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Chapter 138: Superstar Cultivation System [4]

System’s acting class used holographic projection mode to bring together the acting styles of ancient, modern, Chinese and foreign countries, and even the future. Participants had the opportunity to engage in deep conversations with those who wanted to learn acting. The class could even simulate the direct teaching of oneself. Furthermore, it allowed various actors to perform live with the same expression and action, giving participants the chance to observe their subtle techniques more clearly.

After the class, Han Junqing felt that his eyes were not enough and the whole process was dry. He couldn't take notes, he could only remember it in his head. After coming out, he rushed to make notes and stayed up all night without sleeping for fear of missing something.

When dawn came, looking at the full half notebook, he finally put down the pen with satisfaction. He stretched his waist and prepared to take a nap, and then woke up to continue learning. Then he heard his system saying, "Hey? Didn't I tell you? The classes you have already bought can be entered and viewed at any time."

Han Junqing: "..." So why did you watch me staying up all night and writing with great effort?

[Daily Task: Go for a half-hour jog in the community park every morning at six o'clock. A good actor must have a good body. Having eight-pack abs and mermaid lines is essential. Come on, boy!]

Han Junqing hesitated, not because he didn't want to run, but because he didn't want to confront the people outside. He was well aware that the people living in this community were wealthy and there were several big names in the circle. He was a poor boy with no power and no background who had to rent a house to live here. No matter how you look at it, he was out of place here.

"It's already inappropriate to live here. It's not good to go out for exercise, right? It will give the impression that I want to get in touch with them, and it’s not good."

[Don't think too highly of yourself, maybe no one knows you.]

That’s right! He was a nobody, and he hadn't made a name for himself in the circle yet he was already buried. Who would know him? Thinking of this, Han Junqing walked out without pressure. He went out on time at 6 o'clock every day, jogged around the park for a few laps, then did some stretching exercises, and returned home to eat at half past six.

As he spent more time in the circle, he encountered a few familiar faces who all shared a love for morning exercises. Despite being strangers at first, gradually they became acquainted with each other and began to nod or greet one another in passing.

Then one day, a familiar middle-aged uncle called him, "Are you an actor? I have a drama that needs a male lead. Are you interested?"

Hit by a huge surprise, Han Junqing returned home in a daze. The first thing he did was to ask Wen Qing, "System manager, did I hear it wrong? That person said he was the screenwriter Darcy, and asked me to be the male lead in his next drama? Is it true? Is it true?"

[Calm down, boy! This is only the beginning of your journey to conquer the stars!]

"I'm so excited! Darcy is a well-known genius screenwriter in the industry. He has always been mysterious. No one has ever seen his true face. I didn't expect to meet him here, and he even invited me to act!"

"System manager! You don't know his position in the industry! He has a reputation as a genius! His scripts are all classics, and all actors in the industry want to act in his dramas. But he has a very picky eye and actors that don't fit the character are not casted! Directors have to listen to him! I really feel like I'm dreaming now!" Han Junqing was excited and incoherent, and it was at this moment that he showed a few signs of youthfulness that were usually absent in his calm and composed demeanor.

But after the initial excitement, he gradually calmed down and said, "But what if he knows my reputation among the fans and doesn't agree? What if I don't make it through the audition because he only likes my appearance?"

It's no wonder he was so anxious; he knew this was his only chance to escape his current predicament and not be buried in the system forever, practicing his acting in vain. He had to seize this opportunity!

[It has been a whole month since he first saw you. This time is enough for him to do his due diligence. Do you really think that he would make his decision so easily if he hadn't done his research? Darcy is not impulsive.]

[Don't sell yourself short. You are better than you realize.]

Han Junqing was shocked, gradually calming his anxious heart. He felt strangely moved; the system seemed to always know what to say and when, propelling him forward when he wanted to retreat, and dousing him with cold water when he was getting too excited, keeping him sober and rational. He sometimes felt like the system had the capacity for human thought, feeling and wisdom.

But how is that possible?

"Why are you so nice to me?" No one will be nice to someone without expecting anything in return. The system must be the same way. If it helped him become an international star, what would it get in return? Sometimes, benefits are more reliable than feelings. He would rather believe that the system had something in mind than simply helping him out.

[I thought you wouldn't ask this question. Since you did, let’s talk about this system. The system is maintained by energy, just like how humans need to eat when they are hungry. The energy the system needs is not the kind you would think of, such as electricity or solar energy. It requires a kind of merit power, which sounds complex. But all you need to know is that when you do good deeds, the system gets more energy. That's why I will make you an international superstar, so that you will have the fame and money to do even more good deeds, and even inspire your fans to do good deeds. This is a great benefit to both you and the system, and you don't need to worry that it will hurt you.]

Wen Qing explained the truth that the system needed energy. But the merit power was something she wanted for herself. By being honest with Han Junqing, she was able to make him feel at ease, and this was the only explanation she could give.

Han Junqing was silent for a moment, finally showing a smile, "That's good, I was worried that you would ask me to do something bad later. Do you need merit power? Then I will do more good deeds in the future. In fact, I’ll do one good deed every day. No matter how small a mosquito is, it’s still meat! Without you, I would have remained in the dark, never writing the heartfelt song for my mother, and never having the chance to meet the screenwriter Darcy. You've helped me a lot, and I'll help you too!"

Han Junqing said seriously. When Wen Qing saw his serious demeanor, she realized that he was not joking. She felt that he was too serious, yet still appreciated his dedication.

Such a lovely person is rare to see.

Darcy was also a vigorous and decisive person. After receiving a clear response from Han Junqing, he finalized the contract the following day and sent over the script.

This was a historical drama, telling the story of a young emperor, played by Han Junqing. He could be said to be the only protagonist. Darcy must have given much thought before deciding to cast Han Junqing, a relatively inexperienced actor, to take on such a big responsibility.

For this reason, he specially came to Han Junqing's home to explain, "I chose you to play this role because I think you are suitable. Your appearance and personality fit my image of Zhao Heng. I have watched your two previous dramas. Not only did the character design please people, but it was also due to your performance that made it so pleasing. If another person had performed, it wouldn't have had the same effect. You act very well. You were born to eat this bowl of rice. Don't stress!"

After being encouraged by Wen Qing, Han Junqing's confidence rose and being encouraged by Darcy now, the last of his worries faded away. Despite this, he still retained a sense of seriousness when it came to his role. To make sure he was fully prepared, Han Junqing stayed at home and read through the script, which was full of notes and insights. People can't help but admire his efforts when they see it.

[Ding! System rewards character simulation for one hour.]

Character simulation was to put Han Junqing's spiritual energy into the system space and simulate the scenes and characters that would appear in the drama, allowing him to feel the atmosphere firsthand.

Han Junqing was naturally not unwilling. He had never been able to integrate himself into the scene of when the young emperor ascended the throne and the civil and military officials paid homage. Therefore, he wanted to experience it for real. The system's opportunity came just at the right time for him.

The superstar cultivation system of Wen Qing was not like Sura's, which involved exchanging various performance props by completing tasks. It instead provided all training courses to tap into Han Junqing's own potential. Han Junqing also preferred this model. Upon learning about the system mall, he was initially shocked, but he never thought of exchanging anything inside. He felt that acting was a sacred thing and he did not want the mass production of standardized props to ruin it. Therefore, he studied and figured it out on his own.

He stated that if he can't make it to the end, it is due to his inadequate acting ability. Autonomous performance is the most authentic. Even though the emotions stirred up by the prop are intense, it still feels like putting on a mask.

Therefore, he would rather spend 1000 points to attend an acting class in the system, than spend 10 points to buy an exhausted prop.

Wen Qing liked this kind of people who could resist temptation. After all, external things are external. What one learns by oneself is one's own, and no one can take it away. Even if one day the system was no longer there, he would still continue. But if you always rely on system props, what can you retain when the system is gone?

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