not be followed by a mediocre sequel.

As the song was slowly played, Lin Zhiqiao's feeling of amazement became increasingly heavy. Even his body sat upright involuntarily and he closed his eyes to listen carefully.

At first, he was attentive, carefully examining the composition technique, singing skills, and lyrics. He noticed the finer points and intricacies. But soon, he was completely immersed in the song and could not focus on anything else.

It was a shocking voice, with a reach, deep enough to penetrate the soul. All emotions could evoke people's resonance. The lyrics were simple, but the melody was breathtaking. Together with the singer's true feelings, the song left Lin Zhiqiao astonished.

After listening to it three times, he still felt unfulfilled. Good music can elevate the soul, like a spiritual delicacy, and give a true feeling of satisfaction. Lin Zhiqiao went to find out who wrote and composed the song, only to find out that the same person wrote, composed, and sang it - Qing Ke.

This wasn't a name familiar to the circle, and so far, only this one work was known. This made Lin Zhiqiao very regretful. Sometimes, one song can give an insight into the character of its author, and Lin Zhiqiao admired Qing Ke because of his song. He even developed a desire to meet with him and communicate.

With this sentiment, he posted a Weibo:

#I'm not recommending this time, but rather sharing with you a song that made me cry three times. "Memories"#

Not only that, but he also sent it to several of his old friends in the circle, strongly recommending the song.

Lin Zhiqiao had previously recommended songs, but not with such earnestness. The songs he recommended were remarkable, every one a real treasure. This was the reason why his fans put so much trust in his recommendations.

Usually, upon publishing, his comment sections would be bustling with activity. Fans would listen and share their listening experiences in real time. However, this time, after he published; five minutes passed without anyone commenting. It wasn't until the time for two songs to loop had been passed that comments started appearing.

"Among three repeats, I came to comment with tears in my eyes. The voice is so pleasant, so healing!"

"It really struck a chord with me. I was bawling by the end."

"Mom asked me why I was kneeling and crying..."

"It's so good! This voice is so pleasing to the ears."

"I am studying abroad, I suddenly missed my mom. I went onto Weibo and called her."

"It has been three years since my mom passed away. Even though I thought I had moved on, hearing this song brought tears to my eyes. I can understand the emotion of this song."

"All I want to say is 一 Mom! You have worked hard."

"My nose is sore, and my heart feels panic."


So many people have heard this song and their eyes have become red. Tears were streaming down their faces. Even if their mothers were still alive with no regrets, they could still be moved by the true feelings in the song.

The fans were moved and then recommended it to others. Within a few days, everyone was aware of the song "Memories". It became the most popular song of the week with the highest download volume on Fengyun Music.

The song "Memories" was on fire, yet its author remained a mystery. Lin Zhiqiao shouted on air to communicate with him, but he could not get a response. Many people speculated that the author was too ugly to come out and meet people.

"Qing Ke, don't be afraid. We like your voice and your talent. No matter how good-looking or ugly you are, we all like you!"

"Those who say you are ugly may be jealous of your talents. Don't mind them. Write better songs to slap them in the face. Qing fans will always support you!"

"No one is perfect. Your voice is so good, and you have such a gifted talent. If you were also handsome, how would you let others live?"

Han Junqing saw those people comforting him and couldn't help but laugh and cry. He wanted to explain, but Wen Qing didn't let him.

[It's not time yet. You have to hold your breath.]

[Ding! Task completed, points +1000.]

[Main Task: Improve acting skills to C+.]

"Improving acting requires constant exploration and accumulating experience in acting, and you won't let me go to the set..."

[System offers acting classes. ‘Acting for Beginners' class requires 1000 points. Do you want to purchase it?]

Han Junqing laughed, "I just earned 1000 points, and you want to take them all away. Go ahead. After all, they were given by you in the first place. Take them back if you want." He then opened the system panel and bought the ‘Acting for Beginners’ class, which cost him 1000 points.

[System gives you the task rewards, and the mall earns your points. I'm your system manager. Although we both belong to the same system, we have different factions. I don't want your points!]

After Wen Qing finished speaking, she pulled Han Junqing's consciousness into the internal space of the system, which had been simulated into an acting class mode.

Han Junqing stared blankly for a long time before finally returning to his senses. From then on, he truly believed that the system had more than ‘some skills’. This was simply the black technology of aliens!


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